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Truth, lies and a new indictment in the “Whitey” Bulger saga

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 3, 2015

Past and present united together for revealing always new truths and lies in the Bulger’s endless criminal story


I was looking days ago at two picture, two frames from the movie-trailer Black Mass 11169858_420838141423168_987177051999977338_n with Johnny Depp, directed by Scott Cooper.  I left that ones alone. Intense, I had to decide how to use that frames.

The scene: a very worried Johnny Depp in the role of Whitey Bulger picked up a copy of a newsmagazine and was reading the first page with shock and worry.

The newsmagazine was The Boston 10929555_421228288050820_5264084193313585513_n11143680_421228264717489_8379124047041460925_n Globe. It wasn’t that one a good day to Whitey.

With real terror and a fear he maybe hadn’t never felt before, he understood something: someone had talked.

Someone important from the FBI agency of Boston had confessed to the investigative pools of journalists and reporters of the Globe, profound, accurate, something maybe started to be known from a certain time at that part like a whisper, but not yet disclosed or known to the light of the sun: that Whitey Bulger was an informant of the FBI.

It meant something and I guess Bulger being a criminal understood something else.

That his power was diminishing. His protections not anymore powerful as in the past. The wind was changing, his gang and his illegal activities in peril like his same freedom.

The investigative reporters of The Globe were sure of what they were writing. According to them and thanks to their sources they were in grade in 1988 to launching the news that James Whitey Bulger was an active informant of the FBI.fitzpatrick

The beginning of the end of Bulger’s so-called Irish Mob or Winter Hill Gang was starting.

Although The Boston Globe published the news in 1988 the FBI officially admitted that James Whitey Bulger was an informant of the agency only nine years later in 1997 with a news reported by The Boston Globe.
Two years before Bulger had left the city forever becoming at the same time one of the most wanted criminal of all the USA at the top ten FBI most wanted list. A legendary gangster.

In 1988 the collaboration as an informant of the FBI a heavy suspect, in 1997 a certainty. Not only but the FBI admitted that also “Rifleman” Flemmi worked with the F.B.I.

“WhiteyLand” is always plenty of surprises.

A new indictment reached just few days ago another person involved in this story. The turn two days ago for the ex special agent and number two of the Boston’s FBI Robert Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick has been accused of six counts of perjury and six counts of obstruction of justice.

Let’s see from the document of the indictment, 23 pages in total, who, this special agent of the FBI is, and why according to the grand jury he is not candid.

Fitzpatrick served the FBI from 1965 to 1986 becoming with the time a special agent.
In the late 80′ this special agent was assigned with the role of Assistant-Special-Agent-In-Charge in Boston supervising with the time the Boston Division’s Organized Crime Squad.
According to the prosecutors from 1975 to 1990 James Bulger has been was an informant of the FBI.
In 1986, for some reason Fitzpatrick was “the subject of an adverse personnel action that resulted in his demotion in pay and grade, and his reassignment to the Providence, Rhode Island FBI field office” .
Fitzpatrick resigned on december 1986.
Time passed by and in 1995 Whitey Bulger was indicted for racketeering and for many other crimes committed by his organized criminal association called Irish Mob, Winter Hill Gang or South Boston. Bulger decided to going away from South Boston forever.
At first followed by Teresa with teresa stanley Stanley and later, definitive choice because Stanley at some point with four children waiting for her at home couldn’t live that life with Whitey, with Catherine Catherine Greig.

De facto when Whitey Bulger left the city, an affiliate arrested, others on the run, the end of the Irish Mob and of a historic period characterized by the monopoly of the power of Jimmy Whitey Bulger and his gang.

Whitey became a legendary criminal as sometimes it happens, ending up in the top ten list of the most wanted criminal list of the FBI.

In 1999 Whitey, racketeering apart will be accused of the murder of 19 people. The situation of Bulger with these new incriminations more problematic.

All these new incriminations in the range of time and years. When he was an informant of the FBI.

In 1997 and 1998, hearings started to be conducted in federal district court. The relationship between Whitey Bulger and the FBI analyzed. Fitzpatrick testified in both cases.

As explained in the Fitzpatrick indictment “from approximately 1999 through 2003, numerous wrongful death lawsuits were filed against the FBI and individual agents including Fitzpatrick. He was deposed under oath and testified at two wrongful death trials“.

What according to the Grand Jury did Fitzpatrick was to build of him an “imaginary” imagine “The one of a whistleblower who tried to end the FBI’s relationship with Bulger” wrote the Grand Jury.

Fitzpatrick has largely let know to everyone what he thought of Whitey Bulger. He appeared on a tv program, 60 Minutes , involving “The FBI and the Mob,” during which he spoke about the FBI’s relationship with Bulger.

