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Can a devil become an angel?

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South Boston people wants to avoid any “glorification” of their legendary and extremely dangerous mobster Whitey Bulger


Billy Baker a reporter of the Boston Globe days ago exactly this past june 20th wrote an article about Black Mass, South Boston and the dangerous impact maybe a character like Whitey Bulger could have on viewers once the movie will be released. It was of great inspiration for me.

Let’s avoid all the possible misunderstanding: Whitey Bulger’s story is incredibly good for cinema and for a lot of good reasons, but Bulger is an example no one should follow for any reason.

Why this story is so important for Hollywood? A lot of saved work in term of fantasy for screenwriters first of all. Yes realistically a good screenwriter with a story like this one, accuracy apart would have a great story in a silver’s plate and without to try to imagining anything because the plot is in the reality of the facts and there is everything he/she needs.

Crime, terror, murder, drug, infamity, betrayel, sex, blood, escapism (and not from the reality), mob, mobster, gangs, fear. Does a screewriter need more? Can he/she pretend for more, ask for more?

 No. But let’s see the most important and relevant passages in Whitey’s story that can attract so badly Hollywood’s screenwriters like a magnet creating this alchemia with South Boston.

First of all there is a gangster in the story. So: gangs, blood, and surely crime, murder, molls and sex. Not sufficient?

Mmmmm…Story has known a lot of gangsters.True. Ok, ok I am there. Let’s add something else: there is in the plot a sort of devil’s deal with a government’s structure, like the F.B.I. is.

Not satisfied?
Do you want more?

Whitey Bulger’s brother has been a great political man. Not interesting? Other?

Whitey has had during a relationship a son disappeared at just 6 years, Douglas. A very sad story.


When he disappeared because informed maybe it was better to change air, Whitey didn’t spend his years secluded in a desert island like Robinson Crusoe did, but in Santa Monica, California, one of the most exclusive cities of all the Usa wth his latest companion.

Not yet satisfied? Do you need more? Ok ok…

He would have lived still in Santa Monica if his companion wouldn’t have had this passion for poor abandoned cats, sharing it with a stunning Miss Iceland 1974, and if Bin Laden wouldn’t have been anymore at some point because captured and killed, the most wanted man of all the Earth and mainly the Usa for the F.B.I.

It’s a perfect story for a perfect movie if very well structured don’t you think so?

So why people in South Boston are a bit worried?
Where is the danger? The danger is to being able to transform negativity in positivity. And yes true, this is a risk. But…Realistically, is it possible?

Can warm and

sunny Johnny Depp ImageImageImageappears like a potential sexy and dangerous mobster once he become Whitey BulgerImageImageImageImage? I strongly doubt it.
The mask is the perfect mask of someone very ugly inside and outside. ImageImageImage A stunning transformation.

The reporter asked some impressions and some members of the crew said: “We’re not trying to glorify Whitey”.

Dave Ivaska is a man born and grown up in South Boston and very worried for what it would happen about Whitey Bulger and his “glorification”. Being a South Boston’s native, there is to say that his nerves, are the nerves of most of the people living in the area.

People would want to try to understand Hollywood’s plans. This story means for South Boston’s people a horrible page of their modern story magically re-born, and for some of them is still stressing to seeing all of it although it’s just fiction.

Perception is that people are creating a sort of “hero” with Whitey Bulger, a terrible, legendary mobster able to terrorize South Boston so badly during he 70s and 80s.

Yes he has been a legendary mafioso, mobster for sure because of the terror he spread, because of the ferocity of his actions, because of the connections he had created. Mafia of course is this, a sort of web able to covering every single important aspect and place of the society so that not a single space is left alone and can be considerered free.That’s why it is so powerful.

Black Mass will be the first movie telling a true story based on a book, Black Mass Image and a reconstruction by two former Boston Globe reporters, Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill. The story between the Devil’s deal so the great connection and relationship it seems between Whitey, the F.B.I. and John Connolly.

Everyone are curious to seeing the various shooting as it happens always in these cases when a movie is filmed in a city. Old people remembering Whitey Bulger are saying: “Oh my God! He looks just like him” referred to Johnny’s transformation.

