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Gilbert Grape, what a masterpiece!

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Impressive story and thematic. Peter Hedges was able to capture the essence of the life. Stunning characters portrayed with lightness and intensity.


The first lesson learned once finished to read

What’s eating Gilbert Grape


My book cover


Peter Hedges 


is that a dysfunctional family will always experience problems and will never be able to sorting out any problem until the person or the cause of the dysfunctionality of the family won’t disappear or won’t be removed. And of course it is not said that the remaining living people will be “safe”, because in the while time was passed by and existences ruined by the adversities.


A tragedy bring always with itself other tragedies richly distribute to all the family involved as well.

In fact a big dysfunctionality in a family is created by a special event that will bring the family in the condition of being called “dysfunctional” or disgraceful for the rest of their “familiar-life”. It can be a birth, a death, when a suicide or a homicide take place, a very sad event able to change the fragile equilibrium of many existences. A litigation for little things. Hate can be long per generations. At the end no one will remember exactly why a certain person shouldn’t speak with a certain relative, but it’s that.


In the case of Gilbert Grape the twenty-four years protagonist of the story, the disfunctionality of the family took place when his dad one day very cheerfully decided of hanging up himself in their home kitchen and her mom consequentially started to eating and smoking and watching TV compulsively for the rest of her days uninterested anymore, apart for these topics, food, smoke and TV, to the rest of life.

At first Gilbert Grape’s family as it happens always in these cases was more than a good family. A normal family, without particular problems. Yes, with common problems but substantially a happy family.

A lot of children, a blessed situation at work, Albert Grape’s wife was once the most beautiful girl of the town and he married her. They loved each other. Perfect situation.

The disgrace of Albert Grape changed all. What it was real before the disgrace became absurd later. Living in that family, living in that house for one of the brother and one of Gilbert’s sister, unacceptable. After it.



I loved this book so badly and I want to re-read it as soon as possible because although the big sufferance suffered in the house the children are able to cope with all of it continuing in a way of living a sort of life.

Gilbert is involved in a story with a married lady. Being just 24 he doesn’t imagine everyone in the little town know about the story, including the husband of this woman.

Then there is Amy 34 years, Gilbert’s sister, still the bedroom of a teen-ager of 13th. Considering her hard life, cleaning up, cooking and baking all the time for her compulsive mom she deserves a dreaming corner where to rest her mind. She is an Elvis Presley’s lover. Not a boyfriend, but an old story ended up quiet tragically because of…her sister.

Ellen the 15 years old Gilbert’s sister is a nymphomaniac.

Arnie the main reason, their retard brother, why they are still a family. Maybe more than because of their mom, or maybe because of their mom’s love for Arnie.

Arnie deserves his own attention and Gilbert and the sisters try to do all their best considering that Arnie will be soon 18th years and this one is another great topic of relevance for the life of Gilbert’s mom: seeing the arrival of the 18th years of Arnie with all herself. Birthday party included.

Gilbert’s character is complicated. In part is introvert,  He is a good good boy. Linear. Practical he doesn’t know what to dream in a situation like the one he is in. I don’t know if he really needs someone close to him or if he feels of being sufficiently enough by himself. He needs some lightness.

He is in fact involved in a lot of strong familiar heavy realities. Apart the married lady, he discovers this teen-ager to and he starts to be friend with her, and he starts to feeling something for her. Gilbert is not the kind of guy can be attracted by the normality. He is attracted by something else. In a way I don’t read the love-story he lives with the teen-ager as a sort of liberation from all the difficult situation Gilbert is living. Gilbert is not so enchanted for believing that someone can be a savior. Maybe a helper but not a savior. Maybe a light in the darkness. His male friends think he is very lucky about women, Gilbert doesn’t think he is. He is a boy with a heavy situation at home. This is sadly true.

Gilbert hates and love his mom. He loves his mom because once they were happy and because he is his mom. He hates her mom because he feels his existence is too much sacrificed. Although there is no escapism to it apart leaving the little town. Forever. An option taken in consideration. Because when a something change a family nothing will be back to the normality. Not anymore and not for a very long time.


I was impressed by this first Peter Hedges’ book.

I loved his writing-style and the linearity of the story. He was able of giving voices at a lot of diversified characters with humor and lightness at times and it’s difficult when a story like this one is treated. 

The narration remains light, although the family lived a tragedy after another and the existence of these children of course very focused on bigger problems in comparison to the ones of their contemporaries.


Unfair but at time the life is not a comfy highway.

