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Keep Calm but Be Careful about the Security Guidelines on the set of Pirates

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 15, 2015

Walt Disney Studios Production security document



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The document in question was well-known from various time at the residents but after the latest facts happened close to the set of Pirates just few days ago has been disclosed to the media as well.

These past days on the set of Pirates eluding the security guard a man, a fake Jack Sparrow precisely with a fake parrot on the shoulder but with a real knife, it seemed hasn’t been so polite with a security guard.  Johnny Depp, broke a wrist after few hours from this fact. Sufficient material for accumulating emotive tension for a production and a blockbuster movie that will  cost $250 million of dollars, 100 spent only in Queensland.

So the appearance thanks to an exclusive of the Sunday Mail of a document I am sure all the residents of beautiful Helensvale and Maudsland knew very well. Guidelines I talked about in a previous piece. Normal ones for big productions created for not producing too much confusion on the set but a good order and a lot of productivity.

The past weeks as said, the local residents of Helensvale and Maudsland the cities where it has been built the set started to be allowed of course to assist at the first shootings (and following ones of course!) of Pirates with great joy and enthusiasm but with some restrictions. No pictures, no videos taken while there is the shootings.

Fear is that the movie can be pirated before the appearance on the big screen July 7 2017.

It’s called production security document this one of the Walt Disney Studios.

There are important guidelines, more than guidelines, “orders” so better for everyone to following what Disney production is asking to most of the people and categories involved. After all it’s not difficult and everyone can enjoy every shootings, staying more relaxed and tranquil.

Scenes, script and pictures must be protected by unwanted “technological” eyes.

Herschel is the codename adopted for the production for the sensitive material.

All the people must “cover” the mobile phone lenses “at all times” with security tape.

Better not joking with this guideline because if you take a picture you can be taken into custody.

Disney wants to “Help protect this production“.

It says in the specific: “Each unit manager, supervisor or lead will provide cell phone tape to their specific employees. Every employee will be responsible for placing the security tape on their respective cellular phones during work hours“.

Disney adds:

The security tape is to be left on the phone at all times and if the respective crew member peels the tape to his/her cell phone camera during off hours, a new piece of security tape will be provided to that individual“.

There are secrets location, names still undisclosed marked as a “H” Herschel the codename adopted by the production for all the sensitive material.

Other topic that maybe could be of big interest are filming documents. All the crew has been warmed : “Be careful. Don’t leave out in the open, in vehicles or any other locations for public display any filming documents“.

In this part of the document maybe it’s implied that “When these documents are no longer needed, please make sure you dispose of them as per Disney’s security protocols“. So I guess, destroyed?

Of course script couldn’t be put in weird places as explains Disney here: “Do not place scripts or one-liners, filming schedules, in regular trash containers or unlocked shredding bins — no exceptions!

Social network: great. There will be a global detoxification from social networks on the set of Pirates.

Production staff in fact is not allowed to use: “Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, email, or similar social media sites to post proprietary or sensitive information about the production“.

Sometimes people are invited on the set by actors of other people of the production. It’s a great experience for sure. Just…Better that they leave their cell phones or tablets in the hotel or in their houses. They couldn’t take any pictures, they wouldn’t allow to film anything and in case they have taken pictures they must deleting them.

Inspections on all vehicles. “All vehicles entering the studio or a location entrance may be subject to inspection — without exceptions“.

The keys of the vehicles plays a crucial role.

All keys to production vehicles and trailers must be locked in a lockbox and keys should not be hidden externally on any vehicles or trailers“.

In case of a pirate party production staff is warned against raiding set wardrobe.

Disney says: “The unauthorised taking or use of props, costumes, set decorations or other materials … will be dealt with accordingly“.

They can appear, strong restrictions but they are normally and commonly used on the set of blockbuster movies.

Crew, troupe, actors, everyone in Queensland: happy work and lots of joy!

And of course: Jack, we are all missing you. Stay well soon pirate!


Anna Maria Polidori


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