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It’s official: Johnny will marry Amber Heard this september

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on June 6, 2014

David Heard (Amber’s dad) announced the wonderful and so waited news to the world in a long interview in UK



Actor Johnny Depp, 1963, will marry Amber Heard born in 1986  this next september. Revelation appeared on Grazia Uk

in a very long interview with David Heard  m_Amber-Heard-posed-her-dad-David-red-carpet-crop  future Johnny’s step-father, considered by the actor “The closest person to Thompson I every met since now” words said on the Letterman Show in his latest appearance.

Johnny and Heard firstly met and started immediately  their affair in 2009 while filming The Rum Diary

with john

and although the movie has been a real flop Johnny thanks to this movie based on the story written by his maybe best friend, Hunter S. Thompson (that’s why I think Hunter helped him from the Other World to finding the proper soulmate in This World)  discovered ” My true love” as he said  during the engagement party’s speech organized various months ago by the couple.

Heard in the past lesbian and bisexual was living during The Rum Diary a long love-story with Tasya van Ree a very famous photographer of 37 years, who looked like a very young Johnny Depp.


images rasya and amber tasya tasya and amber 2 index11 index rea  vvcb ghgjh hftasya amber 10 a t tasya amber 7 amber tasya 9 tasya heard 6 abc amber-heard-and-tasya-van-ree-02

Later, Tasya pretty upset because of what it was going on between Johnny and her fiancee decided to move on leaving the young actress alone.


Amber was at the same time a bit tired of Johnny after a a while and decided of moving on too starting a relationship with another model Marie de Villepin, contemporary and born in 1986 daughter of a very famous french political man. She spent a lot of time in Paris with her. Johnny de facto, became single.

with villepin with villepin 2 villep vill pe Marie e heard 2 marie e amber 3 marie e heard 4 Marie e Heard


The story with Depp for Amber at first appeared like a good parenthesys able of giving to this actress absolutely unknown to the great public ’til Johnny’s movie,  some visibility.

In that while Johnny decided of re-conquering Amber after he split up with Vanessa Paradis. (Daily Mail pictures of the latest Vanessa’s photo shoot of just few weeks ago)

article-2630544-1DE8E10000000578-202_634x826 article-2630544-1DE8E13300000578-327_306x463 article-2630544-1DE8E10800000578-737_306x446

Latest Amber’s photo shoot appeard in a magazine last weeks.

Amber Heard during the latest photo shoot appeared in a magazine


He started to send to her passionate poems,  roses, and a lot of other items. At the end the girl when he built up for her a bar to the island of the Bahamas (the copy of the one there was in the movie Rum Diary) and later named a corner of the island after her name accepted to start a relationship with him. No one knows the reason why this bar has been so crucial and fundamental for this story. Maybe the first passionate kiss of the two took place there.

There is also to add watching to the pics of the couple Heard and Villepin that they were followed incredibly followed by the paparazzi, because of course everyone knew the high interest and perdition Johnny felt and had for Heard and so they didn’t lose the couple any instant for trying to guess what would have happened the next with Johnny in America claiming for Heard and Heard in Paris living a love-story with Marie.

with villepin with villepin 2 villep vill pe


Johnny was anyway able to coronate the high expectations he had: having, possessing and marrying Amber Heard.


The wedding celebrated in the little Johnny’s island at the Bahamas will be private, just few people invited followed by a barbecue, limbo music. Invited all the Rolling Stones because they will perfom for Johnny. Johnny and Heard invited Vanessa Paradis as well and maybe she will attend the wedding. Vanessa had two children Lily-Rose Melody and Jack 15 and 11 with Johnny. The groom and the bride will be barefoot, and David Heard assured they will have children but only after the wedding.
Johnny has been previously married with another lady Lori Anne Allison more old than him. Five years of difference  he was very young and was still performing with The Kids. A very short wedding, but crucial for Johnny’s career because that girl later became the flame of Nicholas Cage. The two still very good friends, were in harmony and Lori Ann signaled to Nicholas Cage Johnny Depp as a potential actor.  The facto is that  if today we have such a talented, intelligent and smart actor around we must thanks that girl and Nicholas Cage, who trusted him offering him some first roles.

The rest of the story, well it’s pretty known.

Anna Maria Polidori


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  1. Bobbie Donnelly said, on June 6, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Thanks for posting this very informative article, I knew some of it, but most was fresh news…I always enjoy reading your blogg Anna Maria, I can know I will read something good and informative. Keep writing dear, you are a talented journalist…

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