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Catherine and Whitey: their 16 years of a normal and happy life together

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on July 21, 2014

Santa Monica and the new dimension discovered by Whitey and Catherine




It is seriously stunning the book written by Kevin Cullen with Shelley Murphy two Boston Globe’s journalists

WHITEY BULGERamazon: America’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice

because it is able to offer to the reader another perspective of Whitey Bulger.

A book able to read between the lines of new Whitey’s life with Catherine Greig after he left Boston in 1995. A different Whitey Bulger, this one distant from Boston and from his gang and his numerous crimes.

A person who lived peacefully, without committing any crime for 16 years. And I guess without any regret for having been a good man after a very heavy criminal life.

So let’s be back to this story following what the colleagues of the Globe reported on their book.

Whitey and Catherine spent after their romantic first meeting, more than two years in various American States. Louisiana, Texas, Wyoming, Arizona and so on. Cars and trains the favorite modality for traveling without to be too much recognized.

What Whitey desired was a place where people wouldn’t have noticed them. Some place highly populated, because maybe there were a lot of tourists from various places from all the USA and so they would have been able of camouflaging themselves much better than not finding a house in a State without too much tourism and where people would have asked to themselves maybe: “But who knows if that two are hiding something…That faces are remembering me someone I have seen somewhere else”.


Santa Monica had the profile Whitey was searching for. It is an international city, there are a lot of very rich people, a lot of stars and a niche of tourists plenty of money from many countries in the world. It’s a sunny city, with ocean, beautiful weather all the years. The Eastern eccent of the couple, the Bostonian one wouldn’t have been noticed at all and they would have lived free to do what they wanted to do. Always paying of course some attention.

We all know the fixation of Whitey for the name Charlie but how they obtained the documents? Murphy and Cullen reports this particular too.

Thanks to a homeless called, bingo! Charlie Gaska, the new document. What a joy for Whitey, because Charlie has always been his favorite nickname with which he loved to being called by Teresa Stanley’s children.

They were at Palisades Park when they firstly met the homeless.

The two convinced him of let them use the social security number. Necessary for a rent. The operation went well and Whitey became in a few days Charlie Gasko followed by Carol Gasko always introduced as his wife and they were both in grade of renting an apartment at the Princess Eugenia complex. Two bedroom, two bath, 837 dollars per month.

No need for a reserved parking space the two needed just a storage locker.

It will be important this storage locker at the end of Charlie Gasko’s story, but we will see all later.

Whitey was and still is an avid reader, so during the years he spent to Santa Monica he bought and read several hundreds books.
Chosen topics? Typical ones of most men and if he wouldn’t have been a mafioso I would have classified him as the common man interested in typical men’s topics: crime, war, history, military story. Some of these books involved organized crime. He also read: Escape from Alcatraz, a movie too with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage (Whitey personally knew during his long criminal career the prison of Alcatraz as well), Master of Disguise, American mafia. A book to him very inspirational during the years: Secrets of a Back-Alley ID Man. It offered a lot of advices for creating new identities.Whitey with the time created a lot of business cards to Catherine Greig using this book as inspiration and using various false names.

Plus F.B.I. agents found many books involving Hitler and second World War.
Whitey is in fact a passionate readers of facts involving that dictator.

The couple told to the neighbors that they were from Chicago.
No one asked questions, and although there were people from Boston living in Santa Monica no one seemed to recognize in this man in his 60s with mustache and beard whitey-bulgerB.JPG__1308856943_4622 whitey the notorious gangster of their city: Whitey Bulger whitey 4. It was as if Whitey would have been “deleted” forever from the mind of people and from the same Whitey’s mind.

Whitey of course didn’t never go out without wearing sunglasses and a large hatwhitey-bulgerB.JPG__1308856943_4622 . He wasn’t a star, trying to avoid fans’ attention, but someone, seriously someone incredibly wanted for other reasons and not for an autograph. He needed to pay a lot of attention to it. The fact that maybe that particular style is common in Santa Monica for not being constantly recognized  I guessed helped him as well for not being noticed too much for this eccentricity as it would have happened in other places.


