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Can a devil become an angel?

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on June 30, 2014

South Boston people wants to avoid any “glorification” of their legendary and extremely dangerous mobster Whitey Bulger


Billy Baker a reporter of the Boston Globe days ago exactly this past june 20th wrote an article about Black Mass, South Boston and the dangerous impact maybe a character like Whitey Bulger could have on viewers once the movie will be released. It was of great inspiration for me.

Let’s avoid all the possible misunderstanding: Whitey Bulger’s story is incredibly good for cinema and for a lot of good reasons, but Bulger is an example no one should follow for any reason.

Why this story is so important for Hollywood? A lot of saved work in term of fantasy for screenwriters first of all. Yes realistically a good screenwriter with a story like this one, accuracy apart would have a great story in a silver’s plate and without to try to imagining anything because the plot is in the reality of the facts and there is everything he/she needs.

Crime, terror, murder, drug, infamity, betrayel, sex, blood, escapism (and not from the reality), mob, mobster, gangs, fear. Does a screewriter need more? Can he/she pretend for more, ask for more?

 No. But let’s see the most important and relevant passages in Whitey’s story that can attract so badly Hollywood’s screenwriters like a magnet creating this alchemia with South Boston.

First of all there is a gangster in the story. So: gangs, blood, and surely crime, murder, molls and sex. Not sufficient?

Mmmmm…Story has known a lot of gangsters.True. Ok, ok I am there. Let’s add something else: there is in the plot a sort of devil’s deal with a government’s structure, like the F.B.I. is.

Not satisfied?
Do you want more?

Whitey Bulger’s brother has been a great political man. Not interesting? Other?

Whitey has had during a relationship a son disappeared at just 6 years, Douglas. A very sad story.


When he disappeared because informed maybe it was better to change air, Whitey didn’t spend his years secluded in a desert island like Robinson Crusoe did, but in Santa Monica, California, one of the most exclusive cities of all the Usa wth his latest companion.

Not yet satisfied? Do you need more? Ok ok…

He would have lived still in Santa Monica if his companion wouldn’t have had this passion for poor abandoned cats, sharing it with a stunning Miss Iceland 1974, and if Bin Laden wouldn’t have been anymore at some point because captured and killed, the most wanted man of all the Earth and mainly the Usa for the F.B.I.

It’s a perfect story for a perfect movie if very well structured don’t you think so?

So why people in South Boston are a bit worried?
Where is the danger? The danger is to being able to transform negativity in positivity. And yes true, this is a risk. But…Realistically, is it possible?

Can warm and

sunny Johnny Depp ImageImageImageappears like a potential sexy and dangerous mobster once he become Whitey BulgerImageImageImageImage? I strongly doubt it.
The mask is the perfect mask of someone very ugly inside and outside. ImageImageImage A stunning transformation.

The reporter asked some impressions and some members of the crew said: “We’re not trying to glorify Whitey”.

Dave Ivaska is a man born and grown up in South Boston and very worried for what it would happen about Whitey Bulger and his “glorification”. Being a South Boston’s native, there is to say that his nerves, are the nerves of most of the people living in the area.

People would want to try to understand Hollywood’s plans. This story means for South Boston’s people a horrible page of their modern story magically re-born, and for some of them is still stressing to seeing all of it although it’s just fiction.

Perception is that people are creating a sort of “hero” with Whitey Bulger, a terrible, legendary mobster able to terrorize South Boston so badly during he 70s and 80s.

Yes he has been a legendary mafioso, mobster for sure because of the terror he spread, because of the ferocity of his actions, because of the connections he had created. Mafia of course is this, a sort of web able to covering every single important aspect and place of the society so that not a single space is left alone and can be considerered free.That’s why it is so powerful.

Black Mass will be the first movie telling a true story based on a book, Black Mass Image and a reconstruction by two former Boston Globe reporters, Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill. The story between the Devil’s deal so the great connection and relationship it seems between Whitey, the F.B.I. and John Connolly.

Everyone are curious to seeing the various shooting as it happens always in these cases when a movie is filmed in a city. Old people remembering Whitey Bulger are saying: “Oh my God! He looks just like him” referred to Johnny’s transformation.

Other people are living the story with more relaxation. Without to forgetting the past, there is attention for what it will become this movie,

Johnny loves to wearing Whitey Bulger’s “mask” all the day so the dangerous gangster is on the mouth of everyone every second.

Anna Maria Polidori


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