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Into the Woods Blu-Ray available soon

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 28, 2015

1-Disc Blu-Ray + Digital HD



Are you a big fan of Into the Woods? Have you seen the Broadway show and you have been an addicted one of the movie version as well? Very good. For you there is a wonderful news: very soon this next march 24th the movie Into the Woods, announced Disney, will be launched in Blu-Ray . This stunning movie received three nominations at the Academy Awards and it is the adaptation of the Broadway musical created by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine in 1987. Rob Marshall the director said to the press he decided to realize this movie for talking better to the families and kids of today, considering the Twin Towers Attacks and well, being so visionary, also the actual situation in the entire world, I guess. Families and kids and people in general are living a different reality respect to the ones of the past generations, unfortunately. Complexities are growing. Into the Woods wants maybe not to give an answer to all these problems but to trying to add a new light at this different world. I would invite everyone to buying this DVD. Actors performed here: Meryl Streep in the role of the Witch; Johnny Depp in the one of the Lascivious Wolf, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, James Corden. In the Blu-Ray pack will be possible to find: the original song written by Sondheim and not included in the movie: “She’ll be back” sang by Meryl Streep. This song reveals more about her relationship with Rapunzel. In the DVD  a special section regarding the creation of Into the Woods. Interview with Marshall and all the incredible creative people he was surrounded by. You will find other wagons of extras and informations and so: go for it. Take the hand of these creative people and accept the invite of all of them for going all together Into the Woods.


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AnaMaria, Jack and that slap so deserved!

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 27, 2015

Remembering Pirates 1



When everything was born. When maybe no one would have imagined such a big success for Pirates.


It was taken more or less two weeks ago a new picture of Zoe Zaldana, the actress portrayed the role of AnaMaria, the pirate girl slapped Jack Sparrow without too many compliments while he was recruiting his crew.

But do you know why the screenwriters decided to call the character of Zoe AnaMaria, a pretty unusual name?

At that time the screenwriters of Pirates one were Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott.

Legend wants that the name of the daughter of one of these two creative men is AnaMaria. In her honor, this name.


In this picture the actress with his actual companion in a pretty wild look so similar at the one of Johnny Depp.




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Johnny at the concert of the Foo Fighters

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 27, 2015

Last Tuesday 24th our pirate has been seen in the backstage of the concert of the American band


The Foo Fighters were performing last febr 24th at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium and guess who decided to stopping by because of their concert?

Johnny Depp.

Johnny in Australia for filming Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales it seems can’t stay too much distant for a long time to musicians and bands.

11001818_395986357241680_6467890375591477982_n 11027974_396116100562039_3181773189734675681_n  10920930_396137430559906_1877618499419353067_n 10959351_396714350502214_2932732366025770863_n  10801705_396181937222122_1647680540687421364_n (thanks Lory for pics)

When he discovered that the band would have performed in Brisbane he didn’t want to lose the opportunity of assisting at their concert.

All the band members were incredibly happy, surprised and cheerful for being surrounded by the magician of Captain Sparrow in person. The dream in the dream.

The first to sharing the news with the world? Gold Coast fishing crew The Mad Hueys. He wrote on Instagram posting a pic: “At the Foo Fighters concert ran into Johnny Depp, had the black pearl parked in the valley!”

Johnny wore a bandana, eyeliner and he  was also seen with a member from the night’s opening act The Delta Riggs.

The Foo Fighters are in a world tour.





Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny talking with a japanese tv of Into the Woods

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 26, 2015

The role of the Lascivious Wolf remembered by Depp during the promotion of Mortdecai in an interview of last jan 28th


Johnny Depp 11021140_396141987226117_7697812955585053703_n while spent some days in Japan because of his promotion for the movie Mortdecai remembered his role as the Lascivious Wolf in Into the Woods, the movie based on the Broadway musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine and produced by Disney.

The movie a big success.

Johnny’s role received positive critics from public and journalists.