Having a retard brother, having a mom eating and smoking compulsively, who became with the time a little whale with problems of movements, makes the difference. Because for these children after the horrible departure of their dad, so the authoritative character in a family,  there is not anymore the other great and important and real  support they need: their mom. There is not anymore someone with which they can talk of problems for receiving some help.


Gilbert’s mom died emotionally the day Albert Grape decided of killing himself. A part of Gilbert’s mom died that day. Forever. As a wife, and as a mom. And no one would have being able of bringing her back from the hell where she jumped after seeing what her beloved husband committed to himself.

These teen-agers  and young adults know very clearly and sadly that a part of that life is over and the life is just in their  hands. Positive for sure, but when a disgrace involve still little children can be a devastation because a guidance is necessary.


As wrote by someone from the South (Fannie Flagg)  There is a special God for children, able to give to them all the protection and force for coping with every sorta of problematic and very often the result will be wonderful adults.


Another book I am reading now is involving a teen-ager. Once raped she end up to be a sort of whale because of nerves. Two different stories of big shocks and tragedies, sorted out with food for bringing back to body and mainly soul all that love, and trust and joy for life that an act, a death without sense, or a tragedy was able to destroy. Although time it is said should cure everything there are maybe pains no one can cure.


Food included that of course can become a real killer.

The end of the book is beautiful, touching and make justice of an existential condition who needed to have dignity and respect ’til the end. I found it beautiful, although I would want to read a sequel written by the author. Yes: telling to us what happened later to Gilbert, Amy, Ellen, after that…

Well if you haven’t read it, I highly suggested it, I fell in love for it and I can assure you that all the protagonists won’t fly away once you will have finished to read the book but they will remain like sculpted in your soul forever.


Happy reading.


Anna Maria Polidori



Buying old books at the Bauman Rare Books Store

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Hemingway and poetry books Johnny’s choices



Recently Johnny Depp



in NYC for personal reasons visited for purchasing books the Bauman Rare Books Store.The bookstore born in 1973 is specialized in first editions, manuscripts and rare books.

Johnny bought in his most recent visit a rare Ernest Hemingway Image

book for 125.000 pounds, and several 18th century poetry books including a leather-bound diary for a total amount of 140.000 pounds.


Looking at some old books in the Bauman Rare BooksStore

I have contacted immediately the Bauman Rare Books Store for trying to discover something more about what Johnny had bought (titles, amount of money spent…) but I haven’t discovered anything. Of course. Days ago in fact Johnny hadn’t yet spread the voice regarding these details. 

 In the while, I discovered this prestigious bookstore and fell in love for it.

A wonderful reality the one of  Bauman Rare Books where people work enthusiastically.
“Our enthusiasm for books is real: the privilege of offering a first edition of Melville’s Moby Dick or an inscribed copy of Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea never loses its magic. We take immense pride in the collections we have helped build over the years because we really do share our clients’ passion for collecting, and for us as well as them, there is a thrill in finding the next great book.”

Love for books to them is the fifth essence and the perfect engine able to make the difference in their existence and in the ones of the beloved collectors of Bauman Rares Books.

As we all know there are many bookstores in every corner of the world. It’s not a discovery, where we can purchase new books, bestsellers, classics.

The specialization for old rare books is another story. Manuscripts of the authors, at time the real manuscript of masterpieces released 200-100 years ago, or very rare first editions, prized a lot of money because of the exclusivity and unicity of the piece.

Founded by David and Natalie Bauman


David & Natalie Bauman

in 1973 with some imprints of 18th century, the couple have a special love for literature and history.

They understood very soon that maybe this field could be an interesting and stimulating way to make a living. A niche of people in fact would have been seriously interested in buying these very expensive books, maps, manuscripts.

In 1978 the staff grew up a lot. Forty dedicated and talented researchers, salespersons, creative personnel and office associate created all together what the Bauman Rare Books is now: one of the finest and most respected antiquatian book firm existing today in the world.

In 1989 Bauman opened the first New York’s Gallery at the Waldord-Astoria. They were located there for more than 10 years. Intense years where affectionate New Yorkers and great collectors remember them. Many times ads were featured in the New York Times Book Review.

In 1999 Bauman expanded the current New York gallery on Madison Avenue, located between 54th and 55th Streets. In this new location there are exhibit a wonderful selection of rare books,autographs, maps and prints from the 15th to the 20th century.
The seasoned staff at the Madison Gallery can provide anyone with a superb introduction to rare book collecting.

With the time Bauman opened an office in Philadelphia, located at the historic Sun-Oil Building on Walnut Street. That one in Philadelphia is the central location, the hub of the company. There is the research staff, catalogue production department, the catalogue sales division and advertising.
Clients are welcome by appointment.

