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Into the Woods: soundtrack released 12/16

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on October 26, 2014

Shocking news, in positive sense. The soundtrack of Into the Woods will be released before the appearance of the movie.



What a great news.  Into the Woods  soundtrack, two cds,  will be available this coming 12/16.

No idea why a choice like this one but maybe the main reason is that Into the Woods is a musical and what can give a better idea of what it will be on screen more than a soundtrack?

What it is sure is that the musical written and invented by Stephen Sondheim stephen sondheim photo_Jerry Jackson in 1987 is a classic of Broadway and it always obtained a great success of critic and public.

It is possible to pre-order the soundtrack on Amazon .

The structure of this innovative fairy-tale was born and is born as a broken, technically, better, fractured fairy-tale.

A broken, fractured fairy-tale is obtained when a fairy-tale is re-invented mixing characters and paradoxical situations absolutely not lived in the original fairy-tale by the various characters involved in the story and when there is a mixture of various characters of various legendary fairy-tales all together.

The character of the Wolf  is lived in a very different way respect to the original fairy-tale.

Let’s remember the fairy-tale. Poor Little Red Riding Hood originally went at her granny’s house because the granny was sick.

For this purpose she brought with her a basket of good food for her granny hoping in a quick recovery.

Her mom had said her of paying attention and not give any confidence to anyone. Just in case. The Little Red Riding Hood (Good Lord what a long name in Italian it’s “just” Cappuccetto Rosso) met along her way the wolf and ingenuously because of course she didn’t still know the corruption of the world and how wolves of various genre could be dangerous told him very candidly and with great tranquility of her purpose of stopping by at the house of her beloved granny because sick. She also added where her granny lived. The wolf  happy and satisfied for the informations received, suggested to her another road, longer, with the purpose of anticipating her arrival, eating the granny and waiting for  the little girl. What a superb lunch!

Once arrived at her granny’s house, Little Red Riding Hood had some difficulties in recognizing her nice granny in the sly camouflaged wolf in the bed of the old lady.

“Oh Granny but…you are so changed…You have very big hands….”

“For hugging you better….”

“And these big eyes”

“For seeing you better”

“And what a big mouth granny….”

“For eating you better!!!”

Two jumps on her direction and  Little Red Riding Hood was in the wolf’s belly. If you remember the end of the story, a hunter would have saved the still alive granny and Little Red Riding Hood.

In this case Stephen Sondheim created in 1987  a very different, completely different perspective of this fairy-tale: the wolf 10437616_341774075996242_7484637702357584922_n is a creature who attracts Little Red Riding Hood10584088_341774109329572_2500115854908852307_n Into the wood, but only for sexual purposes 10374514_342172399289743_2841897908571607980_n The wolf is the character portrayed by Johnny DeppNassauJune2005039


In these re-written fairy tales is possible to rewrite the story from the point of view of the villain.  Hansel and Gretel according to the terrible witch’s vision and so on.

It’s possible to write a story telling what happened according to us for example to Cinderella once married with the prince and if it was all the time a “bed of roses” or if it was a problematic love-story and a difficult marriage the one with the charming prince. Our imagination should have all the possible freedom we want and we need for expressing ourselves and our creativity. This exercise of the fractured fairy-tale in fact is one of the best exercises created in the writing courses. It’s part of the creative writing branch.

In the case of Sondheim this fairy-tale Into the Woods is a mixture of many important Grimm’s fairy-tales’s characters and the interactions with all these different and diversified characters will be able to surprise the viewer. This one is a very adult fairy-tale for Broadway with the common adult problematics existing in our old world.

A baker and his wife can’t have any children because cursed by a terrible witch so they decide of going “Into the Woods” searching to destroy this horrible creature and witch. It’s in a way a story of wish and quest. The wish is the desire of having children, the second is of course the desire of searching for the witch and possibly destroying her and her curse.

Rob Marshall is not new in the creation of stunning masterpieces as it was Chicago.

The movie is based on the Tony®-winning original musical by James Lapine. Lapine wrote the script as well and Sondheim composed the music and lyrics including the new songs for the movie adaptation.

Produced by Rob Marshall, John DeLuca, Marc Platt and Callum McDougal.


This one is the complete cast of Into the Woods.

Meryl Streep is The Witch, James Corden The Baker, Emily Blunt The Baker’s Wife, Johnny Depp is The Wolf, Anna Kendrick is Cinderella, Chris Pine Cinderella’s Prince, Billy Magnussen Rapunzel’s Prince, Mackenzie Mauzy is Rapunzel, LUCY Punch is Lucinda, TAMMY Blanchard Florinda, Christine Baranski Cinderella’s Stepmother, Tracey Ullman Jack’s Mother, Lilla Crawford Little Red Riding Hood, Daniel Huttlestone is Jack.




Anna Maria Polidori


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