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A ring of Amazonite will help Johnny Depp?

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on January 30, 2015

The new, powerful, magical gift presented him by Lily-Rose


Lily-Rose recently presented a beautiful relaxing ring to her dad Johnny Depp. Johnny was wearing this ring during the premiere of Mortdecai. The ring is composed by Amazonite a semi-precious stone with precise properties. This stone should theoretically work on Johnny’s psychical system.

Let’s hope that stone will help Johnny as well. In the past I gave a lot of trust to stones and Johnny is a profound lover of the category, so he shouldn’t never have experienced realistically a dark period like this one protected as he is by a lot of amulets and stones he always wears.

The amazonite is a strong stone in particular influential in the sector of the communication. In particular it stimulates the communication of the truth balancing the sector of the communication with integrity.
The stone is active in the chakra of the throat and the higher heart or thymus. Words will have a different energy thanks to this stone and it will be told the truth aligning the words with the ideals of the person who is wearing it. The words spoken will be dictated by the real character of the person not following the social norms. Although Johnny hasn’t never followed the social norms,

The stone should help the person to remaining calm where it’s necessary to speak the truth about sensitive thematics.

The stone is from Madagascar, but can be found in Russia, Canada, other places in Africa, Brazil, (Amazon River, says the legend, where it was discovered the first time).

The stone when “darker” can have a much more intense power although the light stone presented by Lily-Rose to her dad have a strong impact where it must have it bringing new lightness and light to his dad.

The first people used the amazonite where the Egyptians and we can find a mention of it in the Book of Dead.

Some jewels were made with this material, amazonite when put in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

The stone helps against stress from life,  giving at the same time new energy.
This stone is a stone of manifestation of the words and truth.

Mainly this stone is a stone of words and communication and manifestation of the truth through spoken word.
If the person wearing the stone is living some particular big stress, it should bring new calm and relaxation. The stone can be also brought in case there is need of a confrontations with other people  and it can be difficult to express our own emotions, feelings, truths. The stone help to sort out problematic of the past or recent as well.
The stone will help the person wearing the jewel of understanding how his past words have created the current reality and situation.

It’s a stone related at the zodiac sign of the Virgo, not Gemini the zodiac sign of communication. Johnny is a gemini. We all know the perfection of Virgo and accuracy and auto-control of that sign. It’s a stone for people researching calm and balance when they lose it.

Amazonite  stone symbolizes the “love of one mind” to deepen the love of loved ones.

The stone should be wear close to the throat.

Amazonite is called “hope stone”  because it produces hope and it helps the emotional part of ourselves. Another property: it helps to balancing our two sides: the female and male energy.

If there are blockages in the nervous system it will be helpful as well.

It’s good for being put close to the cell phone and pc. It will absorb the unwanted energies. It will help to de-stress the muscle tissue within the brain and rehabilitate the nervous system.

Johnny could add to it the Tiger’s Eye Tiger's Eye, able to let him see with clarity the events being at the same time a great spiritual protector.

Another semi-precious stone can work well with Amazonite is the Blue Larimar larimarfrom the Carribean. It helped who is writing this piece in the past as well.  Larimar is a friend of heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. It works at high evels for bringing inner inner wisdom, peace, clarity, healing, love.

Larimar is great against stress and anxiety.






Anna Maria Polidori


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