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Healing Prayer

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Let’s pray for a quick recovery of Johnny. In the while some fans, in particular Lory Depp Girl and other ones are supporting Johnny also with this symbol, painted on the thumb, the same one of the irish ring Johnny loves to wearing often symbol of love and friendship.






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Look at this one, isn’t it wonderful?

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The New Black Pearl of Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales


The New Black Pearl has been built thanks to The Rainbow Gipsy, a stunning, wonderful ship sold by mr Kit Woodward for this purpose. The final result is incredibly stunning, and you can see a proud ship 11050656_410510649122584_831612664634187546_n 11088226_410510632455919_7440077318227769124_n thanks to the work of wagons of people for recreating the most known Pirate’s ship: the one of Captain Jack Sparrow.

It is waiting its captain Jack Sparrow 10646744_403550559818593_7433741055778996356_n  for living other incredible and funny adventures.



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Johnny, how are you?

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Let us know!

Dear Johnny,
we are always more worried for your hand’s condition. We would want to see this right hand injured when you want to share it with us. We start to be worried. We hope that it is healing well.

Injures happen Johnny. Don’t be scared. You will be fine!


Anna Maria Polidori

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Press Conference “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” Nassau June 26 2005

One of my favorite sets!

NassauJune2005036 NassauJune2005016 NassauJune2005005 NassauJune2005039  NassauJune2005003 11081075_409634352543547_4802985031932106038_n 10956476_409634299210219_7954085417455508180_n   11081295_409634259210223_4082789962997347348_n 11081221_409634192543563_2187751773593368510_n 11079610_409634109210238_8487151951897803928_n 10404110_409634132543569_811853843215391232_n 11059360_409634329210216_7673439675894567722_n


Johnny at the Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville

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Enjoy the pictures, stunning, taken by photographer Hartman, sept 5th 2001


11059696_408437705996545_1642590220711123880_n 11080988_408437725996543_8395733771666928982_n 11080891_408437749329874_5511815230651477428_n 11072448_408437205996595_6105781942545800317_n 11075290_408437769329872_5865558286614188858_n 10987313_408437689329880_2883504228563902453_n




Javier Bardem and that attorney close to him….

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 27, 2015

Security guidelines on set of Pirates are involving actors as well. The most famous episode until now



As said before the security guideline for Pirates 5 10646744_403550559818593_7433741055778996356_n Dead Men Tell No Tales is extremely rigid and severe and people involved in these restrictions are not just guests on set invited by some members of the crew or cast, but all the workers, stars included.

An actor recently experienced this….experience: Javier Javier Bardem Bardem.

His role is the one of the opposite of Captain Jack 22_19 Sparrow, portrayed by Johnny Johnny1 Depp,  Captain Salazar.

In Australia with Penelope Cruz and their two children the actor last week was interviewed and close to him not his agent or his PR, no, but an attorney pretty vigilant.
Bardem smiling added to the Cost Guard Bulletin: “They will put me in jail if I told you what my character is about. I have a lawyer actually looking at me right now, with a paper!” he added.



Anna Maria Polidori

Thanks, Johnny! And Happy birthday, Johnny’s movies!

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I couldn’t believe possible an adventure like this one…


Johnny’s movies celebrate today the first year of life! I am working with great enthusiasm for keeping all Johnny’s fans and curious greatly updated about Johnny Depp 10487439_300767500096900_4465466781284685627_n Johnny18 johnny_depp_99 johnnydeppg Johnny1 johnny-depp01 johnny156 johnny6 johnny26 johnny3-1 Johnny_Secret Window and his movies.

A feel a lot of joy for this important step. More than 400 posts posted, a diversified year.

A first thanks goes to Lory Depp Girl. Lory the girl with the hat-crop This cuban bubbling girl, living in New York City is the most extraordinary human being I have ever met. She sends me everyday wagons of news about Johnny and it’s thanks to her if the blog is so well updated with pictures and informations, that of course I expand in every possible direction. Without her this blog couldn’t exist.

Thanks to all of you! for reading my blog and for the patience because sometimes, I know, I invent new english words eheheh like flied and not flew, and once the Lascivious wolf became Laviscious. Yes, it’s me….

Thanks to Johnny for existing and being so stimulating. Stay well soon, captain!22_19

What about me? I am an italian journalist. I follow the current event in Italy of a little town for a regional newsmagazine.

