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Brothers Grimm and that Romantic idea of fairy-tales for…children

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on January 12, 2015

Zipes translated in a new book published recently the first edition of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy-tales released in 1812


Just few months ago, at the beginning of november, it was released a new book  written by Jack Zipes and illustrated by Andrea Dezsö.

Jack Zipes is one of the best known Brothers Grimm’s Brothers Grimm biographers. He is professor emeritus of german and comparative literature at the university of Minnesota. His passion for Brothers Grimm and their fairy-tales a big love.
Zipes has translated months ago the first edition appeared in 1812 by the Brothers Garimm’s fairy-tales.
No one since now had done it.

The reason?

Professor Zipes did it because the first edition of the fairy-tales is  the most original ones and fairy-tales not purified as it would have happened later in the other editions (seven in total) released later.

The final fairy-tales in fact are different from that first edition where the fairy-tales were transcribed in their own originality and exactly as people had told to them the tales.


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The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm is the title by Zipes’ book and it is published by Princeton University Press.

Forty-fifty tales deleted or drastically changed from the first to the seventh edition of the collection published by the Brothers Grimm but after all these fairy-tales were not for everyone but for adult readers. Brothers Grimm didn’t at first take in consideration the middle class and so a largest population.
After the success that these tales had had and the high positive impact received in the entire german society, the idea of an adapted edition for people and families of the middle-class.

What the Brothers Grimm Brothers Grimm deleted from the fairy-tales in the editions would have followed that previous one?

Well mainly fairies. Fairies were deleted because of the french fairy-tales, and french were not seen well because Napoleon had occupied Germany. Brothers Grimm added Christian touches here and there.

The fairy-tales collected by the Brothers  at first dedicated to adults, started to being of great attraction for the parents of German’s children. The necessity of keeping the fairy-tales  more cleaned by an excessive mental stress for the kids, indispensable.

Brothers Grimm deleted so all the treats that maybe could have been considered from most people and in particular the of the middle-class ones too much extreme.

The original stories are beautiful because they have all the powerful energy that the storytelling bring with it.



Anna Maria Polidori


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