In 2008 it was the turn of Las Vegas, where Bauman opened a third location in the Palazzo replicating the Madison Avenue Gallery in design, inventory and exceptional customer service. Open 12 hours a day seven days a week. “The only place in the world where a client can buy a Shakespeare folio at 10:30 on a Saturday night” they say at Bauman. It happened, in fact.

Bauman loves all his clients. “We have a special dedication to the clients. Our relationship don’t last for a month or two, many of our clients are with us for years”. In many cases collections are built book by book, together, with the client, listening to his/her exigencies. “From the time you contact us by telephone or email or visit us at one of our galleries, you will have the attention of a consultant who will work closely with you on an ongoing basis, advising you on every aspect of your collection”.

Book are for all tastes. “Yes whatever your interests is, from literary classics, landmarks in the history of ideas, monumental accounts of travel and exploration, revolutionary scientific and medical works, exquisite decorative bindings and sets, beloved children’s books, inscribed and association copies, we have much to offer from our extensive and constantly changing inventory”.

Maybe a normal reader can ask: “Why collecting rare books?”

The staff at Bauman Rare Books can tell you that in an explicative answer:

Because the past speaks to us through the words of great writers”.

It is I think for an avid reader with economical possibility, an unique experience because there is no price for the original manuscript of a masterpiece of the favorite author. At the Bauman are convinced: “There is no price for a very lived book, who traveled by horse and carriage, wrote with quills or danced the Charleston in speakeasies”.

Other example? “Dickens and his beloved streets of Victorian London.

Image   ImageImageImageImageImageImage




The Roman Empire in Gibbon’s masterpiece. Gatsby’s tragic struggle to win his elusive piece of the American dream. We witness extraordinary courage as Galileo explains the solar system and defies the Inquisition. If you’ve read a thousand books, you’ve lived a thousand lives. But rare book collectors will tell you that nothing quite equals the experience of owning a piece of history”.

Because a rare book is a piece of history. A manuscript is a dreaming, enchanting and emotional experience because it represents the end and the beginning of a story of a book. It is the first copy, Written and Ended, and later published and read by millions of people  in the world. A collector owning the original manuscript of an old beautiful classic book must feel the sensation of having a piece of History of literature in his/her hands. Enchanting.

“Every book are unique in their genre, they say At Bauman, exactly as the collector who build them piece by piece”.

What moves a serious collector of books at spending a very large amount of money for an unique piece?

“The discovery. Collectors understand the overwhelming odds against the survival of so many first editions. They know that owning a rare book can be a humbling experience”.

Anna Maria Polidori






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Mortdecai on Theaters February 6th 2015

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Charlie Mortdecai the funny, ironic, dishonest art dealer, coming soon on theater

One of the next and most important productions involving Johnny Depp  Image


will be for sure Mortdecai at the beginning of the new year.

There are great expectations for this movie, based on the trilogy written by Kyril Bonfiglioli in 1970s.


Bonfiglioli was born in 1928. His mother was english and his dad italo-slovene.
He spent some years in Eastbourne and later five years in the army. During his long life he lived in Ireland and Jersey. Bonfiglioli said often he was “Abstemious in all things except drunk, food, tobacco and talking”. Mortdecai Trilogy is the sequel of a previous book written by Bonfiglioli:

All the Tea in China


featuring the escapades of one of Charlie Mortdecai’s early-victorian ancestors.

I have read the Mortdecai Trilogy and I can assure you there are stunning and funny adventures. Very soon I will write a long review about the trilogy so that you will be ready to discovering much better who Charlie Mortdecai is and consequentially his adventures.

The movie will be launched next February 6th 2015. The main character portrayed by Johnny Depp is Charlie Mortdecai


From the set Pictures posted by Lory Depp Girl  on her facebook page


a dishonest, cruel but thank Lord very ironic art dealer.


On the set By Lory Depp Girl

Other actors and actresses in the cast: Ewan McGregor, Gwyneth Paltrow , Paul Bettany, Olivia Munn, Oliver Platt, Aubrey Plaza, and Jeff Goldblum. David Koepp is the director and the script was written by Eric Aronson and Peter Baynham.
The movie has been produced by the Infinitum Nihil created by Johnny Depp and his sister Christi Dembrowski and Andrew Lazar. Gigi Pritzkeris is the executive producer.

Anna Maria Polidori

Oh, no boy! It happened again. Is it the case of a serial-star flop?