Eleven years ago I met just for case this gang of friends, online. They were connected with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. I thought that Orlando Bloom at first was an association…Yes, ok, you found me! The only one in the world hadn’t seen to the cinema The Lord of the Rings. It was me.  Since there we are friends. Considering that most of the english I learnt is thanks to them, of course gratitude can pass also through a blog. Considering they had helped me a lot (without that they knew it) during a difficult moment of my life, unforgettable.  We will always be friends. Thanks! for all and of course….Happy reading!

v-crop1a Anna Maria Polidori

A fake “Bud Hope” asking for naked pics of natural breasts

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 26, 2015

New problem for Pirates 5


Funny news this one reported by the Gold Coast Bulletin if it wouldn’t be a bit upsetting for the ladies involved in this story and for the same casting man Bud Hopes and because after all also in this story there will be the involvement of police so it can be something a bit heavy.

Every woman and girl would want to be in the cast of Pirates 5 10646744_403550559818593_7433741055778996356_n Dead Men Tell No Tales, this is a fact. A lot of factors involved.  The prestige of this franchise, the enormity of success accumulated by the various movies.

And… imagining 44537016_l to see Johnny Depp  hgfhgfj as Jack Sparrow  22_19 10996151_395058077334508_2933802156796454410_n   while filming…Wow what a dream.

I guess a lot of women of all age must have thought this would have been great if the past days some of them who knows? maybe e-mailed without problems explicit pictures of their natural breasts to an e-mail of casting agent called “Bud Hope”, so maybe a lot of these women may have thought that the real Bud Hopes was knocking directly at their doors, well e-mails precisely,  what adoring idea, for requiring from them their real, natural boops.

Pity these e-mails sent by someone still unknwon were not sent from  Bud Hopes, the real name of the REAL casting man working for Pirates 5. Bud Hopes had accumulated in fact in the while sufficient boops, ahem, women for Pirates and he wasn’t searching anymore for other ones.

Yes, pity that the e-mail of the case doesn’t have any kind of connection with Bud Hopes.

There is not anymore hopes with Bud Hopes for the rest of women and their….natural breasts as written before. Casting is closed.

Anyway this person who set up the e-mail account has been pretty sly. Bud Hopes talked of it yesterday night on Facebook hoping to sorting out the problem as soon as possible.
This person in fact created this e-mail: without to add the final “s” of Hopes’ last name.

Who knows who can be this guy for sure with a great sense of voyeurism, time to spend close to a pc and irony? It can be I guess a  full-time job this one. Receiving pictures, answer back to the various ladies.

The mysterious “Bud Hope” surely took advantage by the curious casting call in which a lot of women were casted because what it was mainly required was their…natural breast. Women of all age.

Who can be this man? An old man with a lot of free time and able to use the net? Some teenagers enthusiastic to seeing all the pictures of these ingenuous women and at the same time thrilled for this, to them, goliardic game?
Until the mystery won’t be sorted out (and please let us know who was the responsible) there is to say that the mysterious Bud Hope started to send a lot of e-mails to women requesting pictures submissions with D-FF breast sizes, adding a slogan:

Of course you can never show too much“.

Who knows how many women happily answered back to the call of magical Bud Hope with a lot of hope for their future career in the showbiz, because of their natural boops, and maybe who knows? adding something else and later discovering very sadly that someone else, horror!!! received that pictures?

Pretty upset, Bud Hopes wrote yesterday on his Facebook’s page:

“Bud Hopes Casting
Yesterday at 7:14am ·

Just want to reiterate that all previous castings listed are definitely finished and completed, no more applications are necessary.

We would like to flag that the following email is in no way affiliated with Bud Hopes Casting. Any correspondence with this email address is in no way connected with Bud Hopes Casting or the castings we have listed.

The real e-mail of Bud Hopes is this one:


And there is more:

Today Hopes posted this on his Facebook page

“Bud Hopes Casting
13 hrs ·

In relation to media articles recently reported we fully support the action of reporting any suspicious behaviour of person/s purporting to be affiliated with this casting company.
If you have been deceived in any way by entities that falsely claim to be associated with this company (Bud Hopes Casting) please contact the Queensland Police Service on the following link :…/…/fraud/complaints.htm

In further clarification Bud Hopes Casting is not talent agency and does not represent people as such. We are an EXTRAS CASTING COMPANY that is employed by various productions to source background artists for various TV shows and Films that are shot mostly in Queensland Australia. We source talent from Talent Agencies and quite often DIRECT through call outs on social Media etc. This Facebook page and other sites will continue to be used to facilitate this process“.


