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Bin Laden, some cats, and a Miss!

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on June 18, 2014

End of a mobster. Whitey Bulger and the incredible final chapter of the most wanted American criminal


Charles Gasko. This one was the false identity used by Whitey Bulger in the sunny Santa Monica santa monicalocated in California. When he left for a better place where to living, spending the rest of his life in peace was followed by his latest companion Catherine Greig  alias Carol Gasko.

Neighbors have never suspected anything during these long 16 years. No one suspected for a second that that lovely couple and that lovely man constanly wearing sunglasses and hat when he went out for some walk was the big South Boston mafioso.

No one guessed that that one was the legendary Whitey Bulger.

whitey whitey 7 whitey 8 whitey 12 whitey 1 whitey 5 whitey in jail whitey s whitey-white-suit



Johnny Depp as  a stunning Whitey Bulger

10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n 10336653_715324708509900_8724923062343899876_n
Whitey-Charles lived in rent-controlled #303 of the Princess Eugenia Apts at 1012 Third Street just at a couple of blocks from one of the most stunning beach of all the Usa, wanted by every possible rich and famous person.

Every sunset was a great, romantic scenario. And that corner of Santa Monica  was the ideal place fo staying relaxed  and spending the rest of time and life in peace after such a long and strong criminal life.


Something changed pretty abruptly.

Osama bin Ladenosama bin laden was captured and killed with a great anti-terrorist operation.


The temporary although quiet long peace found by Whitey-Charles ended up immediately after that news.

In fact he became the most wanted criminal and every possible network national or local started to pass on tv his picture and the one of the actual companion Identikit and pics Catherineexplaining to the people who Whitey Bulger whitey and catherine 2 was and what crimes was accused of.  Most wantedTwo millions of dollars the reward for signaling his presence.
Neighbors describe Whitey’s companion greig.r as a lovely lady. She loved to feeding the poor stray cats she found along the streets of their neighborhood. Unbelievable to believe that in a rich neighborghood like that ones there were homeless cats. But there were and they brought directly brought again and forever, Whitey in jail.

Whitey-Charles was described by neighbors as a very cold, diffident man. Pretty rude. whitey 12He was a boss. No one could think of course this man could be tender if they would have known who he realistically was. But no one had a pale idea that that one was Whitey Bulger.whitey-white-suit

Of course the couple in particular Catherine Greig alias Carol Gasko loved to make new friends enjoying and sharing her passions with other people.

Passion for cats was so strong to her. Once a lady, Miss Iceland 1974, miss iceland 2 Anna Bjornsdottir, bought a house down the block from the couple. Beauty lady, anna 2 22 very sunny, she started to enjoying  Carol’s company, becoming in a short time a very close friend with Catherine-Carol sharing this passion for cats with a cat with her.

Lately of course she was introduced to the so called at that time Charles Gasko.

Ms Bjornsdottir returned to Iceland once, leaving wth melancholy I guess,  such very good friends.

Whitey and Catherine

One day once home, she was watching CNN when wow, who captured her attention on tv? Two faces she knew very well: her friends and neighbors from Santa Monica: Charles and Carol!

Oh, look at them!

But wait: they weren’t exactly there because of some charities for abandoned cats. Anchor-man was saying and pictures on the screen confirmed that that ones were her friends,  that that two in particular the man was a very dangerous criminal and that the F.B.I. was searching for him: Whitey Bulger and his current companion.


Reward of two millions of dollars was a great temptation and Miss Iceland called the F.B.I.  Anna-Bjornsdottir-Miss-Iceland-1974


Boston Globe reporters Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy joked with this coincidence for Whitey and ms Greig and their passion for cats. A story of cat destroyed Whitey’s freedom. So the joke with Whitey complaining: “A cat got me captured”.

Other satiric cartoons picturized Whitey Bulger whitey 4 whitey 3 whitey 6 whitey like The Cat in the Hat.

Carol Gasko, ms Greig is currently in  a federal prison to, with 8 years because harbored a fugitive.
Anna Maria Polidori




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