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Analyzing  Transcendence’s flop

Wow, what a flop Transcendence, the last Johnny Depp‘s movie a Warner Bros production  with just 11 millions of money created during the Easter’s week-end and 17 millions of dollars worldwide when the movie cost 100 millions of dollars.

We talk of, a theoretically had-to-be, blockbuster movie “blocked” immediately  “blocked! by critics and reviews, who suggested to the people other movies instead Transcendence. Reviews appeared and truncated the movie’s expectations  just two-three days before the arrival of the movie on theaters. It was a devastation.

People maybe not the youngest ones (but who knows?) surely the adult ones yes,  have thought of choosing some other options on theaters these week-end because of the bad reviews of the various specialized cinematographic critics. Funny movies, movies giving some hopes. It’s a new trend the one of the religious movies, able to give hope  in a moment of crisis, rediscovering the old good values  disappeared with the time. And that people need hope and the possibility of some light after the tunnel is more than understandable in a moment where reality appears paradoxically sad and not anymore a certainty as in the past.


So Transcendence, with a thematic like the one of a virtual life in a pc and the physical disappearing of a man from his real life, maybe  was read as a sad topic.

Johnny in the USA was very loved once. Sure most of his movies, before Pirates serie, not seen maybe by a large public but beautiful ones, and very well done. The man believed in the projects and gave all himself for them.

Why a flop after another for Johnny, 50 years, one of the most talented actors in circulations? Since 2010 every production has been read with suspect from spectators and it was a continuous flop.  What it is happening to this star, in this moment and why the star is not anymore as brilliant and wonderfully great as he was in the past?

Mmmmm let me read as fan who would have wanted to go to the cinema for seeing Transcendence what it went wrong with this movie promotion. I couldn’t see yet the movie because busy with Easter. I promise I will go to see it and I will write a review of this movie. If positive positive, if negative, dear Johnny, negative. Sincerity pays always more to me.

The promotion. Johnny didn’t talk at all of the movie for weeks during the promotion. His behavior from a certain time at this one to me, not just regarding this movie is: “I am in this movie so it’s implied you, fan, will go to the cinema because of me. You can’t lose this chance”.

Fans can happily lose this chance.

It doesn’t pay anymore that behavior as we have recently seen.

Johnny focused mainly on a big engagement ring, both in China (Chinese movie industry have co-financed this movie, in fact part of the 100 millions created for the realization of Transcendence are fruits of other co-production and so thanks to external partners) than in the Usa putting in great evidence his joy for the engagement (judged not positively by most of the fans and it says a lot in term of a star-movie and his success) and that the fiancee couldn’t wear it because too much big and so maybe absolutely not adapted to her and for saying: “hi” with a hand or going out for some shopping because uncomfortable…Mmm.


Image.  I am sure that this topic was of fundamental importance for most people who everyday must cope with a more concrete reality.






I have always avoided of posting stuff like this one in this blog because I was seeing with great clarity how Johnny was digging his grave by himself very profoundly everyday with this news. So I tried to choose the best of what it was given out during the promotion’s days of Transcendence.

Johnny has never been distant from the common people. Or this one was the perception in the past.

I don’t know you but I have always seen him close to the normal people. A gap between him, the star, and fans wouldn’t be a great idea.  And the story of the ring created an immense gap.

Most of the fans abandoned him because of his new existential choices. Fans don’t go crazy lately with  Johnny’s private life and his return to the wild life. It can says a lot in term of going to the cinema for spending money seeing a production with him. If in the past maybe fans would have done it, surely they wouldn’t do that anymore.

And maybe… Maybe for not damaging him anymore…. 

The only interview I seriously loved and I was impressed with, maybe because it remembered to me my interview with Johnny of eight years ago was the one he gave at the end of the movie promotion and I thought: “Good Lord Johnny is back!” And in fact I posted that with pleasure in this blog to.




You can surf the web visiting various sites for discovering what people (women but men too in very large part)  think of Johnny lately. Most of them will write that they are not anymore interested to go to the cinema for seeing his movies because this and because that.

It is known what for an actor’s life can mean when fans are disappointed. A star is created at the end by…producers at first, but later by us because we are the real bosses of an actor, this is true, Johnny, remember? You said it. A behavior considered not good will be heavily reflected to the box offices and in general in the career of the actor.

As we all know this one is the only punishment fans can give to someone like Johnny incredibly successful and a man  theoretically mustn’t prove anything to anyone anymore and doesn’t need any advice of course because of the large amount of money and experience accumulated.

Reactions from the various sites at this flop?