Here the interview




Anna Maria Polidori

First picture of Pirate Jack on the set

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 22, 2015

Looking more closely to the first pic posted by producer Bruckheimer

Disney producer Bruckheimer posted some days ago the first picture of Jack Sparrow.

10978683_393757244131258_2873786187661061182_n  10255905_393757234131259_114417785663542631_n 10255905_393757234131259_114417785663542631_na

Here the final result, without filters of any kind.

10408598_394738097366506_2798588375960500288_ns 10408598_394738097366506_2798588375960500288_n



Welcome back, captain Sparrow!



Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny Depp and his great return as Jack Sparrow on the set of Pirates

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 20, 2015

Jack is  back!


At first rumors wanted to let us believe that Jack Sparrow couldn’t be back too soon because he needed to find a place where to staying during the shootings in Australia and some extra days of break.

While producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted just few hours ago that Jack is back on…set.

Johnny Depp johnny26 is back to work with plenty of energy and enthusiasm in this fifth installment of Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales.


10255905_393757234131259_114417785663542631_n 10255905_393757234131259_114417785663542631_na

As we can see from the picture, Jack Sparrow 3071336_ori is fabulous and his arrival will mean for sure great excitement for everyone.

Pirates is officially back now that we have seen the appearance of his captain on the set.


Welcome back Jack. We missed you a lot.



Anna Maria Polidori






Catherine Greig, her devotion for “Whitey” and the impossibility of moving on with her existence without the gangster

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on February 18, 2015

“Whitey” the biggest and unforgettable love of her life is still conditioning Catherine Greig’s existential choices


Days ago appeared an article on the Boston Globe regarding Catherine Greig, Whitey Bulger’s companion. The piece was written by Shelley Murphy co-author with Kevin Cullen of Whitey Bulgeramazon

If we had left more than a week ago the mobster involved in a new friendship with a poor psychologist, who, it seems, in front of him couldn’t resist at the perverse charisma of the infamous octogenarian mobster, and we had also taken in consideration what it means to be a criminal star and the fascination of the various inmates in line for a pic with the Bostonian gangster Jimmy “Whitey” whitey whitey 4 Bulger while he was in the  prison in Tucson, discovering  he is enjoying to autograph as a star various pictures of himself and other celebrities as well, this time it’s the turn of Catherine Greig, the lady spent all the time with “Whitey” during the 16 years they lived hided in Santa Monica to the rest of the world.

Catherine Greig must serving an eight-year prison term because she helped Bulger to evading capture for more than 16 years.

The latest news is that Catherine Greig Catherine Catherine Greig at the moment doesn’t feel any interest in collaborating with justice.

She is in prison because of “Whitey”, she helped Whitey, but she is still is deeply in love for him and she refuses to cooperate with a federal grand jury in Boston.
At the moment what the investigators wanted to try to understand were the past 16 years of Whitey Bulger mostly spent in Santa Monica, thanks to the help of Catherine Greig.

Catherine Greig refused to answer the questions. The grand jury assured her the immunity order. If she would have said the truth no one would have prosecuted her. Of course if she would have told the truth to the grand jury.

Catherine’s refusal maybe can mean an additional punishment in term of years in prison for this 63 years lady.

Why did she refuse to talk?


At this point “Whitey” will die probably in a prison somewhere, Catherine can still thinks of spending some time in peace and free.

It’s clear that Catherine Greig is still emotionally involved in Whitey’s life and that the connection with the criminal is more than alive. So unforgettable that maybe she can’t or she doesn’t want to reveal anything of that long period with the Bostonian mobster Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger.

Catherine has always been very important in Bulger’s life. Two the most important women of the gangster: Teresa Stanley has always been the woman close to Whitey, the one appeared during public appearances.

The relationship with Teresa Stanley ended up when Teresa refused to follow Whitey when he left Boston in 1995 because the wind for him was changed.

Catherine once Teresa declined to following Bulger, was more than happy to replace the old antagonist.

