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Teresa, Catherine and their love for Whitey

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on July 18, 2014

Portrait of a triangle


Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy, two former journalists and writers of the Boston Globe (they have followed Whitey’s criminal life per years)  on their latest book WHITEY BULGER: amazonAmerica’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice add a lot of very interesting details regarding Whitey’s domestic and public life.


It’s time of portraying this impressive triangle: Teresa, Catherine and Whitey the “bigamous” of the situation.


First of all let’s say that  Whitey was surrounded by a lot of molls. I took in consideration in the past, talking largely of her, ms Cyr.


Cyr is still saying to the world: “My Jimmy was a different man from the one they all say he is”. Undoubtedly one thing is true: Whitey has been one of the worsest criminal of this world but apparently he has been a very good partner  for all his women.

Since now I haven’t read any complaints in fact from his numerous companions.

It appears pretty weird that a man so hard and with such a curriculum of horrible crimes could be a good man at home.

Of course it is incredibly comforting to discover that the mafioso, the mobster once with a girl left outside the domestic walls of a private house the most horrible part of his character.

Whitey although never married has alwas researched a certain stability with the little or big harem he built up with the time. Girls located in various areas of the city.

It is not surprising that two women in particular in a crucial moment of his life have been very important: Teresa Stanley with teresa stanley With Stanley in the '80sand Catherine Greig Catherine .

These two ones in fact have been his main and most important relationships of all his life. The first one, Teresa has been his companion for 30 years. Relationship ended up in 1995 when Whitey left for good Boston. Catherine knew him and had a relationship with him from 20 years (in 1995) and followed him harboring one of the most wanted fugitive of the history of the Usa for other 16 years.

Catherine Greig is described by the Globe’s journalists as a weird Southie (South Boston) girl because she pretended much more than her schoolmates. She was an ambitious girl.

Colleagues reports on their book she wrote in the 1969 High Yearbook she had medical ambitious. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact the girl after the high school studied for two years at the Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists

She was very intelligent and chosen from a very good and prestigious periodontist and research scientist for working in his laboratory.

While work was going on well a very young Greig married a certain Bobby McGonagle and it was immediately a nightmare. In 1973 they split up obtaining the divorce in 1977.They split up because Bobby was found with Catherine’s twin. Oh well!

Catherine met Whitey firstly when she was 24. There was again a big age difference, 22 years (as seen also with Cyr).

It is still unclear if this girl didn’t know Whitey had killed two of her relatives, one for error,  and another because member of a rival gang.

Maybe she didn’t mind. Maybe she didn’t know who Whitey was, although it seems pretty impossible because she lived in South Boston and not in another area where maybe some news could be neglected.  She lived in s peaceless area because of Whitey’s gang and criminality.


And Whitey wasn’t exactly a little and sporadic criminal. If you look at the pictures the idea is of a very powerful and rich criminal man. Everyone had to know who realistically was: the boss of the local irish mob and not the poor man who maybe at time could steal something in a supermarket for feeding the family because unemployed.

What happened in the immediate was for Catherine a change in…altitude. Expensive clothes and fur coats, jewels,a different girl in a little while.

Friends understood this choice although it meant living a perilous and not anymore tranquil life.

“She wanted to be loved” said a Greig’s friend to Cullen and Murphy on their book.

It is certainly without discussion that what happened between her twin sister and Bobby, her husband, was absolutely horrible, deprecable. Being very young and cheated by the peoople she loved the most Catherine wanted to find someone else able to loving her back. And maybe she would have been able to give to him back some trust considering what happened before in her past sentimental experience. Pretty disastrous and not for her fault.

Maybe for this reasone she was searching for a sort of dad, able to giving to her the security she hadn’t found with a contemporary and a man maybe unable to cheating her again. Sure in this case the man was Whitey Bulger.


At the same time while Catherine was thinking to be the princess for her special “criminal prince”, there is to say that Whitey’s bed was more populated.


Another lady much more important than Greig in fact was in Whitey’s mind: her name Teresa Stanley.

Teresa had had four chidlren by a previous relationship when Whitey fell in love for her. To him it wasn’t an important detail that one and he grew up that children as if they would have been his own. This one is impressive. There are remarkable considerations of these grown-up children always saying that they’re grateful to Whitey for what he did for them. His generosity has been great with them and the children considered him like their dad although they didn’t call him dad but “Charlie”. The name later Whitey  would have chosen for his false identity.

Teresa Stanley moved with the four children thanks to Whitey from South Boston on Telegraph Hill in 1976.
Teresa obviously didn’t know anything of the existence of the other girl, Catherine Greig. Who knows if she had a pale idea of Cyr and the story of Douglas Glenn. I guess it’s strongly excluded ’til very recent times. News of Whitey’s paternity in fact has been revealed just in more recent years, in 2010.

Although Whitey’s bed was very populated with a lot of other girls, there is to say that the two with which Whitey had confidence remained Catherine and Teresa the second one totally unaware of the existence of the other girl.

With the time Whitey started to developing a routine like a bigamous husband.

He loved to spend every night the dinner time at Stanley house. I guess that he felt a great sense of normality with a lady with four children and maybe he felt more than in any other places the word: family, impossible to pronounce for a boss like him.

He didn’t stay for the night. He slept at Greig’s home.

In a way these two ladies meant to him all. He felt stability with Teresa and passion, freedom and trasgression with Catherine Greig.

Catherine has always lived constantly with the fear of losing Whitey and so maybe she bettered her face and body with a lot  of  plastic surgery operations. News breasts, facial lifting, liposuction, eyelid surgery.
Of course paid by Whitey, but I guess this was implied.

