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Fairy-tales for children and adult

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on January 8, 2015

Little analysis of the importance of story-telling


Into the Woods  the movie musical 1004554_362699547237028_4448876873749903388_n created by Rob Marshall for Disney is a real success and at the second place at the box office.  robmarshall,      meryl-streep-2-660


Stephen Sondheim stephen sondheim photo_Jerry Jackson Sondheim, Streep and Marshall  Stephen Sondheim receives a standing ovation at the world premiere Meryl Streep and Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine 10613027_782460528477109_2604017585244243629_n had written the Broadway musical Into the Woods 10388200_343271435846506_6778836146338218194_n and put it on stage in 1987. It was a big explosion of success of critics and enthusiastic viewers. Since there…Generations of people grew up, are growing up and will grow up performing on stage in their schools or local theaters, Into the Woods, thanks to the possibility of a great variety of characters and thanks mainly to a winning, stunning story.

Sondheim and Lapine wrote the movie version of Into the Woods as well.

Main inspiration for Sondheim and Lapine the Brothers Grimm’s fairy-tales. They inserted in fact in the most important fairy-tale they had invented, the one of The Baker and His Wife, a patchwork of most beloved Brothers Grimm’s fairy-tales.


Brothers Grimm’s fairy-tales  are the strongest most important and powerful fairy-tales existing in this world. 220px-Jacob_und_Wilhelm_Grimmggfdgbv dfs


Fairy-tales born and collected by the Brothers partially in Germany where the two lived and in the entire Europe. Fairy-tales of course told and re-told and known orally from centuries in some cases.

Why a fairy-tale is important? Because it is able to tell to a youngster unconsciously what it could theoretically happen in this world, putting the plot in a distant invented world. That distant and invented world can become our world.

Fairy-tales are cathartic messengers of peace because they are able to give good and powerful instruments to the once adult kid for de-codifying and reading the reality in a healthy and constructive way.

I was thinking these days at the ideal peace Christmas and feasts bring with them, apart the chaos and of course stress and “Good Lord my routine is gone” because of….Christmas. Once the stress is over, once luncheons are ready, family reunited, Christmas is ‘s a reunion with family and friends, sharing gifts, and watching on tv and to the cinema very good movies. The world with its asperities is like suspended, as if the bad stories would be for a while banned from a Universe in stand-by.

Later the world will re-start its crazy run in the…unknown in a timeless dance without end.

Fantastic. This one is the moment of the year I adore the most.

We are back to the normality and at time it’s a normality of blood.

Blood and murders are frequent components of many fairy-tales.

Let’s take under the exam the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. The terrible old witch would have cooked, graciously cooked, poor Hansel and Gretel if not saved.

Little Red Riding Hood risked this world and the other into the Woods with the dangerous and lascivious 15803_346966168810366_724349844785186695_n 1978851_594116547378541_785874051392675923_n  1966890_594116580711871_6247514484343361238_n  934802_594116557378540_8122797034347402396_n   wolf.

And what about poor Sleeping Beauty, cursed by a witch upset because not invited at the feast for the arrival of the baby? What an exaggeration.

In a lot of cases animals are eaten with extreme appetite. The wolf will eat the six little goats, and just the arrival of the mom and the terrorized tale of the latest kid survived to all of that horror will permit to the mom of saving all of little kids ripping without hesitation, again what a word for this courageous mom, the belly of the sleeping wolf, setting her children free and replacing them in the belly of the wolf with heavy stones.

Same is for Little Red Riding Hood and the granny.

Ate by the wolf and saved later by a hunter in one of the versions of the fairy-tale.

With the time fairy-tales knew a season of peace, in which the good prince would have saved the princess, and they would have surely enjoyed the happily every after, because it was the idea it couldn’t be the opposite.

Sometimes it’s the opposite. The beautiful fairy-tale become a nightmare and it’s a mess, and the tale can become a little horror.

But for a long season where maybe the world was a best place where to think of living with tranquillity for a long part of the life and where the life had a scheme more than known,  happy end was highly appreciated.

Brothers Grimm de facto cleaned a lot the various fairy-tales they discovered all around Europe for giving to them a best romantic idea although they are still incredibly strong.

The original fairy-tales they found much more strong than the strongest horror book.

Fairy-tales so can be for adults?

Yes, of course.

After all a dark fairy-tale can’t be also a news of an incredible fact? We are surrounded by a world able to tell to us everyday  continuously new, sometimes dark, very dark fairy-tales from a common source: the life and its most profound mysteries and passions and drives.

Fairy-tales are for all that people interested to stay in contact with the most profound messages fairy-tales wants to teach us.

Brothers Grimm for example didn’t collect their fairy-tales for children . Their work was profound and that books dedicated mainly to adults  because sometimes fairy-tales can contain strong adult content. It’s normal, in a fairy-tale because the life is taken in consideration  under all aspects. Murder, sex, crime, hate, joy, happiness, devastation, desperation, happy end, sad end.

It was with Brothers Grimm and their collection of fairy-tales that always more parents loved to starting to buy their books for their beloved children.

In the past families loved to tell folkloristic histories orally and it was felt like a necessity for passing the time when tv and other technological objects weren’t still around. Telling fantastic stories to other friends who stopped by for spending the evening with the family, a good idea or to the children for keeping them safe and conscious that “outside” the world could be a dangerous world.

In the countryside, but in cities as well, it was common to sharing with little and adults scary stories of witches and weird facts.

So when we think at a fairy-tale we mustn’t never think that it’s a story just dedicated to children and for children. All the family should be involved in reading and mainly telling fairy-tales.

Sharing fairy-tales and telling fairy-tales and reading them to children indispensable and a priority because it’s a moment of dream in their existence. Life is still a great discovery and fairy-tales will remain into themselves for all their life and will help them to keep dreaming in their adult life. Life won’t be at all simple and there will be sometimes difficult moments. That  “dreaming whispers from the past”  a good company in crucial  and fundamental moments of the existence and for giving answers to the complexity of the daily life.



Anna Maria Polidori


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