His companion in the mid 40’s loved to go out always with make-up.
They both loved to wear very clear induments when they went out. Carol/Catherine always wore white dresses.


Whitey continued to cultivate a passion for weapons. Whitey during the years spent here and there with Catherine bought somethinglike 30 weapons. He always said to a friend: “It’s recommended to have a hobby after one retires”. He hided them in some holes in the apartment.

They had also a large amount of cash money although they lived very frugally.

They didn’t sleep together, Whitey and Catherine. Catherine slept in the guest bedroom.

The couple loved to buying through catalogs. Let’s see what they bought. In the Vermont Country Store catalog she bought flannel nightgowns and New England jellies.
She bought through a mail catalogue of a Kentucky company castile shop and ordered from Road Runner Sports $103 New Balance sneakers.
Catherine loved the 99 cents store.

The couple joined the AARP for receiving senior discounts.
She also loved to shopping at the farmer’s market.


It happened a day in the distant 2000 in Fountain Valley.


F.B.I. was searching for the couple that it was previously seen it seems to London and other places in the past. Someone, the owner of a hair salon recognized thanks to the segnaletic pictures the agents brought also to her hair salon Catherine Greig. The lady paid 16 dollars cash for the treatment was Catherine Greig for sure, assured the lady remembering that the husband of this lady preferred to stay into the car.


Other precautions were taken and ms Greig decided of stop to coloring her hair. In fact once captured her hair were mainly white.

Their life was changed. No need to be back to the past. Their posters and their faces changed.


The wall of diffidence Whitey had built up during the years with his neighbors slowly slowly fell and he became a very good neighbor for everyone. He needed to talk with someone and make new friendship.
The couple searched for younger people with which sharing their interests and passions.

Whitey started to place the free press newsmagazine at the doorsteps of his friends, telling to them of reading the police blotter.

He helped a single young woman with some good self-defence advice.

There is the anedoct of Whitey and Catherine knocking at her door. The young girl opened without exitation the door and Whitey said her: “Look, this one is a great method for let enter also unwanted or dangerous people. You must protect yourself”.

It’s an unrecognizable Whitey this one and maybe was also correct what said a police man in pension regarding to the difficulties experienced for capturing Whitey: “It was difficult to capture Whitey because Whitey was not anymore a gangster” and didn’t act anymore as a gangster, that was true.

Some women told that the couple could appear at time “cold” but of course Whitey was much more old than Catherine and the past enthusiasm for flirting over.

Of course he had his own thoughts. Sure he was living in a wonderful place and peacefully but he knew that in another moment of his existence he was Whitey Bulger, and Whitey wasn’t a man you could be proud of.
For too many reasons and because Whitey in his life had seen more negativity than positivity for a very personal choice and not because constricted by the events, of course he couldn’t be a sunny man.

Catherine couldn’t be a sunny woman either. That one of living close to Whitey has been her most dangerous dream because once captured if captured, it would have meant to going to jail for several years because she had helped to harbor a very big criminal man.

For love.

A lady would have later said: “She was young and she looked very pretty. He was old and grizzled. I kept thinking to myself, ‘What are they doing together?”Whitey and Catherine

Catherine had strongly fighted for spending some more time of her existence with Whitey and feeling a great frustration for being maybe a second choice. Teresa for many years, 30 years, has been in fact the most important Whitey’s woman. That woman had had children as well, something like four and Whitey had grown up them without hesitation and largely as if they would have been his own children.


A family Catherine couldn’t give him because they were hiding themselves and because Whitey as also said to Cyr didn’t want other children.




whitey and teresa

Whitey and Teresa

Of all these ones for sure Catherine has been the most sacrified one to me, because Teresa has lived her story without too many thoughts close to Whitey  with teresa stanley whitey and teresa sense of humor whitey and teresa with some parrots whitey and teresa 2


It hasn’t been the case of Catherine. She followed her big love in the hardest period of his life. With a great devotion.