Ambitious girl, Catherine after the high school studied for two years at the Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists. Intelligent she was chosen from a very good and prestigious periodontitis and research scientist for working in his laboratory.

While work was going on well a young Greig married a certain Bobby McGonagle and it was a nightmare. In 1973 they split up obtaining the divorce in 1977.

They split up because Bobby cheated Catherine with Catherine’s twin.

It’s not difficult to imagine the pain she must have suffered. This young woman cheated by two of the most important people of her life: her twin and the man she loved so badly.

Catherine would have met “Whitey” when she was 24 and Whitey 46.

Catherine changed life-style. Beautiful clothes, jewels, fur coats.

Some of Catherine’s friends added to Cullen and Murphy: “She wanted to be loved”.

It is certainly without discussion that what happened between her twin sister and Bobby, her husband, was absolutely horrible. Being young and cheated by the people she loved the most a big delusion.

Surely she desired to find someone else able to loving her. And maybe she would have been able to give him back some trust considering what happened  in her past sentimental experience. Pretty disastrous and not for her fault.

At the same time while Catherine was thinking to be the most important woman for Bulger, there is to say that “Whitey”‘s bed was highly populated.

“Whitey” loved to spend every dinner at the house of Teresa while he loved to sleep at Catherine Greig’s house.

If Teresa didn’t have any idea of Cathy, Catherine of course knew everything of the rival.

Teresa to “Whitey” meant the normality of a family. Children, a lady to go proud of. With Catherine there was that passion, freedom and transgression he couldn’t maybe entirely live with Teresa Stanley.

Catherine has always been unsecure of her physical aspect. She considered Teresa more beauty than her and because of this fixation, the fear of losing “Whitey” because of it, Catherine re-touched a lot her body, breast, and facial treats.

Whitey Bulger was captured in Santa Monica june 2011. He lived in an apartment at just few steps from the sea and the beach. FBI agents found in the wall of the house $822,000 and 30 guns Bulger bought here and there. All this stuff  in the wall of their apartment.

Catherine Greig recognized guilty in june 2012.

Conspiracy to harbor a fugitive, conspiracy to commit identity fraud, identity fraud.

Bulger with the 2013 sentence was  accused of 11 murders, two life sentences and he should pay $19.5 to his victims and $25.2 to the government.

For this reason it started a massive research of all the places where Whitey Bulger can hiding money.

Whitey won’t be lucky if will write  the story of his life because all the profits obtained from his memories would be seized.

Donahue the widow of a man killed by Bulger invites Catherine Greig at re-thinking her position telling to Shelly Murphy: “He’s in jail for life and she still has some of her life left with freedom. I don’t know why she thinks it’s worth giving it all up. You can be in love with somebody, but eventually you come to the reality of what is going on“.

Can a lady like Catherine in love for “Whitey” from a life to be able to start of thinking independently by Whitey’s influence?

If the story of the psychologist is true, I strongly doubt it. I don’t think that there is any hope for Catherine. I don’t think she is searching some escapism from Whitey, just a personal impression of course, because maybe her biggest love of her life. With all the consequences of the case and an endless devotion.




Johnny Depp is Whitey Bulger 10173746_715324678509903_3976900214537709341_n  in the first movie adaptation of the life-story of the gangster. The movie, Black Mass is based on the book written by the two former journalists and writers of the Globe: Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill: Whitey Bulger, Black Mass Book CoverThe F.B.I. and a devil’s deal.



Anna Maria Polidori




Helensvale and the arrival of stars and….pirates

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 17, 2015

Great excitement for the first Pirates shooting in the little australian city


February 17th will be remembered because this one has been the first day of filming of Pirates 5. Several hours before dawn.

1510705_393233857516930_4842666574795051194_n 10931212_393233870850262_8327163467249280049_n 1513662_393107067529609_7079496505025881061_n 10985545_393233847516931_2670283530017509437_n 10993464_393233837516932_3805425897000770027_n (thanks to Lory for the pics)

It was a big emotion for the people living in the Gold Coast: a magical experience they dreamt to living so badly from a lot of time at this part.

