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Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on September 1, 2014

Stopping by to Leek, UK, Johnny visited other wonderful corners and shops of the city,  Foxlowe Arts Centre  and market included . Fans, curious, common people and their personal hunt for…Johnny Depp




Ask Johnny johnny_deppddd .

He is better than a touristic guide (well he was once the Tourist to Venice) and the  best tourist wherever he goes in the world.

So…If you want to go somewhere in a city around the world and you don’t know which are the best places to stopping by for a lunch, a robust breakfast, a pizza or for buying some precious, rare, used, new books, ask to Johnny. He knows the perfect place everywhere in the world. He knows the answer.


Back to England for filming Alice in Wonderland: through the Looking Glass, a Walt Disney Studio production Johnny stopped by, reported The Sentinel, at the Foxlowe Arts Centre of Leek.

The news Johnny stopped by in Leek first of all run with at velocity of light.


In a few minutes his  adoring and lucky Leek’s fans discovered the name of the hotel where he had planned to passing by the night.


So all of them and tons of common other people waited per hours outside the hotel where he was staying for obtaining a hi! from Johnny and if sufficiently lucky maybe an autograph from him. Back home they would have told to the rest of family: “I have seen Johnny Depp!”.


No one knew Johnny’s plan, and so maybe fans didn’t know he wanted to stop by at the Foxlowe Arts Centre as well


The Foxlowe Arts Centre is a pretty new place. It opened in Leek as Leek’s Art Centre Arts in December 2011. In a very short time this place became one of the first attractions and places to go when in visit in Leek for tourists. A precious place for sure it serves seven days per week fro 10am to 4pm hot and cold drinks and meals.
It was created a cinema with many interesting appointments for all the seasons. At the moment the Leek’s Art Centre is planning fall and winter’s movies.

But what Johnny ate and drunk?
It seems that Johnny has drunk a cup of coffee and ate a slice of cake chocolate or Victorian cake. It is still unclear the type of slice of cake ate by Johnny and it hasn’t been still revealed.

Ian Wilson manager of the structure, 52, from Leek, anyway was in a way “constricted” to talk with the press adding that yes it was all true, Johnny stopped by at the Foxlowe Arts Centre. He said to the Sentinel and other newsmagazines: “He came in for a coffee and a slice of cake. It was all round the town and over social media. My telephone was red hot. I had to turn it off after a while“. Wilson added “Johnny was here on Saturday with his agent and a couple of others. There was no fuss, no grand-standing or anything like that. Everyone behaved pretty normally around him.”

The chair where he sat in foxlowe-cafe2-700-slider became a sort of monument and reason of cult for the rest of customers.


The most acclaimed and wanted one, at the end the arts center management it seemed removed it for a while. It appeared to be such a pretty weird  news. Maybe clients would have been more numerous just for seeing the chair where Johnny sat in and in the while they would have drunk a coffee while they were  maybe chosing that same one for staying in for a while. But the news of the remotion, for the moment,  of the chair, has been confirmed by the same Ian Wilson.

Since Johnny Depp’s visit I’ve been getting a lot of extra business. People are coming in asking for Johnny Depp’s chair. We’ve had so much demand, we’ve had to put it away, although the table he used is still here.

Thank Lord. Glad to know that. I started to be worried…

But Johnny stopped by in the market as well. Some people said.

Wilson confirmed to the Sentinel: “Yes maybe Johnny was at the market. The flea market was on and it is pretty busy.” Not too many people pay too much attention excited as they’re for buying and exchanging two words with other friends so mainly Wilson added: “I think some people saw him and didn’t realize who he was“.

The Sentinel asked for other details about Johnny’s arrival. Mr. Wilson told to the reporters this particulars with pleasure. Very sadly mr Wilson wasn’t in the centre at Johnny’s arrival, he specified.
I missed him by about half-an-hour, he was served by our Saturday staff.

But what it is amazing it was this sort of hunting for the actor.

Local newsmagazine interviewed a lot of people. The Sentinel reached a boy called James manager at the Silken Strand Hotel  silkenin St Edward Street in Leek and he confirmed: “He was supposed to be staying here, that was the rumour“. And talking of fans James added: “We had lots of young girls turning up. On Saturday night there was a crowd of about 20 to 30 people outside until the early hours. We told them that he wasn’t staying at the hotel, but they didn’t believe us, they thought that was what we had been told to say“.
Nicola Clerk 35 is the manager of the Quiet Woman Pub and told to the Sentinel this: “We have had a lot of customers and pretty much everyone has been asking about Johnny Depp. I went to the Post Office on Sunday and it was the first thing that came up in conversation.

Little places live the same excitement in every corner of the world at the arrival of someone famous.

Other people are absolutely convinced that “Johnny Depp would have enjoyed all the wonderful independent shops in the town. Our place is different from a lot of other places“.

Johnny is back in Uk for filming  for Disney  in the role of the Mad Hatter in the second episode of Alice in Wonderland: through the Looking Glass. The movie is based on the second book written by Lewis Carroll, about Alice’s adventures. With Johnny Depp in the movie confirmed Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen, Anne Hathaway.





Anna Maria Polidori


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