Life for the rest was going on well.

It was wonderfully good ’til may 1 2011 when a very happy, cheerful President Barack Obama announced to the Usa and the entire world Osaba bin Laden was captured and killed.




Great feast in the entire territory of the Usa, a funeral at Whitey’s house in Santa Monica.


To Whitey it meant in fact the beginning of the end. He perfectly knew of being, after Osama bin Laden the most wanted and researched man on the Top Ten List of the F.B.I. He was now the Number One.

He perfectly knew that from now on his existence would have been much much more difficult.

Two millions of dollars as a reward for signaling his presence in Santa Monica too much attractive for someone for not talking. whitey 3  anna _

Whitey knew that and he wasn’t illuded.

He became a recluse and he became an extra thought and a great worry for Catherine this change of character of her partner.


Maybe Charlie/Whitey had imagined another end. Living these final years of his existence appreciated and loved from neighbors and his new friends.

It started to be very important to him. In fact once re-put in jail he wrote to every neighbors he had met and interacted with for telling to them that he wasn’t the monster everyone now was saying he was.
And then: what people could have thought of him? Some of them would have told the truth if they would have recognize him? Some of them know who he really was and anyway they accepted him for his new identity? I think that maybe these thoughts could have been constantly on his mind.
He fell in a horrible mental state.

No more visits at the neighbors’ houses for the free press newsmagazine, no more visit at the house of the young woman for trying to see if she was learning to being more cautious with dangerous people. No more chat with the owner of the complex where he lived. Nothing. Every human contact was cut out.


Catherine started to invent a lot of illnesses. Charlie? Some hospitalization, a difficult prostate condition prostrated him a lot, a new enphisema, some Alzheimer as well and the desire of Charlie of staying alone because depressed.

Plus the couple added a handrwritten piece of paper on the door where they asked of not being disturbed and not knocking.


In a way if in the past neighbors could have doubted of the real identity of the couple Gasko maybe with this behavior attention was much more vivid and maybe neighbors  if some of them suspected something could be sure of who realistically the couple was. But no one talked.  People were always more worried for Charlie’s poor conditions and they were missing him a lot.


In the while spring 2011 the strategy of the F.B.I. for arriving to capture Whitey changed-This time the winning strategy’s had a name and last name: Catherine Greig.  Identikit and pics Catherine Most wanted  greig.r  whitey and catherine 2 The agents knew that maybe using this very powerful “key” they would have been able to open the door of new Whitey’s house and existence.

And it happened. Whitey was captured because of a…cat and a friendship with a Miss Iceland 1974 anna 2 miss iceland 2 Anna Bjornsdottir.


Big passion Catherine loved to sharing with this miss, miss iceland 2 Anna, for feeding abandoned cats.

Once back in Reykjavik the capital of Iceland, watching the CNN, for Anna the shocking discovery.

Anna didn’t hesitate for a second. She called the F.B.I. office located in Los Angeles leaving a message on an answering machine.
“They were my neighbors.They live in Santa Monica” she could have said.


Biopic and still unnamed movie I will call Black Mass starring Johnny Depp


gjh  sss rttrwowmnmnbJohnny_vcbannie Ldgfggfgfhghhgfhgfjjhjhsddasds

as Whitey Bulger


10298995_715174731858231_6863301499632720590_n 10305170_715174711858233_8488680009552227727_n 10330519_715174898524881_8099084409602884287_n 10336653_715324708509900_8724923062343899876_n 10547671_297200410453609_4781995239279213270_n 10492218_297200510453599_5041930842082269221_n-crop

is reconstructing the criminal adventure lived by Whitey Bulger.  They’re shooting this summer in Boston and the movie is inspired by the nonfictional book written by Dick Lehr and Gerald O’Neill Black Mass Black Mass Book Cover Whitey Bulger the FBI and a devil’s deal.


Anna Maria Polidori


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