Not happy, in 2011 he also wanted to give, as many others did, his personal version and contribute at Whitey’s story, co-writing a book with Jon Land called: “Betrayal:fitzpatrick_his bookWhitey Bulger and the FBI Agent Who Fought To Bring Him Down,” in which he described again his relationship with Bulger.

The tv program and the book are now under the attention of the grand jury as well.

While he was testifying at the trial of Whitey Bulger he said something that according the Grand Jury is not true. In particular let’s follow this Q&A from the trial.

Q: – I want to take you to Boston, 1981, in January. When you came to Boston, what was your role coming to Boston?

Fitzpatrick: – I met with the Assistant Director. The Assistant Director is one of the highest agents in the Bureau, there are about eight of them, and of course they report to the EAD, the Executive Administrative Director, who reports to the Director of the FBI. That’s about as high as you can go.
I was given a sit-down by, I think, Roy McKinnon, I remember his name, and he basically told me
they had problems up in Boston, major problems. He wasn’t
specific, really didn’t outline the entire problem, but he said
they were significant, and my job was to come“. ­

According to prosecutor Brian Kelly,  the final declarations “were false in that the Fitzpatrick’s transfer to Boston in 1980 was a routine reassignment and he received no special instructions from Assistant Director McKinnon“.

Obstruction of Justice is a longest paragraph in the Fitzpatrick indictment.

Substantially Fitzpatrick to the Grand Jury “did corruptly endeavor to influence, obstruct, and impede the due administration of justice in that he knowingly made a false and misleading declaration… with intent to obstruct and impede the Bulger trial“.

In the recent trial against Bulger whitey immediately after the capture testifying under oath Fitzpatrick has always neglected that Whitey Bulger has been an informant of the FBI, while other sources says the opposite.

Fitzpatrick “never advocated that James Bulger be closed as a FBI informant” continues the prosecutor.

Always during the Bulger’s trial Fitzpatrick said he had arrested the italian boss Jerry Angiulo but  the italian mafioso was arrested by another agent, Ed Quinn, according to the prosecutor.

When Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968, Fitzpatrick worked in Memphis, TN. He said during the Bulger-trial he was the first one found out where the rifle killed the black political leader was. It seems again according to the prosecutor that it is not true and that other people discovered the rifle.

Robert Goldstein, from Boston is Fizpatrick’s attorney. He told to The Boston Globe: “Mr. Fitzpatrick adamantly maintains his innocence and looks forward to challenging the government’s allegations in a courtroom as soon as possible“.

But what happened during the latest trial to Whitey Bulger? It appears more than clearly that Fitzpatrick’s problems or most of them, are based on what he said and told to the court under oath.

Former ex-agent of the FBI Robert Fitzpatrick has been the first witness of Jimmy Whitey Bulger’s defense, and testified as reported by the Globe over two days.
What wanted to do the defense of Bulger was to try to describe the corruptive environment existing at the time in which Whitey was the Dark Lord of South Boston, in the city. Second of course, it had to be diminished where possible the role of Whitey Bulger as a prominent informant of the FBI.

Fitzpatrick asked once to Bulger if for case he was an informant of the FBI but the mobster said that, nope, he wasn’t an informant.

The prosecutor asked to Fitzpatrick why he didn’t investigate more when he discovered Bulger was bribing people. Fitzpatrick replied that Bulger hadn’t never used the word “bribe”.

Bulger guilty for racketeering, extortion, money laundering, Whitey in Tucson 11 murders and weapons offenses, received two life sentences plus five years.

How much can risk in term of prison Fitzptrick?

US attorney Zachary Hafer said that the perjury counts can carry a maximum of five years and the obstruction a maximum of ten years.




The movie Black Mass 10478167_294206720752978_7334248991399274460_n 11169935_1429220494060884_5456688065294276495_n 10442990_294206704086313_332698468647131041_n starring Johnny NassauJune2005039 10455714_411781972328785_9016701268037474349_n Depp in the role 11169858_420838141423168_987177051999977338_n whitey-big 11068328_420838054756510_2024443094567917279_n of the infamous mobster Jimmy 11181839_422107524629563_434860139454374437_n Bulger and his various faces whitey 12 Whitey in Tucson 10547671_297200410453609_4781995239279213270_n (Copy 1) Bulger and directed by Scott Cooper is based on the work of the two former journalists of the Boston Globe, Dick Lehr lehr2sm and Gerard O’Neill gerard o'neill: “Black Mass, Whitey Bulger, Black Mass Book Cover the F.B.I. and a Devil’s deal”.
The two investigative journalists of The Boston Globe discovered Whitey Bulger was, it seems, one of the main informants of the F.B.I.
Bulger has always remarked he hasn’t never been an informant, although the Globe discovered relationship with the agency from 1975 to 1990.








Anna Maria Polidori


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