People at thinks that the main problem in this case has been the great exposure of the star. Not always appropriated.

Glenn Beck: ““He’s from Kentucky. Have you ever listened to the guy… You’re from Kentucky, dude… What happened to the American accent? He doesn’t seem to have that anymore. Is it just me?”

In another site the journalist: “It’s hard to feel sorry for a guy who owns his own island. Still, poor Johnny Depp. He’ll have to transcend his recent domestic box office numbers”.

The Daily Mail asks more to itself than to Johnny: “Losing his Midas touch?”

Disney is Disney so a flop with Disney should be considered absolutely unthinkable because of all the possible marketing strategy that a reality like that one can put on the market for creating a winning strategy for attracting spectators. But it happened.

Flops with The Lone Ranger last year, and previously with Dark Shadows, (both of them if successful movies with a sequel, ideas aborted immediately after the flop of the movies).

The Rum Diary good for have discovered in 2009 the new partner of his life, maybe. Johnny will always be grateful to Thompson for it, I guess, but just for it.

Maybe Johnny should think of producing movies with low budget money as he did in the past following more than money (being billionaire… Doesn’t mean have endless money? Good, a great freedom) maybe creativity and what he would want to see on screen.

What it is more upsetting of all this story of failures is the actor involved because in the past Johnny’s productions have always been interesting and intelligent.

As a fan, I discovered Johnny thanks to Pirates One The curse of the Black Pearl so with the new Johnny’s era and I didn’t search for him. If I had consideration for the actor I didn’t like at all the rebel man. Later I would have discovered we have a lot in common and Johnny can’t imagine the ways he has indirectly  helped me for understanding me, myself (as someone would have said) and all the rest of my reality.








I can tell you this: although the crazy moment, I wouldn’t change Johnny for any other actors of Hollywood. I couldn’t think of another actor I could follow so massively as I do with him. Johnny has a particular head and Johnny’s fans are absolutely the best ones in this world. Impossible to discuss with them, impossible to staying upset, impossible not to be fascinated of being a Depp-Head, at time quiet crazy but normality is the latest thing that it is considered good by a Johnny’s fan. My love for this actor is immense.

Anyway let’s stop to mourning for the man. Yes don’t be too much sad for him. He spent an evening celebrating the birthday of the future bride as also reported by the Daily Mail.

If movies and career at the moment are a complete flop and maybe the key is this one: to him they’re not anymore  a priority and his enthusiasm is gone, private life is a continuous success.

But please, old Johnny…Be back. As soon as possible. We miss you so badly.  OK?


Anna Maria Polidori

My Pirates 5

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Jerry Bruckheimer producer of Pirates in an interview reveals more particular about the new movie. Coming soon


Jerry Bruckheimer




is one of the best known, appreciated and powerful producers in Hollywood. For years Disney has been under his wings and thanks to him Disney has created a lot of success with Johnny Depp



and Tim Burton  as well.

Of course the sequels more appreciated by people of all the world have been Pirates.


A success of incredible and mythical proportions.

Many spectators cant wait to see the release of the fifth movie of Pirates


and in a recent interview, a journalist asked something more about the future of Pirates 5 to producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

In fact at first the movie had to be released in a very short time.
The latest news says that the movie will start shooting only at the end of this year (October) or at the beginning of 2015.

The producer excludes another protagonists for the role of Jack Sparrow. Disney wants Johnny Depp so badly. Producer Bruckheimer about a questions regarding Pirates 6 so an ulterior sequel of  Pirates 5 can’t tell anything. “”We make them one at a time.”

There is a different involvement in Pirates 5 in term of production. Not just in fact Disney but also the Infinitum Nihil created by Johnny Depp and his sister Christie Dembrowski ‎as also reported by the Daily Mail.

There will be another very important change. The screenwriter won’t be anymore


Terry Rossio


in duo with Ted Elliott





or just alone (as it happened with Pirates 4 or The Lone Ranger), but Jeff Nathanson known for his scripts of the movies: Tower Heist, Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal.

The directors of the movie called: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales will be the Norwegian duo Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg.

Other returns: Keith Richards in the old role of Jack Sparrow’s dad.


Barbossa, Geoffrey Rush is confirmed.

Locations this time will be New Orleans Louisiana and Puerto Rico a well known place for Johnny Depp where he filmed in the past various other movies.


Anna Maria Polidori

Three hugs from Johnny

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Sharing sufferance during an interview. The best therapy? Healing-hugs

Julie Chang is a journalist. Very lucky one let me add this because she has had the chance of interviewing Johnny very recently for the promotion of his latest movie: Transcendence on theaters these days.



