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The day of Tusk!

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on October 22, 2014

Italian reviews of the movie at the Rome Film Festival



Tusk has been one of the main protagonists yesterday at the Rome Film Festival. I wanted to attend the event with all myself but it still appear impossible to being able to reach in a way or in another Johnny Depp or some of his movies. What an adventure.

At the Rome Film Festival for being accredited I had to pay 50 euros. “Wait. I will be there just for an event. Can’t we reach a compromise? 50 euros is an exaggeration, just for a movie.”

No. The journalists accredited would have followed all the Festival.

Oh right. Sure. In fact… I would have wanted to do that. I love cinema but at the moment I am following Johnny Depp and I don’t write for any big magazine.

Good, I thought. Ok. Plan B. Tickets.

Substantially theaters where the movies are projected don’t have any powers in term of tickets, but everyone must pass throught a system created by the Rome Film Festival. Being a journalist my idea was to affording to Rome for the press conference (if Smith was in Rome) and the vision reserved to the journalists, because bloody hell I am a journalist.



I gave up to going to Rome.

Yesterday night I read on the web all the impressions about Kevin Smith’s movie and more or less reviews are like the ones appeared in the USA. In italy the movie doesn’t still have a distributor.

I haven’t never seen a Kevin Smith’s movie, but since I follow him because Johnny Depp is involved in his productions I started to realize that Smith must be a funny guy, because very talkative, and because of his opened and friendly smile.

So…when the italian colleagues wrote that the movie is not realistically a horror, but a sort of parody of it, well I thought that a sunny man can’t explore the abyss of the perdition of a man. Optimistic people can’t do that. I have in my mind real horror directors and there is a big vein of horror in their face as well.

Said that, some of these journalists are fans of Kevin Smith. I remember I read an enthusiastic review of an American journalist and she/he added that being a Kevin Smith’s fan she/he hadn’t watched any trailer of Tusk for not being influenced but just went to the cinema for seeing it. And she/he loved it.
Kevin Smith’s fans are sunny and in general opened and chatty like this director is.

Kevin Smith is judged fantastic by journalists reviewers fans of him but they add that the movie is less fantastic than him. Why? The movie can’t be considered by my italian colleagues a real horror, not in the real sense of the word.

Some of them found some scenes very disturbing. Other ones think that no scenes were not disturbing at all after all, not being a proper horror-movie. Just a sort of parody and caricature of a real horror, they add, convinced.

What my italian colleagues don’t find real is the profundity of the horror necessary for creating a great suspense and too many dialogues, considered unnecessary. This is true: in the horror movies I watched there weren’t a lot of dialogues, but a constant “apparent calm” and of course a very scary soundtrack. No one of the reviewers mentions if the soundtrack of Tusk is good or not . The most scaring aspect of a horror movie to me  is this apparent calm, the idea that the horror is over at some point. You know it will be back abruptly very soon, you don’t know when and where and you live in a constant tension and  in a perennial terror and fear. When you try to relax, it’s a mental relaxation, when you try to mentally think that the horror is over, it will be abruptly back and you will jump on the chair because of some relevant facts you couldn’t imagine would have happened in the movie, are…happening with great cruelty.

Journalists admit that there are a lot of horror’s elements implemented in the story for keeping the movie as a horror-story.

Coming soon website talks of “Humorism, irony, tension and disgust” for describing the movie.

MTV Italy talks controvertially of what said by Smith in his press conference at the Toronto Film Festival for the world premiere of Tusk.  “If Smith feels a sincere uninterest for his work, why should we feel any interest for his work?”

The movie seems wonderful and a sort of metaphor of the complexity of our society.  Meeting the wrong stranger in the wrong place can be devastating. A stranger can ruin the life of a good person. Forever.

The story? A journalist portrayed by Justin Long, is in Canada because of a sensational story. The one of a boy who had accidentally cut in a very curios way and all alone, one of his leg.

Once arrived in loco, the youngster had killed himself. So…The journalist before to return home try to searching for other curious stories for not losing too much money (trips, expenses, and then the boy had killed himself…The story was gone and money lost) . The most sensational one he discovers at first with great pleasure is the story of an old sailor. This sailor appears at first to be as a very interesting man, but later Justing Long will be drugged by that crazy man  discovering later that this old man had started to cut his body as well…..The old sailor wants to transform him in fact in a big walrus. His big fixation.

Johnny’s role is lived ambivalently by reviewers. Some reviewers wrote that he is unrecognizable, other ones that his character is superfluous, that he has lost his old spark, other ones find him in a good shape. Others don’t mention Johnny at all.



Anna Maria Polidori


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