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In Whitey Bulger’s personal criminal story the most scaring part is “all the rest”

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on April 27, 2015

What is it the scariest part of the movie Black Mass? To the Bostonians not the trailer of the movie, considered very good, but that the story of Whitey Bulger is true and that it really once happened!



The movie Black Mass 10478167_294206720752978_7334248991399274460_n 11169935_1429220494060884_5456688065294276495_n 10442990_294206704086313_332698468647131041_n starring Johnny NassauJune2005039 10455714_411781972328785_9016701268037474349_n Depp in the role 11169858_420838141423168_987177051999977338_n whitey-big 11068328_420838054756510_2024443094567917279_n of the infamous mobster Jimmy 11181839_422107524629563_434860139454374437_n Bulger and his various faces whitey 12 Whitey in Tucson 10547671_297200410453609_4781995239279213270_n (Copy 1) Bulger and directed by Scott Cooper is based on the work of the two former journalists of the Boston Globe, Dick Lehr lehr2sm and Gerard O’Neill gerard o'neill: “Black Mass, Whitey Bulger, Black Mass Book Cover the F.B.I. and a Devil’s deal”.
The two investigative journalists of The Boston Globe discovered Whitey Bulger was, it seems, one of the main informants of the F.B.I.
Bulger has always remarked he hasn’t never been an informant, although the Globe discovered relationship with the agency from 1975 to 1990.

The Globe reported the first impressions about the new coming movie Black Mass this next september.

The montage shows plenty of Massachusetts, including the St. Patrick’s Day scene that was shot in Lynn last June” wrote Meredith Goldstein, Boston Globe.

According to Roberto Scalese, in a wonderful piece from, the movie is credible. Johnny Depp is credible but what it is scariest is “That it really happened!

For the first time, and it will be shocking I am sure, the city of Boston will have to cope with Black Mass a historic reconstruction of years of terrors, decades, of James Bulger in South Boston and I am more than sure that it will be difficult for everyone.

The city of Boston and South Boston can cope with the idea of have had around a great criminal and a criminal mind like Whitey Bulger is. It’s what I call: “all the rest” that it is and it will always be difficult to accept.

The scene taken in consideration as example by the reporter is the one in which Bulger is at the house of Morris from the F.B.I., played by David Harbour. With Bulger John Connolly, (Joel Edgerton), and “The Rifleman” Flemmi.

That one was the first time Whitey was at dinner at Morris’ house. The wife of Morris worried because she knew the reputation of Bulger and this sorta of friendship of this husband with the mobster pretty scaring.
From the words of Lehr  and O’Neill and their book Black Black Mass Book CoverMass: “Morris opened some wine, and filled everyone’s glass“.
Morris and Connolly it seemed helped Whitey Bulger another time, avoiding him to going to jail.

Roberto Scalese ends his piece reflecting that this  one is not a fiction.

This is a real Boston crime story, based on real people, and real murders. Two of the most bent lawmen in our city’s history breaking bread to celebrate their partnership. That’s what’s so terrifying“.



Anna Maria Polidori


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