The journalist reported to the media what happened after her interview with our loved Johnny Depp. “It was a dream…I have lived and suffered my own health battles. I shared my thoughts with Johnny regarding all my health’s problems because maybe if technology wouldn’t have been involved in the process of healing maybe I wouldn’t never survived to all of this”.

The journalist’s problems were not little ones.

“They found a brain cancer removed just few months ago. Very short interview our one, but the most beautiful moment. I was leaving the room when Johnny said me: “No wait…” And he gave me a hug. A first one, adding: “I am so glad you are ok now”. Then, another very genuine hug. Then… He looked into my eyes saying: “I just wanted to tell you that I know how you are feeling because my mom Betty Sue has been diagnosed recently with a brain cancer and she is feeling much better because of modern medicine. She is taking a pill everyday and she is feeling OK”.

The third hug to Julie: “Take GOOD care of yourself” Johnny’s final words to her.

Julie: “We were all impressed, my colleagues too waiting in another room for their turn by his humble behavior, although Johnny Depp is a very famous actor with an enormous fame internationally”. Julie has a desire.

“No idea if Johnny will read this but Julie is thanking you, Johnny, for your healing hugs and I hope you can pass my hugs to your mom as well”.

Anna Maria Polidori

The people I admire? Never driven by ambition but only by hunger or passion or need

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“I know I wouldn’t hesitate to upload a person that I loved” tells Johnny.


In a very recent interview appeared these days “EN Interview 2 – Hollywood royalty and ageless heartthrob “Johnny Depp incredibly good and with great questions and answers Johnny talks about his latest movie Transcendence on Theater in Italy this April 17th.




The interviewer asks Johnny if he would want to be “uploaded” in a pc in case of departure and if he would want to living in a pc.



Johnny’s answer: “I know I wouldn’t hesitate to upload a person that I loved in that split second, and I would hope that I would know their wishes first, but I myself, I don’t know. I mean, if I would want to be uploaded into a machine, because think how rapidly technology is moving, I would basically end up in a pawn shop where a guy comes in and says, What’s that thing? A thousand years from now, I don’t know. It’s like a kid looking at an old 78 going. What the hell is that? I think we all become obsolete at some point, might as well let it happen. And I am pretty close.


The interviewer later asks if Johnny think at time at his own mortality and his legacy in this world.

Yeah, we all do. I think about it occasionally with regards to where I am today in my life.


If I were to be taken away, do I feel complete? And is there anything haranguing me that I must do before? No. I have two amazing kids, I have a very privileged life, and so if the time came, well, toodeloo. So, no I am not so concerned with it, only in the sense that I think it would be wrong to live in fear of it every day because then you are not living, you are existing. So in terms of transcendence, we should transcend to some degree of fear and transcend worries and transcend stress, the things that are the number one killers.



The interviewer asks if Johnny believe in God

The answer: “I don’t. I do not”.

 So are you atheist? ask the journalist.
I mean, I am a pedestrian.

The journalist is not satisfied of the answer (in fact I wouldn’t have been either). So he insists asking to Johnny if he is surrounded by any religion or spiritual belief.

I don’t. I believe in where we are right now, just because this might not be happening at all if you think about it. There are all kinds of angles right? Is there a God? Have you seen him? I haven’t seen him. Santa Claus? Easter Bunny? Tooth Fairy.

The journalist is now convinced: Johnny can’t believe in something he doesn’t see.  Johnny is a sort of Saint Thomas, for creating a catholic comparison. Johnny this time can’t avoid a complete and more profound answer.

Okay, there’s an aardvark hanging over my head but you can’t see him, but I can. No, in fact, I can feel him. I am not saying that to be facetious, I am saying that everyone has their own kind of thing and it’s not that I don’t have what might be construed as spirituality or a great many beliefs, but I don’t hang my hat on one particular thing. I think there’s a lot of useful information in the Old Testament and the New Testament, and there’s also an incredible amount of misinformation in those books. I think there’s a lot to be gleaned from Buddhism. I don’t look negatively upon organized religion or anything. I mean people believe whatever they want and I think that’s wonderful. I just don’t look… I love to be pleasantly surprised. I mean if when my eyes close and I end up in some kind of killer place with loud music, I would certainly welcome it. I would prefer that to dirt and worms. Definitely.

The journalist is very acute. He knows Johnny is a native american. A native american. Nature has been the main creation of God.  So a question about his connection with nature.