Other people are living the story with more relaxation. Without to forgetting the past, there is attention for what it will become this movie,

Johnny loves to wearing Whitey Bulger’s “mask” all the day so the dangerous gangster is on the mouth of everyone every second.

Anna Maria Polidori


Whitey Bulger’s attorney Hank Brennan vs. Black Mass

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Hank Brennan skeptical about Johnny’s movie


A real bomb on the set of Black Mass.

Hank Brennanhank brennan hank brennan 1, Whitey Bulger’s whitey 4attorney working at the appeal for his client arrested on June 22, 2011whitey in jail, on the run for 17 years and wanted for a variety of crimes in South Boston area including different murders, drug trafficking and extortion and caught by FBI agents in California with the long-term companion, Catherine Greiggreig.r , brought to trail in 2013 receiving two life sentences  and convicted because of money laundering, extortion, weapons offenses, racketeering, etc in a recent phone interview with UPI regarding the various productions going on, added regarding the so called and still unnamed movie Black Mass starring Johnny Depp: “If I ever had a comment about the Johnny Depp movie, I would denounce it as fiction. I think the Johnny Depp movie does a disservice, not only to the public, but it does a disservice to the victims’ families” added with force the attorney.

But where are according to Brennan the biggest errors of this movie?

It seems that the main problem for the attorney is not Johnny Depp but the source where the informations were taken for the realization of the movie: Black Mass the Black Mass Book Cover book written by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill.

The attorney in the phone interview with UPI continued:

“I think it is so unfortunate that Hollywood has decided to produce a movie with Johnny Depp based on the book Black Mass. Now, there is a story and a movie to be told, and there is plenty of information that the public needs to know, but when you filter it through a Hollywood production that is based on a book called Black Mass, what you’re doing is distorting the truth because Black Mass was written in the year 2000 and Black Mass was written by authors who previously wrote a book called The Underboss where they glorified [FBI] agents like John Connolly and John Morris, who we now know were corrupt and involved in cases of murder.

And, so, -continued Brennan- the source of those books was the federal government and the federal government is very keen in disseminating propaganda. They are very good at this part of their business and these local reporters would eat it up because it gave them leverage or a benefit or their own legacy in the story, but most of it was absolute fiction. So, when I read those books, I see how much of it is just inaccurate and lies. And what has happened since 2000 is we have learned so much more. … A film like Black Mass ignores what we learned in the congressional hearings about the systemic [government] corruption. It ignores the 19 trials where we see these families fighting to show that the government was responsible for the loss of their loved ones.”

Brennan says he would prefer to see Hollywood make a version that tells the story responsibly.

Yes this is psychologically true: the city of Boston started to be so excited when the news of a very possible second  Warner Bros production Black Mass apart involving Oscar Prizes Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Ben Affleck Matt Damon, born both in Boston was spread in the city. Maybe not the happiest moment for launching a news like that one considering that there is still another production in progress involving Whitey Bulger’s criminal story.

Since there in a way most people are thinking that this second and future Warner Bros production would be potentially stronger than than the one with Johnny Depp.


Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny, LaDonna Harris and the shape-shifter

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Johnny, adopted by the Comanche tribe in an autograph mention the powerful shape-shifters



Two years ago nov 14th 2012, Johnny Depp

598709_3722084204797_1914847857_n johnny11 johnny26 Johnny23 Johnny18 johnny6 53_1_b6 180px-Johnny_Depp 250evelyne1_jpg 257premiere_jpg 283

became an honorary member of the Comanche tribe during the “Comanche Nation Day”.


As all we know, Johnny is a Native American with irish and german blood in his veins too.

The ceremony was celebrated at Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Johnny Depp that day became a member, an adopted member of the Comanche Tribe.



Look at this capricious eagle. Thanks for all the pics to Lory

1655870_663796726996032_358376361_n 1782104_663796710329367_115513827_n 1912044_663796766996028_1008996792_n 1796498_663796660329372_227931008_n 1422518_626979280677777_206128514_n

LaDonna Harris  a very powerful member of the Comanche Tribe can de facto consider Johnny her son now.

Johnny spent a beautiful day, and the ceremony has been impressively beauty and felt.


1452396_626979317344440_1171060131_n 994659_626979360677769_28540181_n1002623_626979434011095_1053383187_n1470064_626979300677775_1733288996_n


Not a surprise, considering the high level of spirituality Native Americans bring with themselves wherever they go and whatever they do.




