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Jack the Ripper doesn’t want to be….discovered!

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on September 11, 2014

Some remarkable newsmagazines and estimated people of the sector don’t believe at the latest theory explained in this latest book “Naming Jack The Ripper” by Russell Edwards and the evidency of the DNA test is felt controversially



As it always happens with stories felt like these ones, Jack The Ripper case provoked controversial reactions when the news someone had found out the real name and last name of the most known and most ferocious “serial killer” of all the times was spread by the Daily Mail in their Sunday edition, Mail on Sunday.

In various articles appeared online these days a lot of perplexities are emerging and they’re strong perplexities to this latest theory added by Russell Edwards.

The Guardian is skeptical like also The Times.


With the time in fact a lot of people and experts of Jack the Ripper are trying to guess who could have been the real person who had killed that five prostitutes, but other homicides are not excluded as well although the criminal once disappeared interrupting the seriality of  his murders and THIS is very weird because for a serial killer…innatural.

What maybe find me skeptical is this: a serial killer wouldn’t never stop to kill people if not killed or put in jail. I have always thought this. If Aaron Kosminski Untitled-1.jpg is the killer I could think that maybe more than a serial killer he knew these five prostitutes, he didn’t like them and maybe was searching for some revenge and killed them very ferociously, but….Could it be possible? Can this explanation be so linear? I would be seriously scared of an option like this one much more than the idea of someone else differently motivated for killing someone with that ferocity. Plus everyone knew Aaron Kosminski Untitled-1.jpg and evidencies against him weren’t so strong.

I have always cultivated the idea that the real Jack the Ripper  had to be someone who, once in a while from a very distant place from East End, Whitechapel, walked along the London’s streets during the night, searching for some prostitutes to kill in that poor area. And who knows why. I would have excluded someone who was living in the area.

Jack the Ripper is one of the strongest symbols of London and one of the best known characters existed in London and a touristic voice of great importance as well. There are very good websites dedicated only to him, where you can discover tours of the various places touched by the Ripper.  Tour guides exactly like there are tour guides of Charles Dickens’ places where he set up his beautiful books.

In the past various authors, reclaimed Jack the Ripper’s identity: Patricia Cornwell was sure that the Ripper had to be Walter Sickert walter 1walter 2walter 3 a german. Her book’s title said all: Jack The Ripper: Case Closed although no one proved this with convinction and to Londoners the case wasn’t closed at all and it is not yet close and I guess it won’t never be closed.


Russell Edwards Edwards48, is from Barnet, north London, and added to the press and media he worked very hardly for 14 years before to discover the truth about the real identity of Jack the Ripper after he went to the cinema and saw From Hell the movie with a stunning Johnny Depp22_13   22_15  Johnny from HELL _ Johnny from hell 2 Johnny from Hell 3 Johnny from Hell 4 Johnny from Hell5 Johnny from Hell6 hell030 hell 444  .

Only non-believers that want to perpetuate the myth will doubt. This is it now – we have unmasked him” said to the press a very cheerful Russell Edwards  Edwards author of “Naming Jack The Ripper”.


(The Mirror posted also this picture with the famous shawl.

Russell Edwards with the shawl Mirror picture


Non-believers are a lot.

Jack the Ripper killed in this way the victims: first of all he cut their throat and later he proceeded with ripping them removing some internal specific organs. Then he would have left the bodies, mutilated of course in alleyways in Whitecahpel.

The pictures of these five very unlucky women are terribles.

It wasn’t a great show and of course everyone was terrorized by this serial killer.

Problem is that it was necessary for the killer to knowing which internal organs needed to be removed. More than a source is excluding Aaron Kosminski would have had the culture for these medical informations. So that’s why maybe for a long time directions were dedicated to searching for a different criminal profile of the real Jack the Ripper.

Maybe someone knew. Maybe that’s why Jack the Ripper hasn’t never been captured. Because maybe Jack the Ripper wasn’t at all a poor devil but someone very rich and powerful. Who knows?

