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A fake “Bud Hope” asking for naked pics of natural breasts

Posted in Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on March 26, 2015

New problem for Pirates 5


Funny news this one reported by the Gold Coast Bulletin if it wouldn’t be a bit upsetting for the ladies involved in this story and for the same casting man Bud Hopes and because after all also in this story there will be the involvement of police so it can be something a bit heavy.

Every woman and girl would want to be in the cast of Pirates 5 10646744_403550559818593_7433741055778996356_n Dead Men Tell No Tales, this is a fact. A lot of factors involved.  The prestige of this franchise, the enormity of success accumulated by the various movies.

And… imagining 44537016_l to see Johnny Depp  hgfhgfj as Jack Sparrow  22_19 10996151_395058077334508_2933802156796454410_n   while filming…Wow what a dream.

I guess a lot of women of all age must have thought this would have been great if the past days some of them who knows? maybe e-mailed without problems explicit pictures of their natural breasts to an e-mail of casting agent called “Bud Hope”, so maybe a lot of these women may have thought that the real Bud Hopes was knocking directly at their doors, well e-mails precisely,  what adoring idea, for requiring from them their real, natural boops.

Pity these e-mails sent by someone still unknwon were not sent from  Bud Hopes, the real name of the REAL casting man working for Pirates 5. Bud Hopes had accumulated in fact in the while sufficient boops, ahem, women for Pirates and he wasn’t searching anymore for other ones.

Yes, pity that the e-mail of the case doesn’t have any kind of connection with Bud Hopes.

There is not anymore hopes with Bud Hopes for the rest of women and their….natural breasts as written before. Casting is closed.

Anyway this person who set up the e-mail account has been pretty sly. Bud Hopes talked of it yesterday night on Facebook hoping to sorting out the problem as soon as possible.
This person in fact created this e-mail: without to add the final “s” of Hopes’ last name.

Who knows who can be this guy for sure with a great sense of voyeurism, time to spend close to a pc and irony? It can be I guess a  full-time job this one. Receiving pictures, answer back to the various ladies.

The mysterious “Bud Hope” surely took advantage by the curious casting call in which a lot of women were casted because what it was mainly required was their…natural breast. Women of all age.

Who can be this man? An old man with a lot of free time and able to use the net? Some teenagers enthusiastic to seeing all the pictures of these ingenuous women and at the same time thrilled for this, to them, goliardic game?
Until the mystery won’t be sorted out (and please let us know who was the responsible) there is to say that the mysterious Bud Hope started to send a lot of e-mails to women requesting pictures submissions with D-FF breast sizes, adding a slogan:

Of course you can never show too much“.

Who knows how many women happily answered back to the call of magical Bud Hope with a lot of hope for their future career in the showbiz, because of their natural boops, and maybe who knows? adding something else and later discovering very sadly that someone else, horror!!! received that pictures?

Pretty upset, Bud Hopes wrote yesterday on his Facebook’s page:

“Bud Hopes Casting
Yesterday at 7:14am ·

Just want to reiterate that all previous castings listed are definitely finished and completed, no more applications are necessary.

We would like to flag that the following email is in no way affiliated with Bud Hopes Casting. Any correspondence with this email address is in no way connected with Bud Hopes Casting or the castings we have listed.

The real e-mail of Bud Hopes is this one:


And there is more:

Today Hopes posted this on his Facebook page

“Bud Hopes Casting
13 hrs ·

In relation to media articles recently reported we fully support the action of reporting any suspicious behaviour of person/s purporting to be affiliated with this casting company.
If you have been deceived in any way by entities that falsely claim to be associated with this company (Bud Hopes Casting) please contact the Queensland Police Service on the following link :…/…/fraud/complaints.htm

In further clarification Bud Hopes Casting is not talent agency and does not represent people as such. We are an EXTRAS CASTING COMPANY that is employed by various productions to source background artists for various TV shows and Films that are shot mostly in Queensland Australia. We source talent from Talent Agencies and quite often DIRECT through call outs on social Media etc. This Facebook page and other sites will continue to be used to facilitate this process“.


Not the first time it happens something weird in the Gold Coast. This past october someone started to send a lot of e-mails…It was a fake casting call for trying to convince aspiring actors to buying an actors guide e-book.


What a world….




Anna Maria Polidori


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