In an autograph donated by Johnny to LaDonna Harris




Johnny describes her as a mah-woo-meh, in english a shape-shifter.


A shape-shifter….


It is maybe the most beautiful, powerful and suggestive enchantment and possibility: to becoming for whatever reason, good or bad, another animal assuming another shape but maintaining intact the human intelligence.


Harry Potter would have called this possibility with the word: animagus.


Mythology has treated this topic very largely. Of course every kind of Gods could change shape because of the immense power they have, but in this case of course they wouldn’t never be shape-shifter.
Too much comfy in fact. Gods can do this world and the other because of the immensity of their power.

No: in this case a shape-shifter is someone human, but able, without to altering his human consciusness to become another animal, assuming the shape of other creatures.

Many of these people don’t know they have this great and exciting potentiality. They understand it during the teen-age age, when a new dimension of consciusness is borning.

This ability can’t be discovered during the childhood age, when there are many other paranormal potentialities.

Some shape-shifters can use their ability for becoming a lot of other creatures/animals.


Anna Maria Polidori

Golden Globe winner Kevin Bacon joins Black Mass

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Kevin Bacon as Charles McGuire sum of the various agents served as supervisors in the Boston F.B.I.



A Golden Globe winner joins, a news of just few hours ago the set of the still unnamed movie (hope that at the end it will be called Black Mass) Black Mass: Kevin Baconkevin bacon kev bacon.


This prestigious new arrival will add for sure other precious lymph at this stunning reconstruction of Whitey Bulger’s life, portrayed wonderfully by an unrecognizable Johnny Depp 10330519_715174898524881_8099084409602884287_n10336653_715324708509900_8724923062343899876_nas Whitey Bulger whitey 5 whitey 7 whitey 8 whitey 12  whitey s whitey-white-suit whitey whitey 4 whitey 6.


Bacon is an actor very well-known in Boston where he filmed in fact Mystic River and R.I.P.D.

Whitey Bulger: this terrible mafioso and gangster consecrated his life to crime. He terrorized in particular South Boston during the 70s and 80s. An Era and Season of Terror, where crime and illegality had found great humus. Whitey brought terror and panic all around an area where lived mainly irish catholic people. A place without peace. Elderly people are remembering that years without any regret and when they talk about that moments and years they still remember and feel a big fear, terror.

Thanks to a Whitey’s friend, John Connolly, a very powerful F.B.I. agent in Boston in pension at that time, Whitey Bulger was in grade of going away from the city, when the situation started to be too much difficult and maybe some protections were falling.


Connolly in fact it seemed he said him of leaving Boston as soon as possible because in big danger. Connolly at that time was in pension but someone from the F.B.I. of Boston let him know this news. Wind was changing and someone wanted to put Whitey in jail as soon as possible. Whitey and other three of his men were risking a lot and just one of them was captured.

Whitey went away and found a secluded place in a Santa Monica’s apartment, where, when discovered only 16 years later in 2011 agents found a real arsenal of weapons, 30 in total and something like 800.000 and more cash dollars. A man, Whitey, betrayed fundamentally by a  Miss miss iceland 2 Iceland 1974, a passion for poor abandoned, homeless cats cat, and Bin Laden’s osama bin ladencapture.

A fatal mixture of events, brought him directly in jail and this time forever.

The role assigned to Kevin Bacon will be the one of Charles McGuire.

This character, never existed, is the sum for what understood, of the various agents served as supervisors in the Boston F.B.I. office during the period when John Connolly was working at the F.B.I.

John Connolly knew Whitey Bulger and Whitey’s family since he was little. He later became a very good F.B.I. agent and he started to be very much appreciated and grew up enormously when he arrested and de facto defeated all the italian mafia clan located in Boston, discovering very interesting fact regarding the internal recruitment and structure of the same one. An impressive work for sure.

No one so would have thought or imagined that maybe as said also by Lehr and O’Neill in a portion of the title of their book “Black Mass Black Mass Book Cover: Whitey Bulger, the F.B.I. and a Devil’s Deal“, there would have been a “Devil’s Deal” with the irish mob.

