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Buying old books at the Bauman Rare Books Store

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on April 26, 2014

Hemingway and poetry books Johnny’s choices



Recently Johnny Depp



in NYC for personal reasons visited for purchasing books the Bauman Rare Books Store.The bookstore born in 1973 is specialized in first editions, manuscripts and rare books.

Johnny bought in his most recent visit a rare Ernest Hemingway Image

book for 125.000 pounds, and several 18th century poetry books including a leather-bound diary for a total amount of 140.000 pounds.


Looking at some old books in the Bauman Rare BooksStore

I have contacted immediately the Bauman Rare Books Store for trying to discover something more about what Johnny had bought (titles, amount of money spent…) but I haven’t discovered anything. Of course. Days ago in fact Johnny hadn’t yet spread the voice regarding these details. 

 In the while, I discovered this prestigious bookstore and fell in love for it.

A wonderful reality the one of  Bauman Rare Books where people work enthusiastically.
“Our enthusiasm for books is real: the privilege of offering a first edition of Melville’s Moby Dick or an inscribed copy of Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea never loses its magic. We take immense pride in the collections we have helped build over the years because we really do share our clients’ passion for collecting, and for us as well as them, there is a thrill in finding the next great book.”

Love for books to them is the fifth essence and the perfect engine able to make the difference in their existence and in the ones of the beloved collectors of Bauman Rares Books.

As we all know there are many bookstores in every corner of the world. It’s not a discovery, where we can purchase new books, bestsellers, classics.

The specialization for old rare books is another story. Manuscripts of the authors, at time the real manuscript of masterpieces released 200-100 years ago, or very rare first editions, prized a lot of money because of the exclusivity and unicity of the piece.

Founded by David and Natalie Bauman


David & Natalie Bauman

in 1973 with some imprints of 18th century, the couple have a special love for literature and history.

They understood very soon that maybe this field could be an interesting and stimulating way to make a living. A niche of people in fact would have been seriously interested in buying these very expensive books, maps, manuscripts.

In 1978 the staff grew up a lot. Forty dedicated and talented researchers, salespersons, creative personnel and office associate created all together what the Bauman Rare Books is now: one of the finest and most respected antiquatian book firm existing today in the world.

In 1989 Bauman opened the first New York’s Gallery at the Waldord-Astoria. They were located there for more than 10 years. Intense years where affectionate New Yorkers and great collectors remember them. Many times ads were featured in the New York Times Book Review.

In 1999 Bauman expanded the current New York gallery on Madison Avenue, located between 54th and 55th Streets. In this new location there are exhibit a wonderful selection of rare books,autographs, maps and prints from the 15th to the 20th century.
The seasoned staff at the Madison Gallery can provide anyone with a superb introduction to rare book collecting.

With the time Bauman opened an office in Philadelphia, located at the historic Sun-Oil Building on Walnut Street. That one in Philadelphia is the central location, the hub of the company. There is the research staff, catalogue production department, the catalogue sales division and advertising.
Clients are welcome by appointment.

In 2008 it was the turn of Las Vegas, where Bauman opened a third location in the Palazzo replicating the Madison Avenue Gallery in design, inventory and exceptional customer service. Open 12 hours a day seven days a week. “The only place in the world where a client can buy a Shakespeare folio at 10:30 on a Saturday night” they say at Bauman. It happened, in fact.

Bauman loves all his clients. “We have a special dedication to the clients. Our relationship don’t last for a month or two, many of our clients are with us for years”. In many cases collections are built book by book, together, with the client, listening to his/her exigencies. “From the time you contact us by telephone or email or visit us at one of our galleries, you will have the attention of a consultant who will work closely with you on an ongoing basis, advising you on every aspect of your collection”.

Book are for all tastes. “Yes whatever your interests is, from literary classics, landmarks in the history of ideas, monumental accounts of travel and exploration, revolutionary scientific and medical works, exquisite decorative bindings and sets, beloved children’s books, inscribed and association copies, we have much to offer from our extensive and constantly changing inventory”.

Maybe a normal reader can ask: “Why collecting rare books?”

The staff at Bauman Rare Books can tell you that in an explicative answer:

Because the past speaks to us through the words of great writers”.

It is I think for an avid reader with economical possibility, an unique experience because there is no price for the original manuscript of a masterpiece of the favorite author. At the Bauman are convinced: “There is no price for a very lived book, who traveled by horse and carriage, wrote with quills or danced the Charleston in speakeasies”.

Other example? “Dickens and his beloved streets of Victorian London.

Image   ImageImageImageImageImageImage




The Roman Empire in Gibbon’s masterpiece. Gatsby’s tragic struggle to win his elusive piece of the American dream. We witness extraordinary courage as Galileo explains the solar system and defies the Inquisition. If you’ve read a thousand books, you’ve lived a thousand lives. But rare book collectors will tell you that nothing quite equals the experience of owning a piece of history”.

Because a rare book is a piece of history. A manuscript is a dreaming, enchanting and emotional experience because it represents the end and the beginning of a story of a book. It is the first copy, Written and Ended, and later published and read by millions of people  in the world. A collector owning the original manuscript of an old beautiful classic book must feel the sensation of having a piece of History of literature in his/her hands. Enchanting.

“Every book are unique in their genre, they say At Bauman, exactly as the collector who build them piece by piece”.

What moves a serious collector of books at spending a very large amount of money for an unique piece?

“The discovery. Collectors understand the overwhelming odds against the survival of so many first editions. They know that owning a rare book can be a humbling experience”.

Anna Maria Polidori






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