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Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on February 5, 2015

And they lived…Happily Every After


Johnny Depp at least married his fiancée privately, in his West Hollywood’s house, surrounded by the warmth of his family and friends this february 3.


Thrilled and joyous for this event, Johnny will repeat the experience in his private island this saturday where, previously it was reported that the couple would have pronounced the famous: “Yes, I do” and where anyway there will be another pleasant event for everyone.

Fifty one guests as said before, the couple have just anticipated an event so long waited.

Johnny was extremely anxious of being a married man from a certain part at this time although he appeared allergic to matrimony in the past. It had to happen as quick as possible. He rushed a lot. He couldn’t wait anymore. Why? Johnny will be seriously busy in few days, affording in Australia for filming Pirates.

And… We mustn’t forget that a promise is a promise…

A long and controversial story this one of Johnny Depp and this actress.

The first official pics of AH is at the premiere of Public Enemies, june 2009, because she would have started that period to working with Johnny (in biblical sense I guess) at the adaptation of Thompson’s book. In a way, Public Enemies was a movie that changed Johnny forever.


There is in fact a before and after in Johnny’s life.



Once upon a time there was a beautiful, honest, funny, Johnny’s smile.

003 deppink005 deppink004 NassauJune2005039 johnny2


A happy, joyous curious smile tending at discovering every life’s aspect with expectations and curiosity.


More or less with the filming of Public Enemies and the premiere of Public Enemies Johnny’s smile would have changed forever.

Here other example of Johnny after his filming in Puerto Rico the movie based on Thompson’s book.


A different smile. This one is not Johnny’s smile. There is a fever, there is “something” that in the past didn’t exist.


In the while, AH at that time had a lesbian relationship with photographer    vvcb    Tasya von Ree. A long relationship. Four years together. AH is in fact lesbian and bisexual.


Rumors (specialized gossip’s sites) wants to say the couple split up when she decided of staying with Johnny and during 2011 this couple’s public appearances were realistically fakes because she had  left Tasya for Johnny. At the same time Johnny had to see what he wanted to do with his long-term relationship with Vanessa Paradis, the mother of his children Lily-Rose and Jack.


In this while  AH didn’t want to be the one ruined a family and so she flied away, to Paris, precisely, with her new flame Marie Villepin.


Johnny so, was single. With Vanessa the relationship wasn’t anymore the same of the past, his new flame was somewhere else with someone else of the same-sex.

Johnny tried to reconquering Vanessa, avoiding any possibility of separation (because it was still possible to save this reltionship) presenting her a beautiful bracelet. Vanessa replied with a: no thanks, although of course she is affectionate to Johnny, they have two children together and she has loved him deeply and with great force, bringing him great stability.

The separation went on.


A chapter apart must be dedicated to the friends tried to help Johnny in this “single” phase.

Someone tried to bring back from the past Wynona Rider but without success.

At the end, with force, Johnny started again to send tons of gifts to AH in Paris, from little ones to biggest ones,  praying her of leaving Marie, because if she would have done it, he would have married her.



That one must have been AH’s reaction when she discovered that news. She immediately rushed again in Johnny’s arms.


The patrimony of Johnny Depp at the moment is estimated in 350 millions of dollars and thanks to this wedding Mrs. Depp will obtain half of his patrimony in case of divorce, without counting  the extra money she can receives in case of arrival of some children.


Johnny described to Letterman AH as: “Sharp as a tack, a southern belle, sweet as can be. She is very good for me”

AH described Johnny in a pic where she was all naked and was displaying to the camera a poster as: “My Tonto man” imagining her as “Your texan bitch”.


Another dream realized, Johnny.


Congratulations for the happy choice



Anna Maria Polidori



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