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Australia won Pirats 5 Dead Men tell no Tales

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on September 30, 2014

DISNEY production of Pirates 5 in the land of the Kangaroos



The Gold Coast is electrified; Pirates 5 will see the light in the beautiful and sunny island.
The Daily Mail Australia reported the news just yesterday.


Jack Sparrow     Jack on the road  (Johnny Depp)  10550928_556103514513178_2653654249422789778_n  will be back soon and shootings will start in mid-february 2015.  At the same time production has started at Village Roadshow Studios that, now it is possible to say it with certainty, should slowly slowly become a big jungle.

All places where A-LISTS actors will film will be  places at high touristic impact  so the impact should be immense for the tourism. Queensland is absolutely the best locality for someone with the desire of spending some time in Australia for the beauty of the water and the landscape.

It is a moment of relief for everyone and in particular for the two parts involved, Walt Disney and Australian government one because it wasn’t said at all that the agreement reached by Disney and Australian government would be considered  sufficiently good for the producers and men of Disney studio.


Evidently counts at the end returned and they decided of shooting Pirates in Australia a land they had previously chosen for another productions like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea remake with Brad Pitt. A production still in stand-by. The director left alone this production so no one know the destiny of it and Australia has been in grade to repurpose the incentive offered previously to 20,000 Leagues, skipping directly 20.000 league under the sea, and focusing their attention on Pirates.

Disney agreed. We talk of something like 20 millions of dollars and more.


While Disney officially announced this happy and cheerful news, the Australian Minister or the Arts George Brandis hasn’t yet revealed his sensations for the joyous news for his land.

Disney was also in discussions with South Africans and Mexicans. In the second case the location chosen would have been Baja California, the same location where Titanic has been filmed in.

Geoffrey Rush will be thrilled that the filming this time will be in his homeland. Captain Barbossa is australian in fact. Geoffrey Rush is starring like Barbossa from the first Pirates, The curse of the Black Pearl and he has never abandoned his green apples 🙂

Keith Richards involved again as Jack Sparrow’s dad10402003_321351321359389_2551391256077019105_n , while some rumors spread through the net says that this movie will be maybe the longest one of all the other Pirates movies.

In the production again, although they’re still in a phase of negotiations, Orlando Bloom in the role of Will Turner the blacksmith, with some pirate’s life in his blood because his dad was a pirate. Will is now the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Withouth heart in the real sense of the word, he is  cursed to sailing forever the seas of this Old World without to touching any land if not just once every ten years. potc2522 potc2541 potc2542(Some pictures of the L.A. premiere of Pirates 2)

In Australia the production office of Pirates is already set up.

Casting directors are searching for Australian actors to join actor Johnny Depp and the rest of the cast.

“The production office has been set up, work is beginning on the sound stages and we’re aiming to shoot in early 2015” said an anonymous source to the Daily Mail Australia.

Village Roadshow Studios has been theater of The Chronicles of Narnia and it was one of the favorite locations chosen by the producers of Disney for the fourth Pirates On Stranger Tides but at that time the production moved somewhere else.

Flagged a lot of localities in South East Queensland like Southport Seaway and Cleveland Point and many others for various and diversified places involved in the productions.

Pirates 5 will be on screen in 2017.

Pirates are back but this time Australia can be cheerful and happy because they will bring just a lot of publicity, notoriety and money to their land without….stealing anything!




Anna Maria Polidori


A picture of Johnny Depp with the band The Kids in the ’80s

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Johnny Depp in a picture with the band The Kids



In an interview I realized with Depp eight years ago he said me: “I had a group before the Kids, forgotten the name now, and we used to play at clubs. They had to smuggle me in the back way as I was underage had
great fun with all my bands still do when I get the chance to perform and I
discovered my passion for performing musically when I was 12. I am a self
taught musician.
I never actually wanted to be an actor. My main passion is to be a musician
but we weren’t getting the gigs and no money coming in so I turned to acting
for a while as I thought I would get back to performing with a band again”.



Anna Maria Polidori

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A picture of Lily-Rose Melody Depp and Jack Depp

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Jason Trusnick: what a joy to meet captain Sparrow

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Jason Trusnick and my hero captain Sparrow


It was a great emotion for Jason Trusnick, born in 1984 American football linebacker and special teamer for the Miami Dolphins  aa abc of the National Football League to meeting Johnny Depp while the actor is spending some time in London for filming the Disney sequel of Alice in Wonderland: Through the looking glass.