There is to say that the contacts between Disney and Australian government has been long but at the end winning under all the aspects.

At the end mr Abbott, Australian premier signed the final contract that would have brought the cast in the Gold Coast. The government has given 21 millions of dollars and other bucks to the production. They asked in return to Disney Studio of creating and increase local jobs and economy and Disney is answering very positively: this blockbuster will cost something like 250 million of dollars and 100 millions of dollars will be spent entirely in Australia. It means work, of course seasonal but very well paid for a lot of people without to count the tourism potentially and surely attracted by a franchise like Pirates is.

Restaurants, hotels, every kind of store will work much more.


A resident told to the Bulletin that the troupe: “started arriving about 3 am. We knew they were coming. We all went down to the set yesterday. They are keeping in touch with everyone on what is going on. They are very nice people”.

Rural neighbors, sixty people in total loved to seeing the first shooting of Pirates on sunday morning. They assisted to all the construction of the set during these past months with great joy and excitement.

Helensvale where the set is located, is a city of 15.000 citizens, named in this way because of Helena White.

As it happens always with big productions, people signed some papers for agreeing of not divulging any details of what they can see on the set about the filming for avoiding too much-anticipated spoilers. The production didn’t allow digital cameras or smart phones as well on the set for avoiding the temptation and possibility of filming or taking some pictures.

It’s not strange but common guidelines in a big production. Sometimes these restrictions can involve extras as well.

When the news Johnny Depp johnny5 was around somewhere, the property owner as reported by the Bulletin it seemed said: “I can’t believe it!”

Two residents said: “It’s a reconstructed town. Great details. Food is real. All the vegetables are real”.


Pirates are exigent, and they want to eat and drink very well. It is known. You will discover it, Gold Coast! 😉



Anna Maria Polidori

Jack Sparrow’s costumes

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 17, 2015

Let’s give a look at the new customes of Jack Sparrow


10945552_392885374218445_6449893473240766132_n This one is the first picture appeared online until now of Jack Sparrow’s customes -thanks Lory Depp Girl – still kept of course secrets and the ones of Sparrow’s stunt as well.


Jack Sparrow, main character of the Disney blockbuster’s movie Pirates this time filmed in the Australian Gold Coast started his pirate’s career with sunny and warm costumes Jack ___ adding oriental touches with the time, kk_jd and later a more aggressive look 5552456_std     remaining, at the same time always the most loved Disney’s character.



Anna Maria Polidori





Asks Johnny. He knows the answer

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on February 16, 2015

For men searching for a Jack Sparrow look 😉


I guess that everyone maybe has thought looking at the picture of Johnny Depp in Australia published two days ago: “Who are the two people close to Johnny?”

Once arrived in Australia the first place Johnny Depp stopped by was Buccaneer Grooming a reality created by Rhys Furner.

There has been a bit of misunderstanding about the role played by Rhys and his society. Realistically this one is a reality selling beard-grooming products for men. I truly apologise with my readers because I wrote that this man was a barber.

Rhys Furner’s reality is great for all that men interested to re-create a pirate-look or they love to paying attention to their beauty.

10423733_392053387634977_1954231994818031413_n 10615542_392092700964379_3023388761979530519_n

Like in the past our hero  is suggesting to men where to find the best for their daily necessities.

In the past “Asks Johnny He knows the answer” let us discover magical places where to find incredibly good books, like at the Brattle Book Shop of Boston or food or pizza or beverages or just a special place where to stop by for a relaxing moment of peace and tranquility.

This time Johnny is back suggesting for all the men an incredible good reality with great products.


To the “beardbassador” of Buccaneer Grooming Johnny  said: “Man, I have beard envy”.

The name of the locality where this pic has been taken close to Brisbane is still undisclosed.

But…if you are not close to Brisbane, Australia, wild man, just copy the incredibly wild look of these two men!

Maybe it will be sufficient although the products won’t be the ones of “Buccaneer Grooming”.



Anna Maria Polidori


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