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Dear Johnny

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on January 24, 2015

Dear Johnny,


Yesterday morning I sat here just for few minutes because busy all day.
At the same time, maybe it was better because I had to reflect about what I would have written today regarding Mortdecai and this incredible flop, bomb as called by my American colleagues specialized in cinema, in the Usa.

I followed this great promotion, Berlin, London, Los Angeles with great enthusiasm. I bought two editions of The Mortdecai Trilogy and read most of it. I also bought The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery, and read most of it.

I appreciate in particular this latest book because much more clear and less confused to me if compared to the other ones.  I bought of course All the tea in China because I trust you and your tastes in term of books (although Mortdecai is dedicated mainly to men than not to us. Bonfiglioli was a bit maschilist according to my point of view 🙂 ) and I know that when you pick up something there is sufficient value inside for thinking to create with it a movie. And so, reading it a pleasure.

Yesterday night I read a lot of reviews. With calm. And with great sadness in my heart because I would have wanted to read positive reviews and comments considering also that this period is not the happiest one of your life and you would need positivity.

I knew that the movie coudn’t be a great success for too many reasons Johnny but I confess I would have wanted to read some positive reviews and this is the worsest part of all of it, about Mortdecai: there are no positive reviews. Yes Forbes wrote a positive encouraging piece weeks ago I had read it. The colleague was encouraging as all of us of course.

I am sure I will love your Mortdecai more than the one created by Kyril Bonfiglioli and Craig Brown (who completed the final book The great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery), because the original one too much dark for a sunny person like me although the movie appear according to the critics “unfunny, too much long, sexiest” etc etc etc. You will know these critics better than me.

Remember that Bonfiglioli remains (and what a last name: it means GoodChildren in english) a pretty unknwon author.

The opening in theaters in the Usa of your Mortdecai has been pretty miserable: this friday $1.6M and they think the movie can close the week-end with just $4.6M. The movie costed 60 millions of dollars, 10 more than Into the Woods still in the first places of the box office with more than 140 millions of dollars and people enthusiastics of it. You, Johnny play the role of the Lascivious Wolf in Into the Woods. Critic and public enthusiastic for your performance.

It is true that you are loved outside the Usa, and so surely you can counts on the other markets for repristinating this problem as happened for the other flops, five in total. The USA is not anymore to you fertile territory where you can think of winning at the box office easily.
Not like in the past.

What went wrong with Mortdecai? What is profoudly wrong between you and your relationship with American viewers? What is profoundly wrong in Johnny Depp mainly?

I read a lot yesterday night for trying to have a good perspective of all of it.
Most of my colleagues think that you are continuing to play in any role again and again and again Jack Sparrow trying to recreate a sort of new miracle. But most of the times characters don’t need a known mask. They just need to be themselves.

Charlie Mortdecai is just a noble man. A dark noble man. You’ll know tons of them, falling in love as you recently said for London and londoners. There is a monarchy in Uk.

I have had a noble as a teacher at the high school and he was the funniest and most relaxing teacher I have known in all my life. He enjoyed life, and although not anymore young at all, a good spirit with a lot of sense of irony and humor. Nobles are normal people. Funny most of the times.

My colleagues think that you, Johnny have forced a lot the characterization of Mortdecai.

Well I noticed it looking at some pictures. I still have the dial-up so I did watch just a trailer of Mortdecai and it didn’t appear to be such this devastation.

But here we are.

Your first movies, all intelligent, very well structured, researched, well done, collaborations with Tim Burton, but also What’s eating Gilbert Grape or Neverland, for a niche of people.

Later Pirates. And your life changed.

What happened in that while?

People would be enthusiastic of seeing again the old Johnny Depp. They would want to see this miracle so badly. Not just the actor, Johnny, but the man. The man. Because when that man will be back, healthy and healed all the artistic problems you are experiencing now will fly away, trust me.

Of course we are fans and we will go to the cinema for seeing Mortdecai but the point is not this.

I think that in your profession as maybe in all professions involving mind and intellect, what it is as a big priority, the biggest one, Johnny, is this: the respect for spectators and viewers. Always.

Because people are, as you said once, your real bosses, because they pay their 12 dollars for going to the cinema and seeing a movie, and appreciating what you do.

These bosses are punishing you from various movies, Johnny and so maybe there is to reflect profoundly about it. Why people are tired of this new Johnny Depp and they’re still dreaming the old one?

Why this new one is so different?

I am more than sure that if you would give us a poetic movie as you were able to create in the past, people would be back. And without too many hesitations.


The new Johnny is not anymore able to dream to me. I had known a Johnny with The corpse Bride, with Neverland, with Ed Wood, with Pirates as well, in the first phase in grade to transmit to people a lot. And plenty of enthusiasm for life.

What I want to ask to you, Johnny, as a prayer is to giving us again…Johnny Depp, your soul, your ideas leaving alone extreme characterizations. Jack Sparrow  can’t have any success in any other movies. It’s great but for Pirates. He lives and has a soul just like a pirate.

If you add old character’s soul to all the rest of your characters, people can start to  think that there is a continous replica and a big lack of creativity. And Johnny Depp is immensely creative and doesn’t need to do that.

You are original Johnny, just you are maybe scared of trying something new and different. Launch yourself mate. You will be stunning!!! Like you are in the Lascivious Wolf. Let your soul explores other dimensions.

I know a Johnny Depp enthusiastic for his work. Absolutely. Always.

I want to see Johnny Depp back, are you listening Johnny?

Johnny Depp must return.

You are so loved Johnny. People love you.

We want to see your originality and your geniality back.

Johnny, you can do this! Don’t delude your bosses worried for you.

Stay always well. Stay strong first of all, take care of your health that it is at the moment your biggest priority and remember that what give to all of us the energy for going on are dreams. Keep dreaming Johnny.
Do not just observe the surface of the ocean…

Always loving you



Anna Maria Polidori

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