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Fifty Shades of “Whitey”

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 11, 2015

Johnny Depp involved in two hot scenes in the movie Black Mass


Johnny Depp 22_10 and Whitey Bulgerwhitey 4 . Two men surrounded by a lot of women although at the antipode talking of their work and their life-style. One a gangster, another one an actor of incredible charisma and sex-appeal.


It mustn’t be so surprising that in Black Mass, the movie based on the book written by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill former Boston Globe investigative reporters and writers “Black Mass: Black Mass Book Cover Whitey Bulger, the F.B.I. and a Devil’s Deal” there will be two hot sex scenes between the various protagonists.


Surely one of the hot scenes have been shooted with the protagonist of the successful movie: “Fifty Shades of Grey” Dakota Johnson 10422538_395389143968068_8258043474311287760_nadaughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. The story? An unknown man will seduce this girl experiencing with her the most extreme sex.

This one has been a great success of public and the modern “answer” vacant from decades of the movie based on the book written by Elizabeth O’Neill Nine and a Half Weeks published in 1978. A pseudonym this one used by the author. The creator of Nine and a Half Weeks killed herself in 2011 as reported by the The New Yorker.

Her name was Ingeborg Day and the name was firstly revealed by Steven M. L. Aronson in 1983.

Still unknown if the author of Nine and a Half Weeks had realistically lived the adventure of the protagonist for…Nine and a Half Weeks, the reason of the title of the book and later of the movie.

This book became a great success and inpired lot of curiosity in the 1986 when the movie was released as protagonists  Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. I want to remember Joe Cocker with “You Can Leave Your Hat On” soundtrack during  Kim Basinger’s  Kim basinger 2  striptease.


The book is much more strong than the movie but I would suggest you to read the book and watch the movie for a comparison.

Who wants to experience this extreme sex and why domination is so important in a couple? We should answer these two questions because there is the main answer: a domination means a complete mental and physical control of the other one.  A complete power on that person. Mental and physical.A dream isn’t it true? Always constricted to fight with the partner. If we could be able to dominate… Bingo! Situation would be apparently under control. Apparently, maybe.

The story of a domination abandons the classic love-story of a good emotional state, the natural discovery of the body and soul of the other and the experience of sex as joy and part of the relationship, not the entire part of it. There is not a love-story thinking better in Nine and a Half Weeks or in Fifty Shades of Grey.

The man has discovered the girl  can dominate and possess mentally and physically. The dominated girl is happy for this state at first. After all it’s an unusual experience.

Who wants to dominate? Mainly men but women can’t be excluded although in both these movies the dominating protagonists are the classic successful business men. In the case of O’Neill’s book Nine and a Half Weeks, able to read books in various languages, if I remember well japanese included, bloody hell!

Both these men, once back home don’t tend to preparing good culinary dishes, enjoying the company of their friends, don’t love to watch sport on tv or a good movie with their partner. Don’t read any books although they can have a good library. They don’t love to go out, for dinner or just for going to the cinema or for a walk. No: once they’re back home they’re ready with riding whip, handcuffs and other sexy toys for experiencing with their partner all the possible extreme sex.

In Nine and a Half Weeks there is a division between the day and the night. The day is normal, work, worries, the night become a land of sex and perversion.

The protagonist of Nine and a Half Weeks in the book wrote:

Throughout the entire period, the daytime rules of my life continued as before: I was independent, I supported myself (to the extent of my lunches, at any rate, and of keeping up an empty apartment, gas and phone bills at a minimum), came to my own decisions, made my choices. The nighttime rules decreed that I was helpless, dependent, totally taken care of. No decisions were expected of me, I had no responsibilities. I had no choice.

I loved it. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it, I loved it“.

kim basinger and mickey rourke Bas and rour kim 1  Mickey and Kim

Can resist a couple like this one? Is there real love in a couple like this one or is it mainly sex the cement?

Can the companion be chosen because according to the dominant one she can be the right one for experiencing his mental obsessions?


A lot of questions.

Oh, I want to add I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey fifty fifty 2 fifity 3 , I am one of the many snobs ones in this sense. I found Nine and a Half Weeks pretty exhaustive when I read it a lot of time ago. I read Nine and half weeks two or three times. It’s well written and brief.


Let’s try to give an answer.


