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Look at him ladies and gentlemen. Charlie Mortdecai is coming soon!

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on December 27, 2014

New pictures from the new trailer


For sure Charlie Mortdecai is a singular character and the characterization given by Johnny Depp at this literary character extremely interesting.





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Mortdecai tells the adventures of an art dealer, pretty dishonest and incredibly wealthy, Charlie Mortdecai,  10698572_333070923533224_1641023717765166856_n   1a551484eab90fb7efd344ee075f62cadb2fc564


Bonfiglioli was a great estimator and fan of PG Wodehouse and of the adventures lived in particular by one of the most hilarious couples created in literature: Bertie and Jeeves.

Very good, Jeeves

From that funny couple born by the imagination of Wodehouse, Bertie and Jeeves, Bonfiglioli would have created later and ex novo two characters: Jock Strapp (the butler) and Charlie Mortdecai.


This couple doesn’t live the big gap in terms of intelligence etc that there is in Wodehouse’s books, between Jeeves and Bertie where obviously the fox of all the situations lived by the two ones is Jeeves. Bertie is ingenuous, where Jeeves is sly. Bertie has a wonderful shoulder and brain behind him, Jeeves.

In the case of Mortdecai and Jock the relationship is balanced.


The book written by Kyril Bonfiglioli and taken in consideration for this production is:

The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery a-bon, published in 1999 by Black Spring Press, and now re-launched again by  Penguin Uk great_mortdecai_moustache_mystery569_0. Illustrations by Luke Pearson.

This book was published after Kyril Bonfiglioli’s death and was completed by Craig Brown.


If the movie will be a great success Johnny Depp NassauJune2005039 22_20 1 will be absolutely opened to the possibility of new Mortdecai’s adventures for the big screen.


In fact there are other three books: Don’t point that thing at me, After you with the pistol and Something nasty in the Woodshed  mortdecai (Black Spring Press edition of the Trilogy)

dont_point_that_thing_at_me569_0 after_you_with_the_pistol569_2 something_nasty1569_0 (Penguin’s new edition)

involving Charlie Mortdecai’s adventures  and another one, All the Tea in China, all the tea   (Black Spring Press Edition)

all_the_tea_in_china1569_0   (Penguin Uk new edition) as a protagonist Karli Van Cleef, Charlie Mortdecai’s ancestor.



Bonfiglioli with his Mortdecai has never reached a great success while he was still alive. The writing-style of Bonfiglioli is particular, researched great_mortdecai_moustache_mystery569_0 and the adventures lived by Mortdecai always funny and never boring.





Anna Maria Polidori




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