Catherine knew all about Teresa and of course she was jealous of her. So one night, on 1994, she called Teresa.
“We have to talk” it seems Catherine said to Teresa.

Teresa was still convinced she was the only Whitey’s important woman.

They had spent various trips in Europe. Whitey was always good with her and the children. Whitey for sure felt he had met a very important lady for his life. But he also thought the other relationship he was living with Catherine Greig was great for him.

Two different women, two different characters, two different life’s expectations and two different way of “living”  these relationships for Whitey.

In a way Whitey could change with each of them his “personal skin” to me.

With Teresa he could be a loving partner but a dad to,  being there when necessary with children and Teresa. A real family I am sure he adored.

With Catherine he could be younger, wilder, where possible and without to feeling responsabilities the hours he spent with her.

Three decades together, of course Teresa, maybe more ingenous than Catherine couldn’t believe possible he was surrounded by someone else as important as she was for Whitey.


The meeting at Catherine Greig’s home. The two women of course in tension talked in the living room.

Teresa discovered while Catherine was speaking that Catherine had a relationship with Whitey from more than 20 years.

Catherine specified she loved him and couldn’t believe of continuing to live an existence dividing his companion with Teresa.

Teresa must have looked at that lady as at a ghost.

How could have been possible?

She had spent 30 years with Whitey without understanding he had had close to him such another important love-story like this one was? Possible?

In the while someone who had seen the two women together had called Whitey and Whitey run at Catherine’s home as soon as possible for trying to save the situation.

He didn’t want to lose these two women. A choice would have been impossible to him.

At the same time Whitey knew his time was over in South Boston. He was in fact under pressure because he knew that a multi-count extortion indictment was ready for him and some people of his gang.

Whitey intimated to Teresa of leaving the house with him.

Teresa was very irritated for Whitey’s behavior and said: “No!” crying desperately and adding of course she felt the sensation of being a real fool, because Whitey was cheating her with this girl from 20 years! And not just from a day.

She didn’t notice anything. Whitey has been a real “bigamous” for a long time without to being married.

So Whitey according the recostruction of the colleagues of the Globe, tried to strungle Greig, leaving later her alone and at least accompanying Teresa home.

He also clarified as all the possible cheaters existing in this world do that the story with Catherine was over.

Of course Teresa didn’t believe at these words. She knew that this second relationship had to be too much serious for Whitey for being closed in a second.

At the same time after the horrible discussion at Catherine’s house the day Teresa attended the meeting with her, when Whitey was back at Catherine’s door days later, Catherine was just able to saying him. “Come on in”.

But this strange triangle knew an end soon.

On december 23 1994 in fact John Connolly it seemed stopped by at Whitey’s South Boston liquor store.

Indictment was ready for some of these mafiosi. Air was changing. It was better to leave Boston.

Whitey was busy with the latest Christmas’s presents with Teresa when he stopped by at the liquor store and talked with his man. The two wouldn’t never bought other gifts, but after what reported to Whitey by his man, Whitey decided of leaving Boston.

A romantic Christmas’ Eve in New York, and New Year’s Eve in New Orleans.

Once in Florida Whitey would have picked up cash and some phony identification he had stashed in a safe deposit box years earlier.

This joke cost something like 6 months to Whitey’s brother John, years later, another judge, incriminated because  he had helped his brother and acted so against justice, the motivation of the sentence.

And Whitey there is to say left a lot of traces behind him putting in difficulty the brother, who of course paid for the “gesture of helping a brother”, as John Bulger’s brother’s defense tried to put all the story.

Whitey didn’t want to abandon Boston. It was the last of his thoughts.

Maybe the story of the indictment wasn’t real. Who knows? But when Whitey and Teresa where driving home and they were still in Connecticut the news of Rifleman (Flemmi) arrested convinced Whitey to turning the car around.

Teresa started to be worried of this situation. She had left home four children. What kind of justification could offer to them?
Did she realistically feel the desire of following this so much loved man in this new adventure leaving his children alone? And if they would have been away forever? She would have lost all their education, every possible joy a mom can feels.

She said to Whitey one day she couldn’t do that. She didn’t want to live as they were living.

Whitey dropped her off in the car park of a Chili’s at a mile of distance from her daughter’s house.

The end of this relationship? Well, not romantic at all. After 30 years of life together, Whitey said her: “See ya” and Teresa replied: “See ya”. Depressing for sure.

Teresa died in 2012 and Whitey hasn’t never met her anymore.

Whitey didn’t cry at all at long because he had lost a companion. He had as all the boss of this world have, a real good plan “B”: Catherine Greig. If Teresa wouldn’t be available he would have chosen her for this new existential adventure.

Catherine was simply thrilled of being chosen.

In this case the meeting was very romantic and Kevin Weeks would have remembered later: “It was like something out of Casablanca”.


Johnny Depp

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is playing the role of


Whitey Bulger



Real Whitey on the rightThanks to Lory Depp Girl for the picture/collage

10547671_297200410453609_4781995239279213270_n 10298995_715174731858231_6863301499632720590_n 10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n 10494638_299416326898684_7829995691654753705_n

in Black Mass.


This one is the first historical reconstruction of the criminal history of the most wanted, researched irish mobster of all the US history: Whitey Bulger. His criminal history is legendary, and I admit incredibly interesting for a reporter. And cinema as well.

The movie is based on the book written by the two Boston Globe‘s former journalists, Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill: Black Mass Black Mass Book Cover Whitey Bulger, the F.B.I. and a devil’s deal”.





Anna Maria Polidori


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