Well, when my kids were little and they asked me what is God, I told them to look at the trees, I told them to look at the grass, I told them to take a deep breath, and to look up in the sky and the clouds and all that was God, and to look in the mirror and that was God, too. I don’t think that’s very far off the mark. Nature, there’s a lot to said for simplicity and using nature as an example. But unfortunately, long out of those woods, technology and the technology that we are talking about for this film, which is in a weird way, life everlasting, and in a strange way, the concept of that.

Johnny: books or computers? And Is he a melancholic man?

I am the worst with computers and phones. Normally when I travel and go to a location or whatever, there’s always an acoustic guitar, there’s always a record player and some vinyl, more than likely old blues, and then there’s always a typewriter, an old Smith-Corona and that’s how I live. A computer is the last thing I need.

In the movie Transcendence there is a lot of music….

Yeah, a shocking amount. Every day at lunchtime, our director was not eating his lunch. He was in his trailer with a savage amplifier and a raunchy Strat, wailing away and it was great. That’s the trickle down. If the boss is in his trailer, having a sort of rock fest, you are sort of escaping from reality through guitar playing, that’s a very good sign. But yeah, we find out that Rebecca Hall


is this incredible pianist and singer. Bettany


is a talented singer, a talented guitarist, a talented songwriter, Wally, the director is a great guitarist, I pass, I am all right. I play with Willie Nelson


and Alice Cooper


because they feel sorry for me.

The interviewer wants to know how Johnny cope with with Lily-Rose and Jack’s homework. Plus his favorite appl on the iPhone and if he google his name.

I have Googled my name and immediately regretted it. God, I really regretted it. I don’t do that kind of thing, I try to stay away from anything about me out there in the world. But my favorite APPs, I like photographic applications, things where you can take a photograph and then instantly turn it into some abstract piece of art. I think it’s great that everybody has that opportunity to really go nuts. But as far as technology, I will put it to you this way, my kids are smart enough to not come to me with any questions about the computer or even homework for that matter. If it’s got to do with history or literature or music I am all right. I am good. If it’s math or all that, I am down the road.

The interviewer asks to Johnny if there are similarities with his most glorious heroes like Thompson






very tormented men with many demons or if he is a brighter person in comparison to them

No I think we are all born with if it’s a demon or whatever, we are born with these tendencies. But also, obviously growing up, conditioning and all that has a lot to do with who you turn out to be even though we are who we are going to be by age three. I mean, absolutely true. I have been very lucky in terms of heroes. My heroes, Hunter Thompson as you said was one of my great heroes and someone I knew very well. Was he driven by his demons? Running from his demons? It’s hard to say. We all got what we got, but at the same time, whatever Hunter’s demons were or whatever my demons were or are at the time, it formed a very strong bond between us because we understood each other on a deeper level. The same thing with another hero of mine, Marlon Brando. We hit it off instantly and it didn’t change until the day that he floated away. Because of similar experiences in childhood you bond and that bond doesn’t ever change. So I have been very lucky in that sense. I will say that the people that I always admired have never been driven by ambition. They are driven by hunger or passion and need, but never ambition. Never how famous can I get or how famous can I be? That’s an accidental, that’s like an occupational hazard.

The interviewer ask what it would mean to live in a world where all the possible informations would be available for everyone. Good or bad to become Godlike?

I think the easiest way that I can put it is if everyone in the world had high powered firearms. Some people would be fine; it’s not the weapon itself that does the killing, though I would say it is a tool for that. Or a tool for protection or whatever. It’s an object, and it depends on who is behind it. It depends on what brain is behind it, it depends on the second. I mean if we have road rage, we can’t conquer road rage, I ain’t giving the keys to the computer to everybody on the planet, unless there is an endless opium drip that I can be on to watch the whole thing explode. Do you think that would be a dangerous thing, to give everybody access to that kind of power? Clearly, we are all aware that technology isn’t going anywhere, it isn’t going away, you are not going to see less kids doing this. So yeah, it’s most surely something to be dealt with and to be schooled upon.

Johnny did any research for the movie?

I had one of the best experiences I ever had. I was introduced me to Elon Musk. And he came and visited the set, and we had a ride around in his car, and a pretty good chat and then the police pulled us over, with a Tesla. I was in the front seat, Paul Bettany was sitting on my lap, Rebecca, Wally, Elon was driving, and we were immediately pulled over. For speeding. And Elon had a great sense of humour about it but the cop did not and he really needed a humour chip installed, that cop, but it was a really good time nonetheless.


Many compliments colleague. Great questions! Ah, Johnny: very good answers!



