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Nicola and Jed: “When we met Captain Sparrow”

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on May 13, 2015

How a dream comes true



Touching, impressive story this one of Jed Baker, the pre-teenager boy of 11 years suffering since his first birthday from a horrible illness called Moyamoya. He has met Captain Jack Sparrow on Thursday. Two strokes, three brain surgeries, and a kidney bypass, Jed fell sick with his first stroke a week before his first birthday. The diagnosis didn’t leave at the family too much hope: this one was Moyamoya. It is still a rare disease and there is not a proper solution able to give to the patients affected by this illness a normal life.

Jed has lived a life in and out of hospitals because of a lot of operations. On her Facebook’s page, Nicola, Jed’s mom posted the pictures of Jed when he was operated at the brain. A long human trip for a courageous and absolutely beautiful family able to give and receive love although all their stress and sufferance.

Jed had firstly saw Jack Sparrow in action at the hospital in Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl when he was 2 years old. He fell in love for the various protagonists and in particular for Captain Jack and his wonderful Black Pearl. He dreamed to be like him.

Invincible, great, someone no one and not any force would have never defeated. Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp became his idol and hero.

With the time and with the help of the family Jed has also built a little Black Pearl. The fantasy was galloping in Jed’s mind: wouldn’t have been wonderful to see Captain Jack 22_19Sparrow once?

What a dream…

In the while Jed lived in a world of fantasy where pirates sailed profound oceans populated by strange, weird creatures, like mermaids, or cursed ships like The Flying Dutchman, and where there is a world to discover, lands to stopping by for..stealing something? Mmmm, yes probably yes, a pirate is this, or wild islands where to discover new treasures, like golden coins, beautiful and rare precious stones, exploring at the same time in total freedom and anarchy every man and every kid would want to dream, our Old World. A world without responsibility, a world invented everyday and driven in some cases by the faith and spirit of adventure. A pirate’s life where there is not any open door to illness or hospital’s rooms, no thanks! but just at extraordinary and beautiful adventures.

In this atmosphere, when the project of the realization of Pirates 5 Dad Men Tell No Tales started to be more than a serious rumor in Australian’s land, but a certainty,  Jed’s mom thought that maybe this dream could come true.

She sent various letters and e-mails to Johnny’s agent and PR, she sent a letter to the reality created by Johnny called Infinitum Nihil and the people read these e-mails and letters have been profoundly touched by the story told by Nicola and the love Jed felt for Pirates and the captain of this saga, Johnny 10689585_331028153737501_4307479752506863638_n Depp/Jack Sparrow.

When Johnny afforded in Australia for filming it seemed that the meeting with Jed had to be imminent. Unfortunately a go-kart incident postponed it.

Johnny flew back to Los Angeles for being operated at the right hand. Unfortunately his injury more serious than what at first thought.

For sure, once returned in Australia, one of the first and most important appointments was with Jed Baker. This blonde boy with this angel’s smile and intelligence deserved all his attention.

People close to Johnny remembers the moments of the meeting.

“Last week Nicola Baker – Jed’s mom – received a call from Johnny Johnny Depp’s team. They offered to Jed and all his family a beautiful trip: they would have flown down directed to the Pirates’ movie set located at the Village Roadshow Studios”. The dream was starting.

On thursday Jed, his mother Nicola, his dad Peter and the youngest Jed’s brother Charlie and sister Lucy 3, have been collected and driven from Brisbane airport to the set.
Jed was dressed in pirate costumes. At first when he arrived they let him see the preview of a scene filmed for 15 minutes. While he was watching all captured, the scene, a voice…: “Argh, is that Captain Jed?
Someone was behind him. He turned.
Jack Sparrow.

His hero.

He was there. Smiling to him. He was there, just for him.

Jed couldn’t believe at himself.


Jack Sparrow remained with Jed for a long time.

They quoted scenes together, they talked about Sparrow’s experience of being swallowed by a giant octopus in Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest.

They talked of their being…pirates, in a word, and with all themselves they talked of that world they love so badly.

Nicola Baker, Jed’s mom said: “Captain Jack was so, so kind and generous with everything. We could see Johnny Depp through the hair and make-up and he was very determined to connect with Jed”.

Nicola said that his son doesn’t realise that Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow aren’t the same person and Sparrow a fictional character.

“Jed has always thought he was with Jack Sparrow and that the two, Depp and Sparrow are the same person”.

Jed you are a real angel.

Keep dreaming, invincible little pirate.



Anna Maria Polidori


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