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Captain Jed met Captain Jack

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 9, 2015

Touching and long chat face to face between Jed and Johnny. Nicola, Jed’s mom: “Johnny? The biggest hero to me because he really connected with Jed


Nicola Sparkle Baker started her Facebook page last october 2, day of celebration of the Guardian Angels.

She was asking to the internet world of joining her cause: helping her brave son Jed, suffering of a rare and dangerous illness called Moyamoya to crown a dream: meeting captain Jack Sparrow.
Jed, Australian teenager, 11 years, two strokes, three brain surgeries, and a kidney bypass started to develop the symptoms of Moyamoya with a stroke the week before his first birthday. A tragedy for his own life and a big worry for all his family, incredibly supportive and plenty of enthusiasm with him and with everyone else. Of course Jed is intellectually “impaired” and it is still unknown if he will be in grade to live an independent life.
No surgical solution for him, once Jed saw Pirates and fell in love for captain Jack Sparrow. His character, his being so invincible conquered this little boy and the idea of being invincible as him a big big desire. Fighting and winning everyday the battles like the invincible Jack Sparrow does all the time his biggest desire and necessity.
Jed doesn’t just love Captain 10689585_331028153737501_4307479752506863638_n Jack but also his ship the Black Pearl 041305g

In honor of Australia this time the production has created a new Black Pearl built using The Rainbow Gipsy created at first by Kit Woodward.

The family and Jed built a little model of the most known pirate’s vessel of all the times, and…big screen and they dreamed in the while. They dreamed of sailing the beautiful and wild Oceans with Jack Sparrow, close to him, living some adventures with him, discovering big treasures, wonderfully sparkling and precious stones, gold icons in wild islands populated by strange and magical creatures and beautiful animals and birds where Paradise love to meets Earth in a fusion of life, colors and magic. They were dreaming this and more and more and more. They were dreaming to be happy and to make happy Jed.


The wonderful dream was becoming a serious opportunity just few months ago….

The idea of contacting Johnny Johnny Johnny23Depp sending a lot of e-mail to Johnny’s agent, PR, to the Infinitum Nihil when Nicola, Jed’s mom discovered that Johnny Depp would have filmed Pirates 5 22_19Dead Men Tell No Tales in the glorious Australian lands of the Gold Coast.

Johnny when also contacted by a Nicola’s friend while he was promoting at London, Mortdecai, it was the evening of the premiere, reassured Jed, because he added that it would have been easy to meet him.

During these months of filming we were all waiting with a great impatience and trepidation the meeting between Johnny and Jed. The two captains, together, both fighting their own battles and demons and winning them because they are strong and compassionate human being.

The incident to Johnny Depp and the six weeks spent to Los Angeles for healing, postponed the event, but Nicola insisted.

Finally Nicola posted a post on her Facebook page and she let us cry for the joy: the meeting with Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow took place yesterday and it was a moving, touching meeting.

Nicola’s words: “My wonderful friends and supporters, we achieved this goal yesterday. Captain Jack and Captain Jed had a lengthy conversation together, in person“. Nicola described the moment as “Pure magic“.

She continues: “Thank you so much everyone, for your support, your shares, your tweets, your help, your gifts, your love. This has been an amazing journey and we are so pleased to have shared it with you“.

Pictures, pictures, Nicola…Will you share them with us? Nicola: “We will be able to share some photos with you, but first we must get home and check on Our Black Pearl“.

Special thanks goes from Nicola to: “Tracey, Michael, Garry, for everything you have done”.

We know Jed’s feeling regarding Johnny but what Nicola thinks of Johnny? “Captain Jack is truly a legend of the seven seas, but Johnny Depp is an even bigger hero to me because he really connected with Jed“.

Yes, Johnny is able to speak to the soul of everyone genuinely and with a tenderness absolutely stunning, disarming and unique.

Great Captain Jed, you did it, and first of all Jed, what a victory!

Jack Sparrow at your feet! You are invincible now 😉 🙂 XOXOXO



Anna Maria Polidori


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  1. Samantha Noble said, on May 12, 2015 at 8:30 am

    Wonderful Synopsis!

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