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Johnny Depp in another stunning horror movie on theaters at the end of this year

Johnny Depp 




will be part of the next production by

Kevin Smith




Justin Long


Long will play the role of a journalist who finds the story of his life thanks to Mr.Howe portrayed by Michael Parks an eccentric man and adventurer. The screenwriter is the same Kevin Smith and the co-tars Genesis Rodriguez and Haley Joel Osment.

The role involving Johnny will be the one of a french-canadian detective Guy LaPointe. The movie will be released at the end of the year by A24.

It should be a horror movie and and it was born out thanks to SModcast Smith’s podcast, produced by Shannon McIntosh and Demarest’s Sam Englebardt and David Greathouse

The news has been spread not by the director Kevin Smith himself but by Long who said to the world:

Johnny Depp is in the movie“.

Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith can be classified like friends, because at some point their daughters went to the same school together and because they have hosted various charity events together.

Plus the favorite Johnny’s make-up artist Joel Harlowe worked on “Tusk”.

The Demarest Films has produced something like three movies involving Johnny Depp’s future bride including London Fields where Depp plays a very little cameo.

Anna Maria Polidori


Johnny and his enthusiasm for the famous chinese 798 Art District

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Johnny Depp and the moments he shared at the 798 Art District in Beijing, China





The first place Johnny visited for promoting his latest movie Transcendence has been China, Beijing exactly. Relaxed, happy, being a musician and an artist (Johnny loves to paint etc) one of his the most important desires was to discover the Beijing’s famous 798 Art District.

Beijiing experts helped Johnny’s team to setting up so a serie of meetings with local artists of the area. The proposal was to permit to Johnny to being involved in the local culture of the place he was visiting for work, sharing with artists his musical talent, and his main passion for music and art in general.

The first artist he met up with was Marx, boss of Li-Pi Records. Sure our man is very busy being an A-LIST actor and so a day can be shorter than usual for all of it. Promotion of a movie can absorb a lot of time. Some fun with musicians and other artists helped him to refresh and relax his mind.

Johnny’s desire was also the one of attending a cooking class at Factory Kitchen a new wonderful restaurant and cooking school created and wanted by the same owners of SALT a good restaurant of the city but the time run out and Johnny couldn’t attend it.

The impressions of chinese people about Johnny has been very positive but in this sense I didn’t have any doubt.

Nice, casual involved in chinese life just maybe for too much short time. Johnny called the 798 “such a cool area” with his great and fantastic voice everyone recognize in every corner of the world. He also tried to sculpting in the iconic 798 Space, enjoying later a private performance with two young local musicians.

Johnny tried to play the erhu


a traditional chinese instrument, a sort of violin, very typical in China.
With great results at the end of the performance.

Although unnoticed when he snuck in the 798 Space the exist has been more chaotic. Word was spread.


Anna Maria Polidori


Black Mass. Johnny Depp wants to meet the protagonists of the story

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Fascinated by James Bulger the bad hero of Black Mass Johnny Depp wants to meet him and other people as well for understanding the atmosphere and the profound reasons of…murdering.

Black Mass


will be one of the next Johnny Depp’s projects as all we know. Interviewed by a presenter, Johnny

admits candidly: “You know, a situation that became the basis for the film. In any case it is important for a historical perspective. James Bulger fascinated me as a character, Image

He interests me. I would like to know what he was guided by committing various acts. I would like to meet him, sitting close to him and try to understand it. Also I would be interested to talk with relatives of his victims. Creating a movie, I would use experience with the residents of Boston.

Ad regarding Bulger … The way I will be filing a character will depend on my impressions of them. I do not think it would be just – show evil. I would have done everything possible to fairly evaluate their hero”.

It’s not the first time that an actor decides before to going on with a project of meeting first of all the protagonist and central characters of a story for trying to understand much better what it was going on in that period of life, or in this case in the mind of the various protagonistw. In this case why all these murders were committed, and what it moved that hands. It would be interesting to talk with the families of the victims as well because the story they can talk would be of course very differently from the one of the murder, giving to the movie that soul necessary for becoming a masterpiece of feelings.

The story involving Black Mass is a story of mafia and friendship.

John Connolly and  James “Whitey” Bulger in fact grew up together in the South Boston neighborhood but their existence were diametrically different. The first one as it happens most of the time in real life  became a good man of law working as an important member in the corp of the FBI and the other one joined the criminality. Local mafia, or mob as we want to call it.
They met again once adults and maybe it was predictable considering the roles of each of them in the society.
Let’s say that the book and story and adventures of these two men  will imply drug dealing, racketeering, murder. All of it and much more.

Anna Maria Polidori


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