In a tweet posted by Jason about 23 hours ago the picture he took with captain Jack Sparrow as he called Depp adding: It was great meeting #captainjacksparrow himself yesterday! #JohnnyDepp






Anna Maria Polidori


Kevin Smith in a tornado-interview reveals the secret of casting one of the most important actors of Hollywood: Johnny Depp

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“I tried with a text and Johnny Depp answered me back with a….yes”



Kevin Smith Kevin Smith 2     must be for sure a very funny man. Very talkative and chatting, in an interview with a journalist of SPINOFF he largely talked about his latest production, Tusk and the involvement in this low-budget production of Johnny Depp.

Friends from a life, their existences? Two different universes according to Kevin Smith.

Johnny Depp’s life projected in the Olymp of big and blockbusters movies from ten years at this part with all the asperities and joys that this condition bring with itself, Kevin Smith working with more tranquility on indie movies without spending too much but at the same time having a lot of fun.

The two have in common a long friendship. They met each other the first time when Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradise stayed most of their time to Los Angeles. Lily-Rose Melody Depp went to school with Kevin Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn.

A great friendship. Without any idea that one day maybe it would have meant work as well.

Tusk is a horror movie and the reviews,  very positive ones because of the originality of the thematics treated by Smith.

A work this one of Tusk born thanks to a podcast and realized, writing the script, once other people started to appreciate his story.

The movie told Kevin Smith was born firstly as a story after that he had read an article appeared online. Smith loves Canada so he thought that it would have been amazingly beauty to set up the story in that location.

Kevin Smith talking of the actors he loves so badly said to SPINOFF: ” The actors I love from now until the day I die? I’ll put them in anything, and I will always give them work because they were brave enough to say: yeah, it’s a very good and weird script.”

Talking of his career and the human changes  of becoming adults, Smith confessed to SPINOFF: “I ran out of personal shit to say. I stripped my personal life for the early movies, so I don’t have anything new. You’ve got like 20 years of experience in knowing how to doing the job. Maybe not well, but well enough to mount an entire production, but you don’t have the same anima that you used to have that made you go in the beginning“.

The new Smith wants to be a story-teller because he said: “I’ve got the ability to tell a story“. Conclusion: “Let me try to tell made-up story, the same kind I loved when I was a kid.” Horror ones the best to the director.

The journalist later wanted to discover much more about the involvement in these productions of Johnny Depp 003 40655894_l in the character of Guy Lapointe1781868_329887263851590_4311188045477345044_n  10653325_329887290518254_3996203004317432376_n  1606987_330300880476895_5860477699411973563_n   .

Kevin Smith has remarkable words for Johnny Depp considered by the director: “A lovely human being” In common the friendship of their daughters.

Smith describes what happened when he interacted with Johnny Depp: “We talked about movies, but we never went like we should work together because he works in a way different stratosphere“.

A stratosphere evidently not too much distant from the one of Kevin Smith.
In fact one day when the character of Guy Lapointe was written the director thought: “Depp would fall in love for this character. He would crush the fake Montreal, Quebec accent. All this would be amazing.”

Kevin Smith texted to Johnny Depp thinking, added Smith “Dude – hi. You know, I never wanted to be this guy, but I’m going to be this guy, man.

Smith revealed the text: “I’m making a movie, and boy, there’s a part you’d be great at. Before you turn your phone of, here’s the blog that I wrote about it ”. Depp answered back: “I love it“.

Thirty pages of dialogues for two days of work in California with Johnny Depp while the rest of movie was filmed in North Carolina.

He’s a great performer. We blew through like 30 pages of dialogue in two days. Now, he’s sitting in one place, so you’re not doing a lot of camera movement and stuff, but my Lord, it was fun” revealed Kevin Smith talking of the two work days with Johnny Depp.

Talking of Johnny he add: “He’s a genius. He does it all. Johnny Depp gave us the same performance he’d give when he is paid $20 million bucks. A $100 million performance in an under-budget movie He came to play, and he had such a good time“.

Kevin Smith remembers like a dream the instant before his text message reached Johnny Depp. And his personal thoughts.

They’re funny considerations. Smith thought: “Don’t be that guy. Everyone does this to him.

Later he thought: “You know what, man? He’ll say no. If he wants to say no, he’s such a class act, he’ll say no in a way that makes you think, he could have done it, but he just can’t because of his schedule. You’ll be able to see him again in public. It won’t be weird like that. I’m sure he gets asked all the time.

Johnny Depp called back him immediately saying: “I’ve always wanted to do a French Canadian accent – I have an internal dimmer, and I can dial it up or as low as you want!



