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Welcome back on a Johnny’s movie set, James Russo!

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on June 18, 2014

James Russo joins the cast of Black Mass as Scott Garriola

Actor James Russo AFI FEST 2011 Presented By Audi - "Miss Bala" Centerpiece Gala - Arrivals  is the newest entry on the set of Black Mass in the role of F.B.I.’s agent Scott Garriola.


Garriola ran the FBI’Ss fugitive taks force in Los Angeles when eventually the fugitive Whitey Bulger whitey was arrested at least in Santa Monica, California in 2011.

Garriola in the trial testified: “He swore at us a few times. He told us he wasn’t going to get down on his knees. He said there was grease on the floor. There was harsh words back and forth. He finally got down on his knees and we handcuffed him.”

They found a real arsenal with 30 weapons and tons of money cash in Bulger’s apartment in Santa Monica once they captured the dangerous and legendary mafioso from South Boston Massachusetts.

More or less 16 years spent in Santa Monica thanks to his friend of the F.B.I. John Connolly JOHN C 1 JOHN C 2 from Boston, it seems from the act of the trial.


The important agent of the F.B.I. in fact it seems communicated to Bulger maybe it was better to him to leaving South Boston because times were becoming a bit hard and wind was changing.

Connolly was a pensioner  but he received a call directly from an agent of the F.B.I. of Boston regarding what would have theoretically happened to Whitey and other three of his closest men in a short time if they wouldn’t have abandoned Boston as soon as possible. .

Bulger had still a lot of loyal people at the F.B.I. being one of the most important informants of the F.B.I.

A paradoxical role considering bosses are never included as informants because gangs and organized criminal associations should be theoretically defeated, considerations expressed by many old agents of the F.B.I.

Bulger had to leave Boston if he wanted to stay free. And he left for good.

Before to leaving the city and the State Whitey called his long term lover Lindsey Cyr with which he had had a long relationshiop and a son, Douglas Cyr gone too soon at just 6 years in 1973. Their love-story ended up in 1980 a long time before Whitey’s “disappearance” from South Boston. Whitey called Lindsey for letting her know he would have disappeared for understandable reasons from the Boston’s scenario.
An era was ending in South Boston with Whitey Bulger’s disappearance.


Lindsey Cyr declared later she thought Whitey was hided somewhere in Europe and she wouldn’t never have imagined he was still in the USA.

Once captured, Garriola eventually asked Bulger to sign a consent form authorizing the FBI to search his Santa Monica apartment. “This is the first time I’ve signed this name in a long time: James J. Bulger” added to the federal agent Bulger.

Actor James Russo is an old Johnny’s friend. With him he worked in Donnie Brasco 10389649_726569020718802_4813908783504257669_nDonnie Brasco, The Ninth Gate as Bernie  sec Johnny _


and in Public Enemies 


Johnny __John 2  in the role of Walter Dietrich.


In the while Hollywood starts to be compulsively interested in Whitey Bulger’s story and new productions will start soon involving the irish mafioso’s legendary life.


One of these productions will involve Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, both Boston natives. Ben Affleck Matt Damon

The movie will be directed by Ben Affleck. This one will be another Warner Bros production. Warner Bros is the studio producing Black Mass starring Johnny Depp to.  The Boston Herald launched the news of this new movie regarding Whitey Bulger. It must be said that Affleck and Damon had in their mind a production based on the legendary Bulger from a very long time.


Anna Maria Polidori


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