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Kevin Smith explains the entrance in scene of Lily-Rose in his productions

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on September 15, 2014

An enthusiastic Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp agreed to launching their daughter in this profession. New little stars are borning



Yahoo movies posted recently an interview that they released with Kevin Smith during his trip to Toronto for introducing and launching as world premiere Tusk at the Toronto Film Festival.
The movie has received very positive reactions.

At the same time a lot of curiosity grew up because of Lily-Rose Melody Depp, 15 years10355811_717540341621670_596154833859183783_n10441425_717540454954992_5424140910197897338_n,  Johnny’s Johnny Depp by Dan MacMedan daughter and her involvement in these two movies, in Tusk as an extra and now as main protagonist with Harley Quiin Smith, Kevin Smith’s daughter of Yoga Hosers, second episode of a Trilogy invented and written by the same Kevin Smith.

Why this decision of launching Lily-Rose asked Yahoo movies?

Kevin Smith Kevin Smith explained to Yahoo Movies that at first just Harley Quinn, his daughter, had to play a role as a Canadian convenience-store clerk in Tusk. Later, considering that Johnny Depp had a little cameo on Tusk, Kevin asked to Johnny if for case he would have been happy to adding Lily-Rose with Harley close to her as well . Johnny was enthusiastic of the idea.

The two girls as said before are long-term friends because they attended the same Los Angeles school.

Smith revealed to Yahoo Movies he knows Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis from a very long time and the girls were six when they started school together. At the same time they are very close today as when they were more little.

Smith remembered also to Yahoo Movies that Johnny with the time became a very famous actor, so Smith involved in indie productions couldn’t take in consideration Johnny for his productions because of the high budget Johnny could have asked to him for a participation.

But…dreams and dreams  once Smith tried sending to Johnny the script of Tusk. He received a call from Johnny and Johnny said him, reported Yahoo movies: ““This script is bat. I’m in. Thank you for thinking of me.”

So as it happens at time when some friends are “lost” or not cultivated too much because of work and life, the two families re-discovered a new union and friendship adding to this, some great collaboration.

Johnny thinks Lily-Rose has a special passion for music, but at the same time maybe he wants to start to guiding her daughter to the profession of actress. Considering that it is a particular world,  of course he wants to stay very close to her in this first phase. And no one can be better than a very kind dad with a long experience and knowledge of this world.

Vanessa Paradis  Vanessa  has been the first one with which Kevin Smith anyway talked with about the new project of a new movies just involving their two teen-agers. The first and main question of Vanessa has been: “Do you think that’s possible?” Vanessa 1 Smith replied that anything is possible. Vanessa agreed as well Vanessa 2, and here they’re. Their teenagers filming enthusiastically their first movie as protagonists .

Lily e Harley Quinn with Kevin Smith Back to his role as Guy Lapointe for Johnny Depp jdwquiz as well.

I want to remember that Vanessa Paradis has recently visited the set of Yoga Hosers in Los Angeles  in a very busy day for Lily-Rose in term of filming. Vanessa was in company of Jack, Lily-Rose’s brother and she enjoyed, satisfied and happy   her day on the set while she was watching her daughter becoming slowly slowly a great actress!   10593227_325696457604004_364109319876456134_n    A  great emotion for sure. 10689701_325696400937343_7899655306471253580_n 10653747_325696530937330_1379038272263715846_n 10534676_325696494270667_8090163909199914578_n 10408603_325696560937327_2338017942942227681_n 10612722_325696697603980_4711680687228643555_n


(Thanks to Lory Depp Girl for most of these pictures!)



Anna Maria Polidori


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