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Mortdecai Premiere!!!!

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on January 18, 2015

Johnny, what amazing day! x0


Mortdecai has been filmed starting from september 2014 in London.

Johnny as Mortdecai_ This one was a pic of Johnny as Mortdecai although that evening was giving a prize to his good friend and actor Christopher Lee. Amazingly sophisticated, Johnny started to fall completely in the role of Charlie Mortdecai. Adding this tBS9M0oX_400x400 moustache….


and giving to the aristocrat Charlie Mortdecai the sweet, tender and funny personal touch of Johnny Depp (FSR:AA)


Filming meant spending also great moments with the rest of cast and workers. It was very cold that months in London.


1486894_632611550114550_899291586_n 1472752_632843203424718_1905152919_n


Johnny as Charlie and Bettany as Jock Strapp during a pause of the filming. I want to thank Lory Depp Girl for all these pictures. They have permitted me to follow Johnny in this amazing adventures wonderfully well.



These pictures from the set of Mortdecai (London)


1450968_627868780588827_275989762_n  1451380_627868767255495_1138352389_n 1452310_627868820588823_761528911_n 1452428_627868833922155_1678240080_n 1460142_627868753922163_609332464_n 1471402_627868797255492_1413155395_n


Mortdecai is a project wanted by Lionsgate and Infinitum Nihil.


Based on the book written by Kyril Bonfiglioli Bonfiglioli and Craig Brown brown, The great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery published in 1999 and last of the fourth books  written by Kyril Bonfiglioli regarding Charlie Mortdecai, is a sort of thriller with a lot of original touch.

Thanks in fact to a personal devotion of the first author, Kyril Bonfiglioli for PG Wodehouse the same author tried to create another couple like the winning one  invented by PG Wodehouse with Bertie and Jeeves: the one of Charlie&Jock.

In the movie: Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany in the role of Mortdecai and Jock Strapp.

It was a great invention. Dark humor, the adventures lived by Charlie Mortdecai are the ones of a rich, pretty snob Londoner art dealer in his 50s, amoral, surrounded mainly by people like him and with a lot of passions for food, alchol, women, books, some intellectual magazines called Playboy and a canary.

In this latest book Charlie, because to the hospital for removing his hemorrhoids, Charlie, surrounde dby young nurses all impatient to keeping him company started to cultivate the idea of growing up this moustache. The wife Johanna will decline any sexual activity with him because too much shocked for the final result: to her the moustache was frankly too much unattractive for taking in consideration  any sexual intercourse with the husband

Johnny in his characterization did something else. Thanks to him Mortdecai is a funny man, hilarious, sunny and fresh and the moustache, it couldn’t have been read differently thanks to Johnny, the prestige of his being an aristocrat. “The moustache complete him” added Johnny in a recent interview.

With a sweet Johnny Depp in the red carpet, Paul Bettany in the role of Jock Strapp and the director of the movie David Koepp.

Enjoy this pictures sent me thanks to Lory Depp Girl

Johnnys Heart Art Plus ..

First of all the theater where took place the Mortdecai World Premiere

It was a sunny day this one in Berlin and a lot of adoring fans of Johnny Depp (lucky them!!!) decided of waiting impatiently the arrival of Charlie, Willy, Jack, Ed, Gilbert, The Mad Hatter……




At the arrival what it maybe touches the most the soul looking at Johnny is this sweet and good smile.





Johnny as always was there for answering all the questions of tv and press.

10307231_379979745509008_1167892142496938748_n 10922531_379979725509010_1125427558447319361_n


10931202_379980152175634_8329826190909813834_n 10474191_379980075508975_6819257022864508676_n 10917774_379979648842351_6842084198663306121_o


And now: ready for the adoring fans!

14909_379980285508954_5182740397804891713_n 10926429_379980038842312_821780040405863004_n  10922668_379980008842315_7238142834105216047_n  10898271_379979988842317_7424452192118177183_n


Close to the theater with Jerry

1513654_379980055508977_181870393914266218_n 10923580_379979945508988_7230548339528447780_n

10369975_379979925508990_1673005819900715623_n 10915260_379979898842326_5852239740529969544_n


Hi Mortdecai! Welcome!




Johnny is making happy some photographers with ritual pictures.


10923613_379980425508940_2229697127164148227_n 10924719_379980308842285_4332545881026627587_n 10250035_379980392175610_3258824838687106371_n


All the cast reunited together.


10472756_379979838842332_1981048338400926605_n  10801855_379979825509000_4285499450515413709_n           10926390_379979782175671_4480104291060016558_n      10933782_379979862175663_2578656410130057305_n


I want to complete these photo with this picture. Good luck to Mortdecai and Johnny: great work! x0x0x0





Anna Maria Polidori


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