According to Russell Edwards the arrival of the answer thanks to the DNA and thanks to a shawl. The writer runs from this past summer also the official Jack the Ripper Store, a store all dedicated to Jack the Ripper and of course located in the british capital.

In 2007 Edwards noticed this shawl. It was up for sale and he bought it. There it started the spasmodic research of traces of the DNA.

Edwards asked to a friend, Jari Louhelainen, of helping him trying to discover the identity of Jack the Ripper. This one is an expert in fact in molecular biology who is using pioneering techniques for researching the DNA. and they had to search for the DNA of the poor prostitute killed and the one of course of the killer.

“When we discovered the truth it was the most amazing feeling of my entire life” added Edwards.

But experts of Jack the Ripper says no.

Richard Cobb reports the Guardian says that a lot of people had touched with the decades that shawl and so it can’tell the truth. “The shawl has been openly handled by loads of people and been touched, breathed on, spat upon,” Cobb said to the Guardian.

Cobb added that the shawl had been taken by a sergeant and brought home thinking that that one could be a great gift for his wife. What a romantic idea a shawl impregnated of fresh blood of a prostitute just killed from few hours. The prostitute Eddows had lost her life that night in fact. Touching idea that gift…

The wife of sergeant Amos Simpson strongly horrified and scared for what she saw when the husband donated to her that precious gift, rejected without too many compliment the gift storing that away. The shawl passed down through various generations until the recent auction of seven years ago. Edward happiness: “Thank God the shawl has never been washed, as it held the vital evidence”.


According to the complexity of the story of the DNA is not so simple as it can appear at first sight.

The fact is that many other maternal descendants had handled this shawl and could have contaminated it. So if it was a direct trace ok but if it came from somewhere else the problem exists and persist.

Plus they found Kosminski’s mtDNA in a semen stain. But it can be explained according to Richard Cobb by a fact: that Kosminski loved to spend his time with prostitutes and so of course Kosminski’s mtDNA end up there but not that night. Plus a lot of people have a similar DNA.
Plus in the inventory things found in the crime scene there is no mention of this shawl and some colleagues tells that the story of the sergeant, the shawl and the sergeant’s wife is a legend.

Without to enter in the specific, there are still a lot of perplexities and yes it was true Kosminski was a decent suspect one but not, as Marilyn Bardsley said the best one. Bardsley is another passionate of Jack the Ripper’s criminal case.

What upset certain online press is that Jack the Ripper had to be an immigrant. “Typical bloody Poles, coming over here, stealing the jobs that could have been done by our hard-working British serial killers” wrote a colleague of

Well my delusion wasn’t because he was an immigrant but because I have always thought that Jack the Ripper was a real Londoner. No sure: Londoners (maybe I read too many Peter Ackroyd’s books) are fascinated by blood and no other one to me could have committed homicides so articulated and cruel like a Londoner one.

Plus…Plus…The idea of a poor working man afforded in London for building up an existence and bettering his human condition and that more or less at the age of 23 immediately started to think that it would have been great to start to ripping some of the prostitutes of the area during his spare time, it does appear to me a bit weak.

The fascinating idea of someone powerful, maybe killed because discovered,  is more credible.

A serial killer once starts to kill can be just stopped in two ways: capturing or killing him. In no other way. But, of course I wait from criminologists other explanations of the reason why Jack the Ripper at some point didn’t kill anymore any other prostitute.

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, who invented DNA fingerprinting, said: “An interesting but remarkable claim that needs to be subjected to peer review, with detailed analysis of the provenance of the shawl and the nature of the claimed DNA match with the perpetrator’s descendants and its power of discrimination; no actual evidence has yet been provided.”

What I know for sure is that Jack the Ripper will always remain a great mystery because maybe it’s better that it would remain a mystery but the discussion open these days apart to help to sell a book is greatly fertile and stimulating and I will be back soon with other news and updates.




Anna Maria Polidori


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