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Into the Woods? “Clever, smart, original, profound” tells Marshall

Posted in Uncategorized by Anna Maria Polidori on January 13, 2015

Director Rob Marshall in an interview to THR: “I think the only thing you can do is tell the story that means something to you, that’s special to you, that you have a connection to



January 7, 2015 the premiere Sondheim, Streep and Marshall of Into the Woods 420x560xitwdvd1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.o-MhuwsGAfB8mV5nwYXV   in London31FEA13D-2821-4157-B40F-FDBFBDC08D13_w640_r1_s_cx0_cy4_cw0 . Most the stars participated at the events, including the always stunning Meryl Streep tn-500_image009 and director Rob Marshall rob marshall  rob_M
A masterpiece, Into the Woods, highly appreciated from critics, families and public thanks to a staff, like Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, creators of the Broadway musical and now movie version and a cast of wonderful actors.

A wonderful Johnny Depp 1978851_594116547378541_785874051392675923_n 1966890_594116580711871_6247514484343361238_n 420x420xitwsocial18.jpg.pagespeed.ic.qhtIv45shb portrayed a ferocious and lascivious wolf.

Brilliant and extremely talented actors, Rob Marshall talked with the press explaining how big is his love for musical, a genre maybe at the moment not highly appreciated but that in the past had known a Golden Age where talented actors and actresses wrote important chapters in Hollywood.

Rob Marshall and his passion for musicals are a long story. Since he was a kid and later a dancer, and then a choreographer and at the end a director.

Musical is his first love and the most profound one. I understand this director because I grew up with a lot of old-fashioned musicals and stunning dancers as well and I would want to see in general more musicals produced in Hollywood.

With Chicago Marshall brought home something like six Oscars, one for best picture as well.

The Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed Marshall because of his passion for musicals, but starting from….the beginning….

Marshall told he grew up on musicals. “They’re something that really attracted me as a child” said to THR.

Let’s see where little Rob Marshall spent his time when he was very young and still unknown.
Marshall told to THR when he lived in Pittsburgh where he is from, they had the Tv Graphic. Little Marshall would look for every musical that was playing.

The revelation? At 13 years when the teen-ager Marshall saw all the possible movie musicals.
Stanley Donen, Vincente Minnelli, Gene Kelly, Robert Wise George Cukor, Bob Fosse.

Marshall describes them as “Huge heroes of mine”.

What Marshall couldn’t imagine, was one day to be part of the showbiz and one day a director of successful movies and musicals.

Rob Marshall’s biggest love was theater. “And being on stage” admitted candidly.

It was in the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera that Marshall started to be involved in various productions. The sound of music and The King and I.

Marshall obtained the Equity card as a dancer and later went to Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh).

Appeared to Marshall as a revelation that Broadway would have been his world.

And Chorus Line, brought Marshall to Broadway because he obtained a role in this musical.
The story of the launch of the career of Marshall with Chorus Line, this one.

At that time Rob Marshall was at Carnegie Mellon. He had received his Equity Card as a dancer. Chorus Line was coming to town. It was a national tour, remembers Marshall.
Marshall remembers that in every city they would have would hold an audition. He was casted for Chorus Line and spent on a national tour his summer. He was 19 years. Later Marshall would have left the show, returned home, would have completed the senior year. Then moved to New York, and worked at a musical in Broadway, Zorba. In the cast Anthony Quinn.

Soon Marshall discovered the pleasure of choreography. So the structure, moves, steps of a musical.

Marshall says that with the time he started to be the dance captain and the assistant choreographer. Marshall said he was interested “To sneak into the room and watch the scene work”.

Unfortunately as it happens sometimes to dancers, during the Broadway musical Cats Marshall injured the back. Marshall tells to THR : “When I came out of choreography, when I finished the show, I didn’t want to jump right back into dancing. It was a herniated disc”.

Back healed and although distant from Broadway the fame of Marshall was solid and he started to work as choreographer in Florida. No more dancing for Marshall. For a long while Marshall choreographed various shows. His first Broadway show as choreographer was Kiss of Spider Woman then The Rank with a legend like Liza Minnelli and Chita Rivera. Later a production of Chicago in Los Angeles.

It wasn’t the first production the one of Chicago in Los Angeles.Previously tells Marshall he directed a production involving Camelot.

King Arthur, Lancelot, Marshall says that that production was fantastic.
Marshall thinks that the musical is an American creation. He says: “When there’s a West Side Story or there’s a Chicago on stage or Cabaret, a brilliantly told piece through music, there’s nothing like it”.
Musicals are special because as Marshall says: “When speaking isn’t enough, you must sing. When movement isn’t enough, you dance, or when speaking isn’t enough, you sing. When it’s organic and it’s earned like that in a musical, that’s when it works, and then there’s nothing like it because it’s this thing that takes you to a whole another level”.

