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“We chose what we wanted to see”

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on December 30, 2014

James Lapine talks with BuzzFeed News on the creation of Into the Woods. No spoilers 😉 like in the original interview. You can read all



BuzzFeed News published an interview by Louis Peitzman with James Lapine Lapine , librettist of Into the Woods and partner with Stephen Sondheim  of the Broadway musical and now movie 10613027_782460528477109_2604017585244243629_n musical Into the Woods. Meryl Streep and Stephen Sondheim Sondheim, Streep and Marshall

Marshall asked to Lapine to write the script of Into the Woods, exactly as 27 years ago he wrote the musical. No other more competent than him could be chosen for this purpose. The same creator of this stunning Broadway Musical as screenwriter of the movie version of Into the Woods.

How many differences between the movie version and the Broadway one?

Lapine replied to the journalist according to him: “If you did a literal stage adaptation, it would be a really crappy movie

The biggest problem met by Lapine? There are heavy, adult themes in Into the Woods, but being this one a Disney production it was indispensable to bring it on a level I would call: “Family-Friendly“.

In the past someone wrote scripts based on Into the Woods musical and the interviewer asked to Lapine if for case he had given some looks at them. Lapine: “I didn’t. In fact when that first movie project came out, I started reading it, and I just closed it, because it was really different“. At that time Lapine wasn’t directly involved in the making of Into the Woods and so: “What’s the point in looking at it?” Sure situation is changed thanks to Rob Marshall. “I was happy to have this chance to try my hand at it and make it more faithful“.

It’s more than normal to be jealous of a work when it was done more than well and Lapine’s worsest worry: ” I had a feeling eventually somebody would do it, because the show’s popularity has also grown through the years“.

Lapine reassures the viewers saying during the interview that “There is nothing darker than Old Yeller and Bambi and some of the early Disney stuff“.

Lapine tells that when he directed on stage Into the Woods he always repeated to actors: “We have to find the drama in the comedy, and in the second act you have to find the comedy in the drama“.

Lapine tells about flashbacks. He wrote all and then “De-cluded it as we went along. I think I started out really overwriting everything that I wanted to see and wanted to explain and wanted to do. Of course, then the script was 150 pages. It had to be 120 or less“.

Lapine reveals a great emotion: “We chose what we wanted to see, what we wanted to do, what the budget allowed, what it didn’t allow, things like that. I think initially being the adaptor of my own work, I was excited to go do all those things I couldn’t do on stage“.

The movie is a PG one.
Lapine says there was a discussion about this choice and at the end they decided for a PG-13 so that: “You can feel comfortable bringing smaller kids too. Not too small. But you know, I find that kids, things go over their heads“.

The idea of the Giant and the Woods? Lapine explains it with the disorder and chaos. “It claims them“.

It is: “That kind of Shakespearean principle of everybody, midsummer, kind of getting screwed-up from all the elements and kind of coming back to their senses“.

Musical children, adults.
Into the Woods is essentially intact, so if you’re watching it as a kid, you’re gonna relate to Little Red and Jack, and if you’re showing it to your kid, you’re gonna suddenly be relating to the parents“.

Anna Maria Polidori


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