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“I never loved anyone like I do her”

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on July 9, 2014

Whitey and his  perennial 16 years of honeymoon with Catherine Greig 




“I never loved anyone like I do her and offered my life if they would free her”.


These ones are some words a romantic Whitey Bulger wrote to a friend regarding his long-term companion Catherine Greig last year and reported in the Boston Globe and on the new book ” amazonWHITEY BULGER: America’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice written  by Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy, two former Boston Globe’s journalists and writers.


Whitey Bulger in fact recognizes to Catherine Greig a total devotion to him. She paid very highly her love to him. Eight years of prison for having helped to harboring a fugitive in fact and the F.B.I. used this powerful card and “key” as I call ms Greig,  for trying to capture once for all Whitey Bulger.


Catherine, although all the risks and perils of the situation decided to follow Whitey although she knew their movements and freedom would have been limited and maybe one day they would have been captured and put both in jail. Their one was a sort of real marital vow and for Catherine Greig/Carol Gasko a strong choice.


All the time I wrote pieces involving Whitey I have always asked to myself: “Possible he did all of it with this ferocity and never, never thought for once of changing his life from a criminal life to a normal one?” It was the biggest question to me.

I found the answer.


It happened.


Whitey Bulger considered of leaving the criminality after he was out of jail in 1965, told the colleagues in their book,  but when he met Catherine Greig, he couldn’t anymore. Let’s say that at a certain point and in particular when he met Catherine Greig, it was too late for all of it.

“I was in too deep, had done too much to even consider an honest way of life” he wrote to a friend.

Being part of a a criminal association it’s a joke but trying to escape from it pretty impossible. It’s very known.

Whitey run away from Boston in 1995 with Catherine Greig when it seems his friend John Connolly JOHN C 1talked to him about this cheerful opportunity.


The F.B.I. in fact intended to capture him and other three important members of his criminal association. An information without doubt true. So Whitey left for….good 16 years.


Whitey describes as reported in the book by Cullen and Murphy, his 16 years with Catherine Greig away from Boston as a perennial honeymoon and the happiest years of all of his life.


Whitey and Catherine

I don’t doubt it because he wasn’t anymore a criminal in the real sense of  the word and I guess he could be a different man.
Whitey Bulger per years terrorized South Boston with a lot of criminal acts whitey 4, and it couldn’t be different being the boss of the irish mafia whitey-white-suit



Being a fugitive meant to him not just maybe fighting another time for his personal freedom again against police men, a role he knew very well, but looking at the world at the end under another more peaceful perspective.


Whitey would have said later in a letter: “I became a real citizen, I became a different person”. Whitey added he had “Experienced emotions, feelings that I’d shut down for years” while he was away from all his messy and big criminal, dangerous life.

Whitey whitey would have added later: “Funny but the happiest years were the 16 years on the lam. Quiet life, no crime, like a 16 year honeymoon. Memories keep me sane.”




Anna Maria Polidori


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