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Johnny, Robin and that movie never realized

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on August 21, 2014

Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, and that movie never realized



Captain, my captain, but what happened? What happened?

What a shock Robin Williams’ departure. In my bedroom there is a picture of Robin close to Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump and the citation: “Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’ll get“.

It’s always true.




It was breakfast time when they launched the news of Robin’s departure and my heart started to live one of his moments, and I started to crying: “No, Robin no, please…”




What a man, what an actor. A big part of my childhood and teen-ager age was absorbed by his tv serie and movies. Robin, you let cry not just the adult Anna Maria one, but the kid who watched you on TV in Mork&Mindy, and the teen-ager one as well.

Because no one else is more rich of poetry and tenderness as you were.






I found peace immediately after thinking that after all maybe Robin has always searched for a suicidal escapism from life.

Maybe avatar_c2da2309c0c0_128


In his movies in fact he largely talked of suicide: in Dead Poets Society, but also in many other movies as well. I always remember I had to ask to my friends when we watched some of these movies involving suicides, when the scene was over, because I couldn’t watch it. They have been always structured for being very intense and moving moments. To me the most difficult part.

He didn’t have any fear in portraying in fact on the big screen the biggest, intimate desperation of a human being. The final act of a man or a woman because desperate, because apparently, only apparently, there wasn’t another solution, suicide apart. It was like a penetration in the personal desperation of the man/boy/woman would have killed himself or herself for trying to guess the feelings, the sentiments would have brought them to this final, dramatic decision. A great work of research not just of a character, but of the intimate feelings of that person. Of the intimate reason of a despearation like that one.  A great, always profound, psychologic work.

In Mork&Mindy Mork & Mindy  tumblr_mzvhv6yG9J1s7ctn4o1_400 disappeared and I still remember the trauma and desperation because Mork was gone. I was just a kid and I refused, still refusing the idea of dying.




Robin was a real genius, funny,ROBIN WILLIAMS  incredibly, good. You knew he was a very good man when you watched one of his numerous and funny or intense movies. Good morning Vietnam with an intense and funny Adrian Cronauer, The adventures of Baron Munchausen, Dead Poets Society, Mrs.Doubtfire (God, what a masterpiece!), Nine Month (in the role of a very funny gynecologist!), What dreams come true, Jumanji Williams_Robin_04_1984_4437_0019.jpg seen and re-seen. I had asked to my aunt of presenting me that VHS for Christmas. What a wonderful fantasy.

Robin worked in a moment in which the world was still rich of possibilities and there weren’t the complexities there are in this moment.


He has left a great imprint in our soul of teenagerm in a very positive way, because Robin Williams was always a very positive, wonderful man and soul, able to give, able to be expansive, able to be funny and unique, able to entertain and let us smile or being able to let us see also the most profound and intense aspects of life.


Maybe he was someone with a lot of internal conflicts and demons. Most of comedians are incredibly sad once they are back to the normality and they leave the stage alone after their performance. I guess it’s normal because it’s another dimensiom.




Robin wasn’t just a comedian. Once he started to work he had built a very solid and great, rpestigious personal background. He studied a lot, attended many schools and he was able to attend the most prestigious institution of the Usa in term of acting and music and arts in general as well: the Julliard of New York City. It is the most important wonderful reality and  the most prestigious school for someone who wants to start to work as an actor or a musician or a dancer one for the very high level of preparation students obtain.


Johnny Depp

20027_img_big 43951_1 brownstripe003 bluecollar003 brownsuit002 brownsuit014 Johnny_Depp020 Johnny%20for%20CHC johnny_deppvvvv

had to work with Robin in a project by Terry Gilliam Terry-Gilliam.


Gilliam had previously worked with both of them and he wanted to be back in 2004-2005 with a project based on a book written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman called Good Omens. It’s a funny book and Johnny Depp would have been a demon, Crowley, and Robin Williams an angel, Aziraphale.

As  it happens sometimes with Terry Gilliam’s project, they didn’t find all the money and the project, unfortunately has never been realized. Pity because it would have been a great movie.

Another news on february 3 2014 was launched saying that Gilliam is not yet giving up to the idea of an adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s book. Script is still there added Gilliam saying also: “I think it’s in the hands of receivers, because the people we did it for went bankrupt. I did talk to Terry Pratchett’s people and to Neil about getting it going again.”

If you have read some Pratchett’s books, you will know how absolutely good but aarticulated they can be.
Gilliam explained that firstly with the script they had to condense the story in a 150 minutes screenplay. Gilliam would hope in a biggest project for the TV, where they won’t condense the book but they would treat every part of it.




Anna Maria Polidori


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