Not the first time it happens something weird in the Gold Coast. This past october someone started to send a lot of e-mails…It was a fake casting call for trying to convince aspiring actors to buying an actors guide e-book.


What a world….




Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny should be back in Australia next april 2

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The return of Jack Sparrow while filming is going on



Each profession has its own nightmares. The main one of a movie-maker and an actor is losing for a while health while filming a movie because of an incident or an illness.


Novelties regarding Johnny Depp Johny Depp and Orlando Bloom Pirates 1

As we all know captain Sparrow injured his right wrist while was enjoying some spare time in the mansion he rented. He was go-karting. The fracture needed to be operated unfortunately and so Johnny decided to return to the Usa, Los Angeles march 11th. At first it was said he would have ben away from the set for two weeks.

It seems he won’t be back in Australia until april 2 according to the Australian Gold Coast Bulletin.

As written before, these days production is shootings scenes where Jack Sparrow 10996151_395058077334508_2933802156796454410_n 35 is not involved and people are working a lot for preparing scenes, locations and costumes for other shootings where Depp is not required in as well.

Filming these days are interesting two pirates ships and shootings are outdoor.

A source told to GCB: “It’s a nightmare come true to have your star injured“.

The biggest locations involves a village built at Maudsland and a set in the town of Helensvale.

Severe guidelines for protecting the set and avoiding the risk of spies.

These guidelines are involving protagonists of Pirates 5 10646744_403550559818593_7433741055778996356_n Dead Men Tell No Tales as well and not just guests.

We talked of the system of guidelines introduced by the production and the “Hershel” codename adopted for keeping secret sensitive material by the production.

Following these guidelines anyway, there won’t be any problems for anyone. So, no smart phones, tablets on set. There are also several other  restrictions for troupe, workers and actors involving vehicles, scripts and other written materials.

It must be all top-secret and what shared, shared with joy by Disney in the appropriate moment. 🙂

This one will be the longest Pirates ever realized. A lot of actors involved, it should be long four hours and some rumors let us be certain that maybe Disney Studios will create a Pirates 5 and a Pirates 6 Dead Men Tell No Tales  two movies in total.

To all the cast, crew, troupe, workers, extras etc, an expression taken by theater, but I just hope it will work for all of you: BREAK A LEG!



Anna Maria Polidori

“That Tax Avery Wolf great intuition!”

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 24, 2015

In an interview Coleen Atwood describes the creation of  The Lascivious Wolf for Into and Woods and that Johnny’s idea…



It’s a special day for Into the Woods 10613027_782460528477109_2604017585244243629_n because the movie today is released on DVD/Blu-Ray.

A special interview I found on the net and precisely on Beliefnet, a website with great content, please check out, involves Coleen Atwood Coleen Atwood one of the most-known costume desinger in Hollywood.
Born in the State of Washington, Yakima, one of the works she loves to remember are The Silence of the Lambs, Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands.

Coleen Atwood has been for a long time a great collaborator and costume designer of a lot of Tim Burton’s movies/productions with Johnny Depp including Alice in Wonderland and the new one: Alice in Wonderland – Through the Looking Glass – coming soon in theaters.

She says of costumes that “They’re the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth. It really does establish who they are“.

Three Oscars won with Chicago by Rob Marshall the director of Into the Woods, , Memoirs of a Geisha and Alice in Wonderland, Atwood joined a wonderful team of creatives. The movie wanted by Disney Studios, directed by Rob Marshall , music and words by legendary Stephen Sondheim 1978851_594116547378541_785874051392675923_nand James Lapine the same creators of Broadway’s musical10388200_343271435846506_6778836146338218194_n
Great cast with Meryl Streep as The Witch 1004554_362699547237028_4448876873749903388_n, Johnny Depp in the role of the Lascivious Wolf, Chris Pine as the Prince,  Lilla Crawford as Little Red Riding Hood just for naming someone.
Talking of the Lascivious Wolf portrayed by Johnny Depp, Atwood listened Johnny Depp’s suggestion.

Coleen Atwood told to the reporter she wouldn’t never have loved a wolf completely covered by fur.

Johnny at the same time suggested a “Tex Avery Wolf”.

1 2 3 4 5 6

It was a success.


Tax Avery Frederick Bean Tex Avery x0 was a cartoonist of great success. Born Frederick Bean “Tax Avery” in Taylor Feb 26th 1908,  died in Burbank,  Aug 26th, in 1980. He invented The Wolf, Droopy, The Screwy Squirrel. Still imitated, thanks to Johnny and Coleen Atwood another tribute to a great creative.



Anna Maria Polidori

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