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Oh, no boy! It happened again. Is it the case of a serial-star flop?

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on April 22, 2014

Analyzing  Transcendence’s flop

Wow, what a flop Transcendence, the last Johnny Depp‘s movie a Warner Bros production  with just 11 millions of money created during the Easter’s week-end and 17 millions of dollars worldwide when the movie cost 100 millions of dollars.

We talk of, a theoretically had-to-be, blockbuster movie “blocked” immediately  “blocked! by critics and reviews, who suggested to the people other movies instead Transcendence. Reviews appeared and truncated the movie’s expectations  just two-three days before the arrival of the movie on theaters. It was a devastation.

People maybe not the youngest ones (but who knows?) surely the adult ones yes,  have thought of choosing some other options on theaters these week-end because of the bad reviews of the various specialized cinematographic critics. Funny movies, movies giving some hopes. It’s a new trend the one of the religious movies, able to give hope  in a moment of crisis, rediscovering the old good values  disappeared with the time. And that people need hope and the possibility of some light after the tunnel is more than understandable in a moment where reality appears paradoxically sad and not anymore a certainty as in the past.


So Transcendence, with a thematic like the one of a virtual life in a pc and the physical disappearing of a man from his real life, maybe  was read as a sad topic.

Johnny in the USA was very loved once. Sure most of his movies, before Pirates serie, not seen maybe by a large public but beautiful ones, and very well done. The man believed in the projects and gave all himself for them.

Why a flop after another for Johnny, 50 years, one of the most talented actors in circulations? Since 2010 every production has been read with suspect from spectators and it was a continuous flop.  What it is happening to this star, in this moment and why the star is not anymore as brilliant and wonderfully great as he was in the past?

Mmmmm let me read as fan who would have wanted to go to the cinema for seeing Transcendence what it went wrong with this movie promotion. I couldn’t see yet the movie because busy with Easter. I promise I will go to see it and I will write a review of this movie. If positive positive, if negative, dear Johnny, negative. Sincerity pays always more to me.

The promotion. Johnny didn’t talk at all of the movie for weeks during the promotion. His behavior from a certain time at this one to me, not just regarding this movie is: “I am in this movie so it’s implied you, fan, will go to the cinema because of me. You can’t lose this chance”.

Fans can happily lose this chance.

It doesn’t pay anymore that behavior as we have recently seen.

Johnny focused mainly on a big engagement ring, both in China (Chinese movie industry have co-financed this movie, in fact part of the 100 millions created for the realization of Transcendence are fruits of other co-production and so thanks to external partners) than in the Usa putting in great evidence his joy for the engagement (judged not positively by most of the fans and it says a lot in term of a star-movie and his success) and that the fiancee couldn’t wear it because too much big and so maybe absolutely not adapted to her and for saying: “hi” with a hand or going out for some shopping because uncomfortable…Mmm.


Image.  I am sure that this topic was of fundamental importance for most people who everyday must cope with a more concrete reality.






I have always avoided of posting stuff like this one in this blog because I was seeing with great clarity how Johnny was digging his grave by himself very profoundly everyday with this news. So I tried to choose the best of what it was given out during the promotion’s days of Transcendence.

Johnny has never been distant from the common people. Or this one was the perception in the past.

I don’t know you but I have always seen him close to the normal people. A gap between him, the star, and fans wouldn’t be a great idea.  And the story of the ring created an immense gap.

Most of the fans abandoned him because of his new existential choices. Fans don’t go crazy lately with  Johnny’s private life and his return to the wild life. It can says a lot in term of going to the cinema for spending money seeing a production with him. If in the past maybe fans would have done it, surely they wouldn’t do that anymore.

And maybe… Maybe for not damaging him anymore…. 

The only interview I seriously loved and I was impressed with, maybe because it remembered to me my interview with Johnny of eight years ago was the one he gave at the end of the movie promotion and I thought: “Good Lord Johnny is back!” And in fact I posted that with pleasure in this blog to.




You can surf the web visiting various sites for discovering what people (women but men too in very large part)  think of Johnny lately. Most of them will write that they are not anymore interested to go to the cinema for seeing his movies because this and because that.

It is known what for an actor’s life can mean when fans are disappointed. A star is created at the end by…producers at first, but later by us because we are the real bosses of an actor, this is true, Johnny, remember? You said it. A behavior considered not good will be heavily reflected to the box offices and in general in the career of the actor.

As we all know this one is the only punishment fans can give to someone like Johnny incredibly successful and a man  theoretically mustn’t prove anything to anyone anymore and doesn’t need any advice of course because of the large amount of money and experience accumulated.

Reactions from the various sites at this flop?

People at thinks that the main problem in this case has been the great exposure of the star. Not always appropriated.

Glenn Beck: ““He’s from Kentucky. Have you ever listened to the guy… You’re from Kentucky, dude… What happened to the American accent? He doesn’t seem to have that anymore. Is it just me?”

In another site the journalist: “It’s hard to feel sorry for a guy who owns his own island. Still, poor Johnny Depp. He’ll have to transcend his recent domestic box office numbers”.

The Daily Mail asks more to itself than to Johnny: “Losing his Midas touch?”

Disney is Disney so a flop with Disney should be considered absolutely unthinkable because of all the possible marketing strategy that a reality like that one can put on the market for creating a winning strategy for attracting spectators. But it happened.

Flops with The Lone Ranger last year, and previously with Dark Shadows, (both of them if successful movies with a sequel, ideas aborted immediately after the flop of the movies).

The Rum Diary good for have discovered in 2009 the new partner of his life, maybe. Johnny will always be grateful to Thompson for it, I guess, but just for it.

Maybe Johnny should think of producing movies with low budget money as he did in the past following more than money (being billionaire… Doesn’t mean have endless money? Good, a great freedom) maybe creativity and what he would want to see on screen.

What it is more upsetting of all this story of failures is the actor involved because in the past Johnny’s productions have always been interesting and intelligent.

As a fan, I discovered Johnny thanks to Pirates One The curse of the Black Pearl so with the new Johnny’s era and I didn’t search for him. If I had consideration for the actor I didn’t like at all the rebel man. Later I would have discovered we have a lot in common and Johnny can’t imagine the ways he has indirectly  helped me for understanding me, myself (as someone would have said) and all the rest of my reality.








I can tell you this: although the crazy moment, I wouldn’t change Johnny for any other actors of Hollywood. I couldn’t think of another actor I could follow so massively as I do with him. Johnny has a particular head and Johnny’s fans are absolutely the best ones in this world. Impossible to discuss with them, impossible to staying upset, impossible not to be fascinated of being a Depp-Head, at time quiet crazy but normality is the latest thing that it is considered good by a Johnny’s fan. My love for this actor is immense.

Anyway let’s stop to mourning for the man. Yes don’t be too much sad for him. He spent an evening celebrating the birthday of the future bride as also reported by the Daily Mail.

If movies and career at the moment are a complete flop and maybe the key is this one: to him they’re not anymore  a priority and his enthusiasm is gone, private life is a continuous success.

But please, old Johnny…Be back. As soon as possible. We miss you so badly.  OK?


Anna Maria Polidori


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