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John Connolly, Whitey Bulger and the so called “Devil’s deal”

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on June 2, 2014

John Connolly, the fascinating friendship with Whitey Bulger, and the unavoidable perdition



I was posting this piece yesteday night and what I was searching for in the net were some Connolly’s pictures. When the news appeared I thought: “What should I do now with this article?” At least I decided of posting it. It’s the story of this man as reported in many books and websites.

There are important novelties in fact in Connolly’s judiciary story. Two Florida’s judges said in fact the second degree murder should be tossed. It happened just few days ago.
Connolly’s lawyer added that his client was waiting for this news from a life.

Connolly although all the years of prison has always declared he was innocent.

At the same time reactions in the city of Boston have been strong. 

John Connolly’s role in the nameless movie I will continue to call Black MassImage from the title of the book inspired  the creation of this movie is Joel Edgerton  ImageImage


John Connolly Imagewas considered the biggest and greatest promise of the F.B.I. of the city of Boston. This talented agent now in jail with first of all a federal sentence of 10 years and later because of a State sentence of 40 years of prison – The first federal conviction for corruption in 2002 and the State conviction in 2008 – was in grade during the years of service of cutting the head of the italian mafia in Boston, discovering a lot of interesting news regarding the system of entrance in the secret organized criminal association and putting in jail all the possible italo-american big mafiosi located in the city.

It started to be common opinion that Connolly would have become, being so great, like the never forgotten agent H.Paul Rico, in service during the ’60’s.

Connolly fighted italian mafia with immense hate devastating this criminal organized structure exactly as later he would have helped, it seems, the irish mob, or mafia, with the legendary sanguinary boss, no one will never forget: Whitey Bulger,Image

Image Image his friend from a life-time.     Image



(Two scenes from the movie Black Mass with Johnny Depp starring in the role of the mafioso Whitey Bulger. Thanks to Lory for the pics)

Connolly in fact grew up in the same Bulger’s neighborood. He interacted with Whitey, and he was in friendship with William Bulger  Image the good Whitey’s brother. A man dedicated to stydying and Bill will always played the role of the encouraging friend helping Connolly towards study, reading and a good life.


Image William Whitey and  John P. Bulger, brothers

Connolly with the time became an F.B.I. agent while Whitey a powerful mafioso, and William Bulger the president of the Massachusetts State Senate.

Everything seemed to start when John asked the mafioso Whitey to become a secret government informant.


Of course a pact like this one had to have a price, and the price was very high: destroying all the personal and non personal Bulger’s rivals for leaving to him all the criminal power on the city.

Of course that would have meant that the F.B.I. had to protect him, Whitey Bulger from any sort of prosecution.

Dick Lehr, one of Black Mass’ Image writers the book inspired the movie with Johnny Depp wrote this connection appeared as a sort of “Devil’s deal”.

It meant in a few words that the biggest criminal man of the city would have had at the end of the story an immense power in Boston but also in the F.B.I.’s structure for obvious reasons.

In general informants are never at the top of a criminal association. Justice in fact tend to break organized criminality. in this case paradoxically the informant was the boss of the irish mafia of Boston.

Whitey’s name in code was Charlie. Whitey Bulger called John Connolly with, mainly, two nicknames: “Elvis” or Zip. Zip because the two grew up in the same post office code of South Boston.

Thanks to the Boston Globe the news maybe White Bulger was an informant of the F.B.I. came up with prepotence.

The answer of the F.B.I. was prompt. The story wasn’t true said the special agent in charge James Ahearn.

At the beginning of 90s, the State Police Detective with sergeant Tom Foley the mind of this operation, working with the DEA and a federal prosecutor, Fred Wyshak, created a case called “The Bulger Group”.

In 1994 John Connolly discoveree that there was a secret indicment ready for Whitey Bulger and other three men. Someone called him from inside the F.B.I.

Whitey Bulger disappeared discovered only 16 years after in sunny Santa Monica.

Some of the crimes Connolly was accused of.

According to the jury Connolly told to Bulger that a witness wanted to implicate Bulger in two murders. At the end Bulger committed for this reason a third murder.

Connolly betrayed the identity of various people who were informing the F.B.I. about the bad actions of Bulger and his men, telling to the mafioso everything.

Connolly didn’t try to interrupt or block in any way the organized criminality and the complex web created by Bulger. All the opposite. Connolly collaborated with the mafioso.

An era the oldest people are still remembering, as a sort of American Age of Terror. The area was very unsecure, and continously there were crimes after crimes, a lot of murders. Of course serenity was over and fear and terror common feelings for people of South Boston. During the 70’s and 80’s when the mafioso Whitey Bulger was active the area was populated mainly by irish americans families. South Boston changed a lot during the decades, and in particular when Whitey disappeared and his organization dismantled becoming a great important voice for the process of constant progress of the city.

For the city of Boston but also for the entire USA the sodalice created by the mafioso Whitey Bulger and the agent of the F.B.I. is still considered the biggest episode of corruption  in the history of the Usa ’til now.

Connolly was arrested in 1999. Racketeering, obstruction of justice, lying to an F.B.I. agent.

Anna Maria Polidori



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