In fact later Whitey Bulger became thanks to Connolly the main informant of the F.B.I This fact can be considered a bit weird because in general informants, as also reported by several old F.B.I. agents, can’t never be any boss of any criminal organization because theoretically the main idea should be the one of capturing them trying to defeated their criminal organized structures. That’s why in general informants are more little criminals with good connections with criminality.

Thanks to this friendhsip it seems with the F.B.I. agent Connolly (John Connolly repeats he is innocent) Whitey Bulger was in grade to become the most powerful mafioso of the area.



Anna Maria Polidori



Oppps, he revealed too much!

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Sondheim, Into the Woods, and the new statement.



Stephen Sondheim S Sodheim had to be very relaxed that afternoon of two weeks ago with the 17 teachers of the high school during the meeting regarding censorship. He indulged a lot in fact talking about his works, and of course the new Disney‘s production Into the Woods, on theaters this Christmas’ Day 2014, the biggest temptation.

He revealed in fact, maybe too much.

And there are first reactions to the article appeared in The New Yorker.

Today it was released a statement saying that Any moment a song apparently cut, hasn’t been cut at all from the movie version. Stephen Joshua Sondheim in fact anticipated that the sexual intercourse between the Baker’s wife and Prince Charming (Cinderella’s husband) in the movie adaptation had been cut.

Sondheim added in the statement:

An article in The New Yorker misreporting my “Master Class” conversation about censorship in our schools with seventeen teachers from the Academy for Teachers a couple of weeks ago has created some false impressions about my collaboration with the Disney Studio on the film version of Into the Woods. The fact is that James [Lapine, who wrote both the show and the movie] and I worked out every change from stage to screen with the producers and with Rob Marshall, the director. Despite what the New Yorker article may convey, the collaboration was genuinely collaborative and always productive.

When the conversation with the teachers occurred, I had not yet seen a full rough cut of the movie. Coincidentally, I saw it immediately after leaving the meeting and, having now seen it a couple of times, I can happily report that it is not only a faithful adaptation of the show, it is a first-rate movie. And for those who care, as the teachers did, the Prince’s dalliance is still in the movie, and so is “Any Moment.”

Anyway not only the song Any moment had to be cut. Sondheim said Rapunzel does not die in the cinematographical version, while she dies in the show, adding also that Disney in a way had some little perplexities regarding the Wolf/Johnny Depp and Little Red Riding Hood and the sexual innuendo’s song.

The statement doesn’t clarify if these changes will take place or not.

It’s not the first time Sondheim talks with a lot of freedom about sensitive topics revealing too much.


Anna Maria Polidori

BU filming today with Johnny Depp

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Shooting the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade of 1982 with BU




What a bautiful idea this one of the production company working on Black Mass the movie starring Johnny Depp



djdhair014johnny_deppdddjohnny_deppvvvvJohnny very sensual   Johnny_Depp020  08Johnny  by Leibovitz65bobshirt009NassauJune2005039


in Boston for playing the role of the terrible, cruel mafioso  Whitey Bulger.  They are involving in fact in one of the movie scenes the Boston University Bands called friendly by everybody BU.

The historical moment will be exactly 1982. will bulger 2


Will Bulger, Whitey’s brother during the St.Patrick’s Day 1982

The scene will portray the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston in fact in 1982  specifies Aaron Goldberg director of athletic bands.



St.Patrick’s Parade (1982)’s shooting in Lynn, 6/23/2014 Thanks Lory Depp Girl for the pictures

St.Patty's scene St.Patty's 10408775_729365740439130_5248418540165580893_n-crop

The biggest problem at first was that not all the students are locals and it was necessary to have something like 100 participants. Most of them lives in close cities, like New York or New Jersey, but they were all thrilled and came back very enthusiastically for filming with Johnny Depp in the still unnamed movie we will call: Black Mass based on the book written by Black Mass Book Cover  Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill, “Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, he F.B.I. and a devil’s deal“. A new biography regarding Whitey, called: “Whitey, the life of America’s most notorius mob boss” has been recently released written by the same Black Mass’ authors. Book cover2-crop

Mr Goldberg did his best for reaching out the various members of the bands living within a reasonable distance from Boston, told to various magazines.
Program involved a web form for finding potential participants. Received something like 280 responses in a very short time.
No auditions necessary, BU students had the priority. Then the ones of New England and local college bands.