Anna Maria Polidori


Johnny Depp, United Kingdom, 1995

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Johnny Depp enjoying a meal with some friends in UK in 1995.



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Johnny Depp – 2004 Actors Fund of America Annual Gala

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Johnny Depp received a prize from the hands of Whoopy Goldberg Octorber 30 2004 during the annual gala of Actors Fund of America.

The gala at the Waldorf Astoria.


Some pictures

Johnny 12 johnny 20 johnny 30 2004 Actors Fund of America Annual Gala 10403584_326300444210272_1610007456381928970_n

Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

INDIAN 101 coming soon

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Life of LaDonna Harris under the lenses of a documentary



INDIAN 101 tells the story and life of the most influential and powerful native American of all the story of the USA: LaDonna LaDonna Harris Harris.

LaDonna Harris is a very important and influential political lady before to be a member of the Comanche tribe one of the most known Native American Tribes located in the USA.


A new documentary involving the life and expectations of LaDonna Vita Tabbytite  Harris  has been produced by Johnny Depp and it will be launched this november first in the Usa.


Comanche producer and director is Julianna Brannum.

The documentary wants to focus on LaDonna’s  political choices, and why mainly she started a political career. Firstly, of course, for giving voice to Native Americans. A voice still missing.
LaDonna talked with the Nixon administration for returning to the Native Americans of New Mexico, the Taos Pueblo, their sacred lands.

She founded the association Americans for Indian Opportunity in 1970.

She was born in a farm in Oklahoma during the Great Depression.

Married with Fred Harris, a U.S. senator, LaDonna was chosen by Lyndon Johnson for educating both the exacutive and legislative branches of the U.S. government regarding the thematics of Native Americans. For this reason and that’s why this one is the title of this documentary, LaDonna created an educational course called: “Indian 101“. This program taught a lot about Native Americans to members of Congress and other local federal agencies for over than 35 years.

LaDonna has created now an aducational program for training others new Native Americans regarding the thematics they should fight for.


Vision Maker Media realized this documentari. They arespecialized in sharing Native American stories. These documentaries and stories represent, culture, traditions and customs of the various American tribes focusing in particular in the tribes located in Alaska.


Founded in 1977, this one is a no-profit organization. Founds arrive from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and other people, associations and privates as well.

Who wants to discover something more about Native American culture can with great tranquility choose some of the products of Vision Maker Media without to remain deluded.

Vision Maker Video wants to promote the education of new people interested in a career in the media creating at the same time new storytellers. We know in fact how profound and fertile is the culture of the American Indians and how wonderful all their legends are.




Anna Maria Polidori



Caricature of actor Johnny Depp as the infamous mobster Whitey Bulger

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Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger



I am missing Whitey Bulger’s story and Boston so badly, I admit it. When the filming ended up to me it meant living a period of mourning and depression for sure, because Bulger means electricity and adrenaline at a pure state and a continous research of informations. It’s never boring time.


Lory, my Johnny Depp’s contact signaled to me that Depp has been caricatured as Whitey Bulger by a certain Henry.

10552470_329783803861936_5441799375847649662_n Henry can be contacted or followed on Twitter here: Henry! @Reelhenry


Let’s remember Johnny Depp starred in the role of Whitey Bulger whitey 4 10433842_294206544086329_1853548928510790858_n 10547671_297200410453609_4781995239279213270_n in the biopic movie still without name Black Mass directed by Scott Cooper and based on the nonfictional book written by the two former Boston Globe’s journalists and writers Dick Lehr and Gerry O’Neill called Black Mass: Black Mass Book CoverWhitey Bulger, the F.B.I. and a devil’s deal.



Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny Depp as Guy Lapointe

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Pictures of the character portrayed by actor Johnny Depp on the set of Tusk



Guy Lapointe 1781868_329887263851590_4311188045477345044_n .

The character portrayed by actor Johnny Depp on the set of Tusk and later in the movie Yoga Hosers starring actress Lily-Rose Melody Depp, his daughter, is this one 10653325_329887290518254_3996203004317432376_n


In the second episode of the saga Yoga Hosers written and directed by Kevin Smith,  a trilogy started with Tusk, Guy Lapointe will help the two teen-agers Colleen Colette,- Lily-Rose Depp – and Colleen McKenzie, – Harley Quinn to defeat a horrible ancient evil creature appeared in their horizon.

Guy Lapointe lives in Montreal and he has a curious dialect, french and english mixed together.





Anna Maria Polidori

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