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CinemaCon enthusiastic of Black Mass!

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on April 23, 2015

Black Mass and Johnny’s interpretation of James Whitey Bulger much appreciated at CinemaCon


There is great expectation from a city, Boston, and from all of us, about the new movie regarding the criminal and private life of the most infamous american mobster, James/Jimmy Whitey Bulger.

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A real strong character, this mobster terrorized the South Boston’s are, called familiarly from the citizens of Boston, Southie, during the decades of ’70s and ’80s.
Introduced by director Scott Cooper at CinemaCon last Tuesday, the movie clips conquered everyone with positive reactions

Johnny Depp is at the same time and another time, unrecognizable 10433842_294206544086329_1853548928510790858_n.

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It couldn’t be different. Whitey Bulger was extremely blonde and has blue eyes. Transformation has been total and radical on the actor as well.

Scott Copper said during the press conference that this one will be “A performance for the ages”.

The clips Variety revealed were launched were these ones. In a scene Whitey Bulger was in company during dinner-time with David Harbour, in the role of FBI supervisor John Harris.

In another scene the first meeting 11150476_420838184756497_1860436991188766910_n with Catherine Greig, one of Bulger’s most important women of his life and the one, when Teresa Stanley decided to giving up to follow Whitey Bulger on the run, who would have taken, with great joy, Teresa’s place.

At first Greig worked as dental hygienist and if she wouldn’t have met Whitey Bulger maybe her destiny would have been drastically different. She was an ambitious girl.

Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of William Bill 11181399_420838248089824_1603170213701397624_nBulger, one of James Bulger’s brothers. Bill Bulger became with the time an important political exponent of the democratic party.


Explored the connection between F.B.I. with Joel Edgerton in the role of agent John Connolly. The same Connolly received a sentence of 40 years of prison although he is still saying he is innocent.
Jesse Plemons will be Kevin Weeks, one of the men will help Whitey Bulger to run away from Boston and later would have helped him to replace Teresa Stanley with Catherine Greig.
While Whitey was still on the run he would have written a book of memories called “Brutal” about his years with Whitey Bulger.

Sienna Miller in the role of girlfriend Catherine Grieg.

Dakota Johnson will be Lindsey Cyr. Whitey Bulger had had only a child and it happened with Lindsey Cyr although the news has been known just in recent years and always kept secret. Bulger didn’t want any children for I guess, avoiding any bigger problems. His “work” in fact, couldn’t permit him to create a common family for the fear something would have happened to his children as well.

Anyway destiny has wanted that he met, before to start the relationship with Catherine Greig, Teresa Stanley. Teresa had had four children from a previous relationship and Whitey’s reaction was: “Great! It’s fine to me!” and he grew up as if he would have been their dad all these children.

Not only but he didn’t introduce any of them to the criminality. All the opposite. He said them of being good people. He was the one who met for first, for trying to understand if that guy was a good person, the boyfriend future husband of Teresa Stanley’s daughter. He was their dad although he didn’t love to be called dad.

Lindsey Cyr loved Whitey profoundly and she wanted to have this baby so badly. Unfortunately the toddler died at the age of six years because of an allergy caused by an aspirin.

Bulger suffered a lot for the departure of his son.

In the cast also Rory Cochrane, Julianne Nicholson, Adam Scott, Jeremy Strong, Brad Carter, W. Earl Brown and Corey Stoll.

Black Mass is a movie inspired by the book written by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill: Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, the F.B.I. and a Devil’s Deal”. The two former journalists of The Boston Globe, investigative reporters decided to write down this story, and later a Whitey Bulger’s biography as well as told by Lehr in an interview at the Washington Post: “We wanted to put the “Black Mass” years in a larger context of Bulger’s life story, a biography, in which we try to not just tell this dramatic and horrific story, but get more into the why and how in the making of this monster”.

The movie has been co-financed by Warner Bros. with Cross Creek. Mark Mallouk is the screenwriter.

Whitey Bulger has been captured june 22 in Santa Monica. California, thanks to an information received from an ex Miss Iceland back in Iceland. She lived for a while in the same place where lived family Gasko feeding poor abandoned cats with Catherine Greig. While Anna Bjornsdottir, the model, was watching on tv international CNN, she understood that the family Gasko, and in particular Charlie wasn’t a tranquil man spending his pension in a luxury place of the world, but that he was the terrible irish Bostonian mobster Whitey Bulger.

The emphasis on Whitey Bulger grew up thanks to the capture of Osama bin Laden at the top ten list of the F.B.I. Later, the first one to be spasmodically researched and wanted with a reward of 2 million of dollars was Whitey Bulger. Whitey started to live moment of sad depression and desperation thinking that, maybe some of his neighbors, with which after a first moment of skepticism had started to be friend, enjoying their company with, would have revealed all. He stayed close 24 hours per day in the house. Neighbors were worried. “What happened to Charlie?” they asked to a worried girlfriend. After the capture the first thought once in jail was for them when he sent to all of them letters telling: “I am not the person they say I am”.



For sure as also remarked from a retired police man, when James Whitey Bulger left Boston he lived a tranquil life off crime, and maybe in his thoughts, the idea of dying as a normal man became strong with the time. A second life: a man without great sins, a helper for his neighbors, the best consolation after a life spent killing and putting pain in South Boston.

Once captured and put in jail he received two life sentences.



Anna Maria Polidori


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