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The Brothers Grimm and their revolutionary and intellectually honest life

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on December 30, 2014

Fruit the last prophetic word analyzed by Jacob Grimm before to dying.

Who were the Brothers Grimm Brothers Grimm 220px-Jacob_und_Wilhelm_Grimm   mainly inspirers of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine creators of Into the Woods?

We all know that Stephen Sondheim stephen sondheim photo_Jerry Jackson  10613027_782460528477109_2604017585244243629_n and Lapine Lapine inserted a fairy-tale, the one invented by them (and truly beauty) of The Baker and His Wife with other very beloved Brothers Grimm fairy-tales in 10388200_343271435846506_6778836146338218194_n Into the Woods . 220px-Arthur_Rackham_Little_Red_Riding_Hood+ 1978851_594116547378541_785874051392675923_n 10429347_369472573226392_2384710390056942060_n

Yes but….Who were the Brothers Grimm?

Of course we all know their reputation. Our relatives and parents when we were children read us aloud the fairy-tales they wrote explaining to us the profound meaning they have, and at time, terrorizing us.

An imaginary world plenty of meanings and significance for the rest of our existence.

Am I exaggerated? I strongly don’t think so.

I always love to repeat that we could avoid to tell to our children beautiful fairy-tales without strong enemies but we can’t avoid to read the Brothers Grimm’s fairy-tales to our children because they’re the base of what it will be their life once grown up and although it can appear pretty weird, these fairy-tales slowly will prepare their soul for fighting once adults against demons, worries and life’s worries more solidly.


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220px-Hansel-and-gretel-rackham 220px-Walter_Crane12 300px-Rumpelstiltskin-Crane1886, creator

Soul, mind will be more prepared at giving to the life a different meaning, reading the reality under various, constantly diversified aspects, answers, winning moment of discomforts, because distantly there are the fairy-tales someone had read us many years and decades ago and that later we continued to read alone. They will whisper to our soul, helping us tp find good solutions to the problems.


Reading a fairy-tale in adult age doesn’t have the same power because the personality of the grown-up kid, is forged and so they won’t never “talk” to the adults as they are able to do in tender age with a plastic, absorbing mind.

So,cartoons, fairy-tales told and re-told will create more genuine and well structured little people and good human being once adults.

Hoping that each of you tonight will read a Brothers Grimm’s fairy-tale to your children, niece, nephews, let’s see who the Brothers Grimm were and why they have been so special to the world.

Life for example hasn’t been so simple to them although their existence started like the most beautiful fairy-tale when Jacob born in 1785 followed by his brother Wilhelm 13 months later at Hanau, in Germany.

Their dad Philip Wilhelm Grimm was a jurist, and their mom Dorothea Grimm daughter of a city council.

The exact birth day of both the brothers is this one: Jacob 4 January 1785, Carl Grimm, 24 February 1786.

The first years of their life was spent at Hanau but in 1791 the family moved close to Steinau, in the countryside.Brothers Grimm

Brother Grimm’s father at that time worked as district magistrate.

Of course the family became incredibly important for the local society thanks to the good work of Philip Grimm. The house of the Brothers Grimm was beautiful 220px-SteinauBGHFrosch_retouched and surrounded by wonderful green fields and a great panorama.

More than a fairy-tale, the children appreciated so badly their rural life.

At first they attended school privately. They studied at home followed by private tutors appreciating the Calvinist religion.

Later they joined the other children in the local schools.

In 1796 Brothers Grimm’s dad died because of pneumonia and Dorothea, the wife of Philip was constricted to change her life-style and the one of the numerous children she had had.

Dorothea asked support to his dad and sister, an important lady.

The two brothers Grimm were forced to growing up fastly.

In the while very good news for the Brothers, who in the while would have attended the prestigious Friedrichsgymnasium in Kassel. The aunt had paid for them. The two Brothers Grimm started to become because of their hard times, always more close.

Their characters? If you think that the two brothers had a lot of similarities you are wrong.

Jacob was shy and preferred not to give too much confidence. Wilhelm was the one more social.Wilhelm was frequently sick.

They were united, strong and seriously ethic in their studies.

Each brother the best one of the classroom once graduated.

Later the university of Marburg.
Small one, just 200 students, other discriminations.
Richest students received money. Obviously it wasn’t their case. They were excluded from everything, social life, other activities of the university.
They could only study and it was what they did with great joy.

It was their law professor Friedrich Von Savigny who inspired in them the genuine interest for history and philology.

The Brothers Grimm returned to study German Literature with pleasure. The Brothers Grimm thanks to their professor were introduced to the ideas of  Gottfried Herder. This man thought that German literature had to return to a simpler form of literature. Johann Gottfried Herder loved to call it natural poetry.

Someone believed in them and in their brilliant future.


Jacob in 1805 once back home was forced of leaving his studies for working and helping financially his family. Food started to be absent in their house where in the past they had known a lot of abundance.

Wilhelm once wrote to his aunt: “We eat only three portions and only once a day”.

He became librarian in Kassel.

The departure of his mom meant for Jacob a complete responsibility on his youngest siblings. Jacob paid for the studies at the art school of Ludwig. Wilhelm in the while needed treatments for his respiratory and heart’s problems.

Wilhelm after a period of illness would have joined the brother as librarian in Kassel.

It’s in this phase that the Brothers started to collecting fairy-tales although his biographer Jack Zipes adds: “The Grimms were unable to devote all their energies to their research and did not have a clear idea about the significance of collecting folk tales in this initial phase”.

They started to publish several books and in particular in 1812  they published their first volume of 86 fairy-tales. It is called in german: Kinder- und Hausmärchen without neglecting german legends books and a book of german early literature.

They decided of dividing their job: a part of their research would have involved and absorbed Danish and Irish Folk Tales and the mythology of the North. Another great part of their mental energy would have been spent editing the german folk tales collection.

With the time Brothers Grimm started to receive great rewards for their work appreciated by several and important universities in Germany: Berlin,Marburg and Breslau.


Wilhelm married in 1825 Henriette Dorothea Wild, called Dortchen. They knew her because part of a group helped them with stories and folklore. Jacob spent their existence with Wilhelm and Dorothea, without marrying any woman.

At the beginning of 1830 they started their work Jacob as professor and head librarian and Wilhelm as professor at the Göttingen University.

In 1835 Jacob published German Mythology.

They lost their work in 1837 because of a protest against the system. A new movement was borning and it was called: Young Germany. The movement asked for democratic reforms.
King Ernest Augustus would have seen with good eyes everyone who would have helped him at supporting his own ideas, but the Brothers Grimm and other five professors said: “No thanks our ideas are different”. They were fired immediately.

Without money they started to write in 1838 one of their greatest ambitious: the first volume of the German Dictionary.

The Brothers Grimm were again in the position of their childhood: asking for some help to their friends and relatives.

In 1840 the two obtained a place at the University of Berlin. Jacob researched for german legal traditions and history of german language. Wilhelm directed his studies researching medieval literature.

There was a revolution in Germany in 1848 and the two Brothers Grimm obtained a place in  Parliament.

As all the people intellectually honest and idealists, the Brothers Grimm thought policy would have been in grade to sort out the problems.

Jacob resigned in late 1840s from university. Wilhelm the first years of 1850s.

The Brothers both pensioners continued to work actively at the first German Dictionary.

Wilhelm was the first one to dying for an infection.

Jacob incredibly upset and sad for the departure of this brother with which lived symbiotically the entire existence, became a recluse.

Zipes writes in his biography that symbolically the latest word Jacob worked at before to dying in 1863 was frucht, in english fruit.



Anna Maria Polidori



Info: Wikipedia


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