Hollywood from decades simply ignored the genre.

Marshall told (incredible to believe) that no one would have believed at the success of Chicago.
He told: “I was told countless times that the movie musical was dead, and so we were trying to sneak it in.I never believed the genre was dead”.

Problems with Hollywood and musicals? To Marshall: “Musicals started to be over-bloated and not well executed and thought through, and they just became these big, huge, massive productions that actually sunk some studios along the way, so people saw them as a liability, I think, and it scared them”.

The success of Chicago? To Marshall at first Chicago was very highly stylized. So he said to the screenwriter: “No, you must come up with a concept where you embrace the fact that it’s theatrical.”

The beautiful idea: two realities. Marshall tells to the magazine: “One would be the stage reality and one would be the real reality. You’d have a real story and then, in-between, you’d have musical numbers, and we would see it all through a character’s eyes. And then we chose to make it through Roxie’s eyes. You can watch it in many different versions.

The Oscar for this humble director? “A surprise. The thing I wanted to do following that, because I was in this very rare position that you get very few times in your life where you can pick and choose what you like to do, was something completely different and challenging”.

Marshall describes his life and career: “I’ve always looked for something that’s very hard and challenging to do, not something that’s easy to do — and something that also gives you some kind of life experience.You want to do something that really is life-enriching and unique”.

Nine saw also the participation of Sophia Loren. “One of the things I really try to do, to create a safe environment for actors to really be great”.

Movies: “What I try to do is follow my heart and follow my gut. All you can really do is tell a story you want to tell that’s personal, that you’re connected to in some way, that means something to you. Great material is not the easiest thing to find in the world”.

Wonderful words these ones of Marshall regarding his work and the work of creative people: “As a director or a writer or whatever, I think the only thing you can do is tell the story that means something to you, that’s special to you, that you have a connection to. You have to love it, and feel it and want to tell it”.

Into the Woods his latest creation, 10613027_782460528477109_2604017585244243629_n has been a piece always loved by Rob Marshall. Marshall’s words for this musical: “Clever, smart,original, profound“. Marshall loved the message the musical was spreading. The final decision the day Marshall watched on tv the speech of President Obama for the tenth anniversary of the terroristic attack at the Twin Towers wtc 5  wtc 4  wtc wtc 2 wtc 3statue of liberty 2 Statue of Libertyan event changed the History of the Occident.
President Obama said during that speech to the families of the victims more than 3000 people just in the right place in the wrong moment: “You are not alone. No one is alone“.

This one to Marshall is the central message of the movie and the song: “No one is alone“.

Marshall thought: “Wow, what an important message for children of today, especially, but families as well”.

Marshall dedicated this movie at Children and families. About children he said during the interview that they’re “Dealing with a much more unstable and fragile world than the one existed when I was growing up. Dealing with school shootings or the devastation of something like Hurricane Sandy or any kind of terrorism.They’re so much wiser, in a way, much more attuned to the world, I think, and have to grow up a lot quicker”.

The comfort? “That you are not alone and that you are with someone and no one is alone. And that’s the message to the children who have experienced loss in our film. “You are not alone. No one is alone.”

At the end of the family will born this new family. The movie in fact explores the Happily Every After moment. Reality becomes more real than the real reality.

The movie is fun but at the same time there is a lot of profundity thanks to a genius as also said by Marshall as Sondheim is.

“The package that’s inside is funny and colorful and joyous and clever, all the wonderful things about it, but that it also has a profound nature”.

Marshall says he loves “All of the colors of women in film”. After all the best performers, tells Marshall can be with tranquility women and the best roles in musicals are written for women.

Marshall doesn’t have any doubts: “I just think about making them great. I want to give them the room to be wonderful, give them the support and feeling they can do anything and, I kind of, in a way, fall in love with them”.

Marshall explains: “I want them to know that they are loved by me, and to make them feel incredibly empowered by that and feel free to try anything. I really try not to judge, especially in rehearsals when they’re trying everything”.

The various partners of Into the Woods.

Marshall says Meryl did all her best as a Witch “She threw herself all around the room”.

Emily is another winning one for Marshall. “Funny, accessible. So warm, plenty of humor”.

Anna Kendrick: “Great vulnerability”.

The character of Meryl Streep: “The Witch? Can be played two-dimensionally. Depth, humor, vulnerability and all different colors”.

Marshall: “The Witch was so real, you could care for her. So I guess it’s because I love all the colors of women and I want to bring them out”.

Courageous man!



Anna Maria Polidori


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