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A great man of italian origin mayor of Boston for 20 years celebrated by the entire city for his departure

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on November 9, 2014

Everything started with Whitey Bulger whitey 4and Johnny Depp 10433842_294206544086329_1853548928510790858_n (Copy 1) in the role of the mobster. Johnny Depp in fact is the main protagonist of Black Mass the biopic movie based on the nonfictional book written by Dick Lehr and Gerry O’Neill: Whitey Bulger, Black Mass Book Cover the F.B.I. and a devil’s deal.

Very soon, while Johnny was filming Black Mass I fell in love for the story of Whitey Bulger and Boston.

Bostonians are able to enter in the heart because very acculturated ones. They do care for people, they help, they’re friendly and they’re very Europeans.

Very soon, I read the articles involving Johnny Depp and Whitey Bulger on the Globe, the necessity of a subscription for trying to discover much more regarding “Whitey” and his years of terrors and other pieces about Johnny and the shootings.

At first it was for this reason.

Sure Johnny Depp being an A-LIST actor means a wagons of news everyday. “Johnny Depp performs with the Aerosmith”, “Johnny Depp to London for filming Alice”, “Johnny Depp in a new production by Kevin Smith”, “Jack Sparrow will afford this time to Australia for the fifth installment of Pirates”, “Mortdecai the new trailer”…

That was why when Johnny left Boston because his shootings were ending I felt a lot of sadness. I knew what would have meant. Other stories, other movies. I was happy of course, but sad to leaving Whitey” Bulger’s story and Boston alone.


I did chose of not leaving Boston alone. I continue to read forever and ever the Globe and I follow thanks to them the current events and news of Boston and the world with great interest.

Thanks to the Boston Globe I didn’t lose any hour of good sleeping time because of Ebola’s story and I didn’t fall in a tachycardiac state (it happened in the past with swine flu, SARS and other illnesses as well). Why? Because the topic has been treated greatly. A good information is like a balsam for the society.



One day I read that the ex-former mayor of the city Thomas Menino Meninohad interrupted chemotherapy and the tour for the promotion of his new book because very sick. I had read he was touring because of the book.

I didn’t know this mayor, what of course he could have done or not done for the city, because Boston is very distant and I am following the stories and current events of this city just from some months.
For sure I was so surprised when I received in a breaking news that Menino was dead. Maybe not because he was dead. I knew he was very sick for what reported just some days before by the Globe, but because he has been very loved by all the city. Immensely.

I was shocked because Menino has been able to be a great and friendly mayor. This one to me was the most relevant and positive news. A real scoop.

Tony Menino, italian origin, very fluent in italian, proud of being of italian origin although born in the USA, first italian mayor of Boston, spent in office something like 20 years as former mayor, so an entire life. Five legislatures. He died at 71 years oct 30th.

He has been the most stunning man the city has known in recent times. If Boston is now re-launched for what I read, it is thanks to this man considered by everyone very humble, very close to everyone, someone able to fighting for the rights of all.  Boston is a pioneer city in this sense. For what I read Menino didn’t care for fame. He cared for being there for his citizens.

Menino had suffered a lot when he was to school because he had some problems and so once in office he fighted for giving to all the students the necessary dignity each student should receive.

Of course there has been the re-launch of South Boston, and much much more.

When there was the terroristic attack in Boston during the marathon although Menino had broken a leg  that past days, he decided of interrupting the hospitalization for being close to his citizenship, reassuring with very warm and felt words a  terrorized city searching for answer and for a reason for all that terror.

I don’t know how many mayors in this world can be remembered and once dead, celebrated with a wonderful tribute for a life well spent, as Menino has been celebrated in Boston just few days ago .

As I always say: the value of our life on this Earth is clearly seen and measured the day of our funeral.

Menino has been celebrated as a real big treasure for Boston, distant now because dead but not lost, and surely remembered very well by everyone and unforgettable forever. The city in fact doesn’t lose the examples this man must have given to everyone and the good influence impact and impulse he has presented to Boston.

Menino has been the perfect mayor a city should have: a good man and administrator for everyone. He was so loved and he continues to be loved and he will always be loved and people will be always grateful to him for his work. He will pass to the History of Boston as a great Italian symbol for the city.

I am so proud of being italian thinking that an italian man born in the USA has been so great and loved by everyone.




Anna Maria Polidori


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