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They called him on set “Johnny Come Lately”

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 22, 2015

What a sadness…



That two weeks for a broken wrist from the set was too much, it was clear although breaking bones are a very painful situation and we don’t react in the same way.

It was just a “suspect” insinuating in the mind because of what happened in the recent past and because of the new guidelines on the set of Pirates. There had to be something else…


And you ask to yourself why. Why a such talented actor like Johnny Depp, the actor I follow in a daily base everyday is acting like this. You don’t find answers and all the answers are upsetting because talent doesn’t fly away, but the desire of acting and being good it seems, yes.

The Gold Coast Bulletin released just few hours ago a piece where it is described a scenario I wouldn’t never wanted to read! or report from the set of Pirates.

I feel a great and genuine enthusiasm for Pirates!

Always loved captain Jack Sparrow and his crazy friends. it’s a fresh movie, it’s for all families. Children adore Jack Sparrow. Adults can see in Jack Sparrow the healthy wild side of themselves. So what happened to this man, before to analyzing the actor?


While we were all thinking that on the set of Pirates 5 there was because it should be like that joy and excitement, production is big, money is not lacking, there should be a lot of relaxation because people on set knows what they’re doing, a lot of confusion started to going on when people noticed Johnny was keeping everyone waiting per long time on set and not just once, exactly as happened before for Mortdecai last fall, when Johnny for the first time didn’t go at all on set.

You can think that this one is not a problem that for one day it can happen. Yes yes, it’s all human, just in case of Pirates they were all guessing what “Johnny would have done next” because for what reported by the Bulletin it wasn’t just a sporadic situation.

Before Johnny injured the right wrist workers told Johnny had altered a lot Pirates filming schedule. The Gold Coast Bulletin describes this mood like a sorta of behavior. “Johnny will be on set whenever he feels like it”.

Oh, right….

The new nickname Johnny Come Lately started to be the nickname with which he was called by before the broken wrist and before Johnny’s return to the Usa.

The Bulletin reports consideration from various sources.

They told to the Bulletin often they don’t know what kind of scenes they would going to shoot because no one knows when Johnny will be on set. Sometimes it happened they shooted another scene because the planned one wasn’t anymore suitable for the purpose because of a lack of time.

Although production of Pirates cheerfully admitted that there weren’t a lot of problems on set it seems now that since Johnny Depp is returned in the USA production has stalled for a bit.

A source of Pirates told to the Bulletin: “Production was halted for three days this week because we had no star and the sets that don’t involve Johnny aren’t ready to go yet“.

At the same time the art department and costume sector of the movie are working like crazy this week for put all the extras and actors in condition to shooting some scenes without Johnny this friday.

That Johnny is changed is a fact. That a dangerous mutation from my point of view started at some point, sigh 😦 a fact. That sometimes is unrecognizable from the past Johnny, a fact. 

Please old Johnny: be back as soon as possible because I don’t want to report anymore stories like this one where there is a lack of dignity, where work is considered not important and where nothing is anymore important, and people must wait. Many people depend from you Johnny, many people, from the ones on set, starting from the director, producer believes in you so badly, to all the other workers, extras, and professionals.
Not only: Jed Baker depends from you. He is the teen-ager with Moayamoya and many other children anxious to discover where Jack Sparrow is because to them you are a myth.
Be responsible Johnny! Firstly with yourself, because respect for yourself is the first step. People love you, people are waiting to see a good acting and funny scenes. They just want to see you back. In every sense.

It’s a sufferance. A sufferance thinking at this before/after for this man and actor.

Johnny can’t you see it? Everyone put you in the conditions for working well, for giving all the best. It’s just all up to you. Do not be a delusional person, please be back. Search into yourself where the old Johnny is hided and please bring him back to life!!! as soon as possible!



Anna Maria Polidori


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