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Australia won Pirats 5 Dead Men tell no Tales

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on September 30, 2014

DISNEY production of Pirates 5 in the land of the Kangaroos



The Gold Coast is electrified; Pirates 5 will see the light in the beautiful and sunny island.
The Daily Mail Australia reported the news just yesterday.


Jack Sparrow     Jack on the road  (Johnny Depp)  10550928_556103514513178_2653654249422789778_n  will be back soon and shootings will start in mid-february 2015.  At the same time production has started at Village Roadshow Studios that, now it is possible to say it with certainty, should slowly slowly become a big jungle.

All places where A-LISTS actors will film will be  places at high touristic impact  so the impact should be immense for the tourism. Queensland is absolutely the best locality for someone with the desire of spending some time in Australia for the beauty of the water and the landscape.

It is a moment of relief for everyone and in particular for the two parts involved, Walt Disney and Australian government one because it wasn’t said at all that the agreement reached by Disney and Australian government would be considered  sufficiently good for the producers and men of Disney studio.


Evidently counts at the end returned and they decided of shooting Pirates in Australia a land they had previously chosen for another productions like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea remake with Brad Pitt. A production still in stand-by. The director left alone this production so no one know the destiny of it and Australia has been in grade to repurpose the incentive offered previously to 20,000 Leagues, skipping directly 20.000 league under the sea, and focusing their attention on Pirates.

Disney agreed. We talk of something like 20 millions of dollars and more.


While Disney officially announced this happy and cheerful news, the Australian Minister or the Arts George Brandis hasn’t yet revealed his sensations for the joyous news for his land.

Disney was also in discussions with South Africans and Mexicans. In the second case the location chosen would have been Baja California, the same location where Titanic has been filmed in.

Geoffrey Rush will be thrilled that the filming this time will be in his homeland. Captain Barbossa is australian in fact. Geoffrey Rush is starring like Barbossa from the first Pirates, The curse of the Black Pearl and he has never abandoned his green apples 🙂

Keith Richards involved again as Jack Sparrow’s dad10402003_321351321359389_2551391256077019105_n , while some rumors spread through the net says that this movie will be maybe the longest one of all the other Pirates movies.

In the production again, although they’re still in a phase of negotiations, Orlando Bloom in the role of Will Turner the blacksmith, with some pirate’s life in his blood because his dad was a pirate. Will is now the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Withouth heart in the real sense of the word, he is  cursed to sailing forever the seas of this Old World without to touching any land if not just once every ten years. potc2522 potc2541 potc2542(Some pictures of the L.A. premiere of Pirates 2)

In Australia the production office of Pirates is already set up.

Casting directors are searching for Australian actors to join actor Johnny Depp and the rest of the cast.

“The production office has been set up, work is beginning on the sound stages and we’re aiming to shoot in early 2015” said an anonymous source to the Daily Mail Australia.

Village Roadshow Studios has been theater of The Chronicles of Narnia and it was one of the favorite locations chosen by the producers of Disney for the fourth Pirates On Stranger Tides but at that time the production moved somewhere else.

Flagged a lot of localities in South East Queensland like Southport Seaway and Cleveland Point and many others for various and diversified places involved in the productions.

Pirates 5 will be on screen in 2017.

Pirates are back but this time Australia can be cheerful and happy because they will bring just a lot of publicity, notoriety and money to their land without….stealing anything!




Anna Maria Polidori


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