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Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on November 30, 2014

Mortdecai tweeting about clothes, women, brandy, butlers and life


Charlie Mortdecai 10734279_351846358322347_906932846813032983_n with his powerful sense of humor and sagacity is on Twitter. The most famous art dealer of all the times, created by the pen of Kyril Bonfiglioli and put on the big screen by Johnny Depp  in the role of Mortdecai  a new coming soon movie this next year is very active in the social network.

Charlie since now posted more than 111 posts and just a couple of days ago was followed by 9996 followers (including me) and he follows 9.519 people 🙂

His introduction is all a program:

I am Charlie Mortdecai tBS9M0oX_400x400. A robustly mustachioed purveyor of fine art and a lovable [sic] scoundrel with an interest in interesting things  “.

Some of his tweets I love the most for the irony.


An Italian woman emphasized the wrong syllable in the word ‘happiness’ today. I must admit, I blushed“, posted nov 24th.

Charlie has a great consideration for himself of course. He is in a way infallible and unique.
So he baptized all the months with the first letter of his last name ops, surname, Charlie, surname, true, we are in London: “Movember, I also celebrate Manuary, Mebruary, March, Mapril, May, Mune, Muly, Maugust, Meptember, Moctober, & Mecember” posted Nov 21.

A literary and well brandy post: “After a nip or two of the good brandy, I had an idea for a Dickensian spinoff series: The Marvelous Adventures of Large Tim” nov 17.

Sexy posts: “A man wore denim trousers to the opera last night. I can only assume he was blind and no one wanted to embarrass him” Nov 13.

His appetite: “The Fallen Angel himself could never have dreamt up such an unholy concoction as the notorious sour cream and onion potato chip“. Nov 7

Fashion, because Mortdecai loves of course to wearing incredibly good and expensive clothes: “A clothier in London just started making coats with a dedicated pocket for a spare cravat. How do I submit him for the Nobel Prize?” Nov 6

The desire of being young again: “A young chap mixed up Monet with Manet today… Ah, to be young“. Nov 5

Great consideration for himself: “Ah, the 5th of November. If my moustache becomes famous enough, perhaps they’ll one day burn me in effigy, too“.

History: “Today in the Colonies, children and adults partake in a grotesque charade, bringing shame to the Crown. It also happens to be Halloween“. Oct 24

Jealousy: “When one asks one’s wife how often she lunches with a certain Detective Inspector, one does not wish to hear the word “frequently.” Oct 23

Mouse, a British “tradition” : “I thought I saw a mouse in the second pantry last night. Thankfully I was mistaken. The mouse was in the THIRD pantry, which is Jock’s“.Oct 16

Sense of humor: “Wasn’t feeling well last night, so I reacquainted myself with the finest Englishman to ever exist: J. Thaddeus Toad“. Oct 13

Discovery of America:”Leave it to the Americans to devote an entire day to an Italian explorer whose navigational skills were woefully remedial” Oct 10

Ghosts: “If ghosts do not exist – as I believe to be the case – then I can only imagine a verbose raccoon has decided to disrupt my sleep as of late”.

Inspector Martland: “Martland. Hmphf! Imperious, catlike, silent, and suspicious. With a terrible taste in wine“. Oct 3

Take a deep breath. Do you smell that, friends? That’s Tweed Season approaching“. Sept 30

Good manners: “Good manners are like argyle socks. They are the key to civility“. Sep 23

If arrested: “If I am to be arrested, I always prefer it to be in public. I like having the option to make a scene if I see fit“. Sept 18

Jock the butler: “Jock, my man servant, was not here to peel my orange so I ate the whole thing. In summation: it was unpleasant“. Sep 15

Fashion: “A man with a camera asked me today who I was wearing. How could he possibly know that I anthropomorphize my clothes?” Sept 8

Dogs: “A man next to me pointed to a lady with a very large dog and said “Who’s walking who?” I gave him ten pounds for such an original witticism“. Sep 5

Motel: “Last night was my first time in a ‘motel.’ It wasn’t without it’s charms, but I would appreciate sheets with a higher thread-count than one“.Sept 2





Anna Maria Polidori


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