At the end the number was reached thanks to folks from various different schools: Harvard, Northeastern, UConn, UMass, North Andover High School and other ones as well.

The shoot anyway will take place today in Lynn, Massachusetts, at just 11 miles from the city.

These previous days students hosted various rehearsals. It will be a long day. The entire band will travel out to Lynn by bus remaining on set from sun up to sundown.

To all: have fun!

Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny and his passion for pork meat!

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Johnny and his passion for pork meat!



Johnny loves eating. Being a Southerner he is a very good fork. Meat, pasta, his passione is so great that at the end he  decided of buying a restaurant as well.  Estimator of very good red wine, time ago Johnny shared in an interview some thoughts about his passion for meat, and in particular pork meat.






How can you not eat pork? I live for pork, it’s the best thing in the world. And I love Burger King and McDonald’s. I couldn’t choose between them. Image I’m from the South, ImageI’m complete and utter white trash. I couldn’t really trust anyone who doesn’t eat pork.


It’s not that I dislike vegetarians. Some are okay“.




Johnny tried thanks to some friends to become vegetarian.

I didn’t have any meat at all for nine months. I could deal without steak. Hamburgers were a little rough; but pork was just terrible, I pined for bacon. I missed pig. It was a steak, the little trollop, that dragged me back in there. Image



Yes, it happend thanks to Donnie Brasco.




“I was working out a lot lifting weights at the time because I had to gain 20 pounds of muscle for Donnie Brasco. I couldn’t get fat—it had to be muscle. That’s tough on soy beans”.


That one was a real problem. What to do?


“A guy said him: Look, you’re not going to gain the weight unless you eat meat”.

Johnny tired of veggies dishes couldn’t wait for a best suggestion.

“I just said: fuck it—steak now!”

And next morning, obviously, it was bacon. Immediately.


Bye-bye veggie diet. Without, of course, any regret.



Anna Maria Polidori

Into the Woods, Sondheim and Disney’s “censorship” and vetos

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Stephen Sondheim talks of the adaptations, cut and new songs added to the cinematographical version of Into the Woods


Invited days ago at a Sardi’s event with a group of high school teachers specialized in arts and in particular theater,
with a theme in discussion like this one: Challenges and artistic censorship in an educational setting Stephen Joshua Sondheim  S Sodheim talked of the variations apported to the original Into the Woods musical for this movie adaptation.
Adding words regarding censorship.
Censorship is a sort of guideline for media, cinema, theather,  press, networks.

Mainly what it is important to avoiding, hiding, and not to let seeing or put on screen or on stage for trying to keep safe in particular certain kind of people as little adults ones, teen-agers, kids,  adults to. It’s a thematic incredibly important.


Talking about censorship Sondheim said: “You have to explain to your students that censorship is part of our puritanical ethics, and it’s something that they’re going to have to deal with. There has to be a point at which you don’t compromise anymore, but that may mean that you won’t get anyone to sell your painting or perform your musical. You have to deal with reality“.

Into the Woods    has been largely treated during this meeting.

The story is the one of a Bakery and his wife. They are cursed by a witch and they can’t have any child at all. So during this trip for breaking this curse they will be helped by a lot of other fairy-tales characters, like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel etc.

Some of high school teachers asked a question about the relationship between Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Johnny Depp‘s


000002-johnny_depp5 1 000001-johnny_depp4 2dffg


“Infidelity, a lascivious wolf, the whole connection with Red Riding Hood is just sexual” added the teacher. Sondheim agreeding added: “Well, you’ll be happy to know that Disney had the same objections”.

The wolf Johnny Depp and Little Red Riding Hood, Lila Crawford have been a strong thematic  for Sondheim because of
Disney’s “objections” to Woods. “Hello, Little Girl” is loaded in fact with sexual innuendo.

“Rapunzel won’t be killed as in the original version, so we replotted it. I won’t tell you what happens, but we wrote a new song to cover it” added.

The baker’s wife won’t have any affair with Prince Charming, Cinderella’s prince.

Sondheim confirms: “If I were a Disney executive I probably would say the same thing.”

It’s like if Disney would return to a  quiet familiar movie although of course thematics treated are incredibly adults as in the best Sondheim’s tradition.