The end of Nine and a A half Weeks, book version. The introduction for some sex , of a third person in the couple broke up the enchantment Elizabeth had thought she had created with his man. She understood that her being unique ended up in the moment in which another woman was able to give the same sexual pleasure she gave to her man in other occasions.

And she cried. She started to crying desperately. She was accompanied and left to the ER by his companion who of course disappeared completely from the scene after that.

Elizabeth was sedated and for long weeks she had in her skin the signs of the real lashed that man had given her. I don’t think she has searched for him anymore.

She said at the end of the book she later made love with someone else but strangely she found she wasn’t anymore able to using her hands having a good sex with anyone.

She adds:

That it was me who lived through this period seems, in retrospect, unthinkable. I dare not look back on those weeks as on an isolated phenomenon, now in the past: a segment of my life as unreal as a dream, lacking all implication“.
It’s an extreme book able to open the door of that domination able to destroying, completely destroying a good person and a good personality, sunny and without too many mental problem before the meeting with this dominant man.

A dominator in fact risks to destroy the soul and body of a person.


But let’s back with “Whitey” Bulger. As we all know Jimmy Bulger 1403892005361__ has had a lot of women, He was a gangster, plenty of money, and for what I read always kind and nice with women while he was able  to be so cruel in other places and with other people.

Flemmi Rifleman in the trial celebrated in 2013 admitted that they also searched for teenagers during their 50s, because it was a strong necessity and Bulger brought in some exotic island a 16 years old girl although Bulger has never been incriminated for any sexual offence.
Flemmi “Rifleman” admitted disgusting particulars like the sex he had experienced two times with her step-daughter, Deborah Hussey later killed because she knew too much. At the time of the sex with his step-dad she was just a teen-ager. She would have become a prostitute later.
Two the most important women of Whitey Bulger: Teresa Stanley, teresa e whitey bulger and Catherine Greig Catherine Catherine Greig with a third one Lindsey Cyr Lindsey 3 lindsey 1 Lindsey 2  , with which he had had a baby, Douglas Cyr, died at just the age of 6 years for a violent reaction caused by the aspirin.


Bulger didn’t want to have any children because he knew that, because of his “work”, maybe it wasn’t the happiest choice of his life having a family.

Although…Strangely Bulger had grown up the four children of his biggest companion Teresa Stanley and not just giving money for keeping the children wealthy. No. For example when one of the daughters of Teresa started a relationship with a guy, a serious relationship, who talked with the future husband of this girl? James Bulger, and for trying to understand if he could be a good guy for her.


Catherine Greig would have played later the most important prominent role.  When he was on the run.

Although in love with him, Teresa in fact couldn’t follow Bulger while he was leaving Boston. She had four children at home to growing up, and “Whitey” couldn’t return home so soon.

Wind was changed in the city and another destination, not anymore Boston, had to be found and chosen where to live and built up and re-start another existence. Could Teresa sacrifice her life for Bulger? No. He was of course a big love in her life, but the biggest ones remained her beloved children.
Once Teresa Stanley said him: no,   “Whitey ” had ready a plan B. Her name was Catherine Greig. He replaced Teresa with Cathy Greig without to mourning too much.

To Catherine, deeply in love for Whitey, that one was the realization of a dream. She followed him without doubts and with great excitement on the run for 16 years.

The love for Catherine Greig started in the middle of ’70s when of course “Whitey” was plenty of girls in their 20’s. Cyr and with Teresa Stanley the most familiar and important ones.

A busy private life exactly as cruel was his public life.

Bulger loved to sleep at Catherine Greig’s house while she loved to spend the dinner with Teresa Stanley and her children re-creating that family he wouldn’t never had. But that at least he had like all the other men of this world considering he grew up them and loved Teresa.

70S and 80s have been two decades for South Boston plenty of danger and terror. A lot of people were killed, there was a big fight between italian and irish mob with the final decapitation of the italian mafia. Connection according to the many reporters of the Boston Globe between the mobster Whitey Bulger, informants according to them of the F.B.I. and some prominent members of the F.B.I. The movie with Johnny will involve mainly these aspects. There will be also the appearance somewhere of the authors of the book.

A movie that should be seen for understanding that years and a character, Whitey Bulger extremely complicated and legendary criminal portrayed by Johnny Depp Johnny110547671_297200410453609_4781995239279213270_n (Copy 1) Whitey in Tucson






Anna Maria Polidori




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