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Flemmi, Bulger and that “problem” called Deborah Hussey

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on November 1, 2014

From the trial of 2013 what happened to Deborah Hussey according to Flemmi “Rifleman”

A reconstruction, pretty harsh  for all the people involved during Whitey Bulger’s trial celebrated the past year was the murder involving Deborah Hussey.

In Black Mass, the biopic movie by Scott, with Johnny Depp deppink005as Whitey 10433842_294206544086329_1853548928510790858_n (Copy 1)Bulger and based on the nonfictional book by Gerry O’Neill and Dick Lehr: Black Mass: Black Mass Book CoverWhitey Bulger, the F.B.I. and a devil’s deal, this chapter of the story  is treated.

Reading the pieces published on the Boston Globe by Shelly Murphy (co-author with Kevin Cullen) of the book: Whitey Bulger: America’s Most wanted gangster and th manhunt that brought him to justice

amazonand Milton J.Valencia during the trial where every phase is reconstructed under every little detail, it’s possible to describe this homicide very well.


There has been a great fight, first of all, between the defense of Bulger with Hank Brennan 700-467-1-697x340 modified the day of Flemmi Rifleman’s testimony flemmi-bigDSCN3893_1-697x340 at the trial against Whitey Bulger and the same Flemmi.


Lurid particulars were reported, still unknown, of his sexual life and appetites and the sexual life of Whitey Bulger as well.


Whitey Bulger has been the most notorious mobster that the USA has known. Accused of 19 murders, racketing, extortion and many other crimes, the main reason why Bulger was massively researched for more than 16 years. Bulger was not judged on court anyway for any sexual offense.


Flemmi was on Court for giving his testimony against Bulger at the end of July 2013.


Mobster, in jail with a life sentence for more than 10 murders committed and other crimes as well, in the past he has been one of the most loyal men of Whitey Bulger.


Deborah Hussey was Flemmi’s step-daughter. Deborah was still a toddler when Flemmi started a relationship with her mom Marion. The girl had the habit of calling him “Daddy”. With Deborah’s mom Flemmi would have had other three children growing up Deborah at the same time.


At the questions of Brennan  regarding abuses on Hussey, Flemmi denied the abuses but admitted that it was a big error and mistake having  sexual intercourse with Deborah once she was a teenagers.


The teenager once grew up became a drug addicted who loved to spending time at the Triple O’s, a South Boston bar where Bulger loved to spend time sometimes as well.


She started at some point to be a “problem” and when someone is a “problem” in general it means he/she must be killed.


Flemmi added during the interrogatory Bulger insisted for killing her because he started to be of certain “embarrassment”.


So one day, he had brought the girl somewhere for some shopping “She wasn’t aware she was going to be killed” confessed Flemmi and then they drove in South Boston where “Whitey” Bulger was waiting for them with other two affiliates, Kevin Weeks and Patrick Nee for killing and later hiding the corpse of the girl, at that time 26 years old, in the basement.

Bulger has always said he hasn’t never killed any woman in his life.

Bulger would have strangled her with his hands according to Flemmi.


Attorney Brennan asked to Flemmi if for case he was forgetting something. In a civil case in fact where Flemmi had given testimony he said Bulger had used a rope for killing her.

Flemmi replied that he couldn’t be so sure because he was in that moment “In a state of anxiety”.


Although Flemmi revealed a great calm, a strong emotion appeared on Flemmi’s face when Hank Brennan, one of the legal attorneys of Jimmy Bulger let him see the picture of Deborah’s skull: “I don’t want to see that,” he insisted with Brennan.


Brennan: ““Does that refresh your memory of how many teeth you pulled?” Brennan asked insisting for let him see the pic of Deborah’s corpse.

The skull in fact had been damaged and there are missing teeth. Why this? The mobsters did want to avoid any kind of identification of the body. The teeth were extracted with a pair of pliers.


Talking of teen-agers, Brennan Flemmi started to accusing Whitey Bulger as well. Pointing his finger in Bulger’s direction: ” “You want to talk about pedophilia, right over there at that table. He had a young girlfriend. She was 16 years old he took her to Mexico” revealed Flemmi to the Court.


As middle-age men Flemmi confirmed that they had both sexual intercourse with teenagers. Flemmi defined this like a sort of “Weakness”.




Anna Maria Polidori





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