Into the Woods movie will feature two new songs: Rainbows, and another one for the the Witch. The movie, directed by Rob Marshall, will be released this Christmas’ Day.




Anna Maria Polidori


Four Seasons Hotel Press conference Transcendence april 2014

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New pictures, Johnny Depp and director Wally Pfister





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Bin Laden, some cats, and a Miss!

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End of a mobster. Whitey Bulger and the incredible final chapter of the most wanted American criminal


Charles Gasko. This one was the false identity used by Whitey Bulger in the sunny Santa Monica santa monicalocated in California. When he left for a better place where to living, spending the rest of his life in peace was followed by his latest companion Catherine Greig  alias Carol Gasko.

Neighbors have never suspected anything during these long 16 years. No one suspected for a second that that lovely couple and that lovely man constanly wearing sunglasses and hat when he went out for some walk was the big South Boston mafioso.

No one guessed that that one was the legendary Whitey Bulger.

whitey whitey 7 whitey 8 whitey 12 whitey 1 whitey 5 whitey in jail whitey s whitey-white-suit



Johnny Depp as  a stunning Whitey Bulger

10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n 10336653_715324708509900_8724923062343899876_n
Whitey-Charles lived in rent-controlled #303 of the Princess Eugenia Apts at 1012 Third Street just at a couple of blocks from one of the most stunning beach of all the Usa, wanted by every possible rich and famous person.

Every sunset was a great, romantic scenario. And that corner of Santa Monica  was the ideal place fo staying relaxed  and spending the rest of time and life in peace after such a long and strong criminal life.


Something changed pretty abruptly.

Osama bin Ladenosama bin laden was captured and killed with a great anti-terrorist operation.


The temporary although quiet long peace found by Whitey-Charles ended up immediately after that news.

In fact he became the most wanted criminal and every possible network national or local started to pass on tv his picture and the one of the actual companion Identikit and pics Catherineexplaining to the people who Whitey Bulger whitey and catherine 2 was and what crimes was accused of.  Most wantedTwo millions of dollars the reward for signaling his presence.
Neighbors describe Whitey’s companion greig.r as a lovely lady. She loved to feeding the poor stray cats she found along the streets of their neighborhood. Unbelievable to believe that in a rich neighborghood like that ones there were homeless cats. But there were and they brought directly brought again and forever, Whitey in jail.

Whitey-Charles was described by neighbors as a very cold, diffident man. Pretty rude. whitey 12He was a boss. No one could think of course this man could be tender if they would have known who he realistically was. But no one had a pale idea that that one was Whitey Bulger.whitey-white-suit

Of course the couple in particular Catherine Greig alias Carol Gasko loved to make new friends enjoying and sharing her passions with other people.

Passion for cats was so strong to her. Once a lady, Miss Iceland 1974, miss iceland 2 Anna Bjornsdottir, bought a house down the block from the couple. Beauty lady, anna 2 22 very sunny, she started to enjoying  Carol’s company, becoming in a short time a very close friend with Catherine-Carol sharing this passion for cats with a cat with her.

Lately of course she was introduced to the so called at that time Charles Gasko.

Ms Bjornsdottir returned to Iceland once, leaving wth melancholy I guess,  such very good friends.

Whitey and Catherine

One day once home, she was watching CNN when wow, who captured her attention on tv? Two faces she knew very well: her friends and neighbors from Santa Monica: Charles and Carol!

Oh, look at them!

But wait: they weren’t exactly there because of some charities for abandoned cats. Anchor-man was saying and pictures on the screen confirmed that that ones were her friends,  that that two in particular the man was a very dangerous criminal and that the F.B.I. was searching for him: Whitey Bulger and his current companion.


Reward of two millions of dollars was a great temptation and Miss Iceland called the F.B.I.  Anna-Bjornsdottir-Miss-Iceland-1974


Boston Globe reporters Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy joked with this coincidence for Whitey and ms Greig and their passion for cats. A story of cat destroyed Whitey’s freedom. So the joke with Whitey complaining: “A cat got me captured”.

Other satiric cartoons picturized Whitey Bulger whitey 4 whitey 3 whitey 6 whitey like The Cat in the Hat.

Carol Gasko, ms Greig is currently in  a federal prison to, with 8 years because harbored a fugitive.
Anna Maria Polidori



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