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Whitey Bulger, the letter, the three teenagers and a city with an ex-mobster plenty of surprising confessions and regrets

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Reflecting on Whitey’s letter



The news of Whitey Bulger and the letter sent by the mobster at a group of three teenagers students involved in a project, The National History Day competition on leadership and legacy, a contest of Massachusetts, of course has caused of a lot of reactions.

Whitey Bulger’s letter surprised the teenagers, thrilled and happy because they had received the letter of the person they had “dedicated” a blog at and that they had chosen because still alive and so available for a possible contact.

They explained to the Globe all the other students choose dead people. They couldn’t never have written to a dead person. Bulger has been contacted and said important words to the three teens, happy to receive news from him.

Words and messages the one of Bulger crucially important for everyone.

Whitey Bulger’s legacy is this one reading well this letter: “Don’t be like me, because I wasted my life”.

Mollykate Rodenbush, Brittany Tainsh, and Michaela Arguin lived the story of Whitey as a bunch of historic, past, cruel facts. Whitey Bulger is becoming slowly History of Boston although most people are still crying for the sufferance caused by him.

For sure, looking at these three teenagers I thought that a new course started maybe in Whitey Bulger’s life as well. If in the past he had presented a lot of desperation, sadness, this time he has been in grade to donate joy to these three teenagers and their work on him and his persona. To these teenagers receiving his letter has been a gift, although Whitey Bulger hasn’t been a good man at all and so all these smiles maybe can sounds inappropriate. But he has been good with these teenagers, and not only.  He said to them without too many words “Don’t waste your time on such as I — we are society’s lower, best forgotten, not looked to for advice on Leadership…. My life was wasted and spent foolishly…”

It’s possible to write it happened thanks to these three teenagers a sort of little miracle of the time.

The three teen-agers with Whitey Bulger's letter

This smile is impressively touching because a sign of the time and a sign of a good action created by Bulger, so by someone people would think completely “stranger” to good actions.

Whitey has been in grade to present joy to some youngsters. A land he hasn’t never practised a lot in all his entire life maybe, but what he did was an important gesture, like his personal intimate confession and legacy donated to these three teenagers (and the entire world) with their lives, at the beginning, in comparison to his one, at the final, sad, chapter: the end.

“Don’t waste your life as I wasted my life; don’t lose your time with someone like me, go out and search for someone honest and respected; don’t be like me but be an honest man/woman” it seems to say Whitey Bulger to them. Life is a gift and it needs to be spent well where and if possible.

Bulger knows that the gift donated him once by God in his case hasn’t been spent well and a wagon of horrible sins committed.

The mobster appears always more distant from the imagine of the “boss”, always more close to the one of an old man, with a lot of regrets whitey immediately after the capture and a wasted life. “Defeated” by the life he choose to live in, in a way.

The letter appeared to most of the people as a sort of confession.

Oh, not a real confession. Whitey Bulger didn’t tell “I am sorry for the people I killed directly or indirectly” but admitting that his life has been wasted means more than that.

It means that his life has been a failure.

He told to the three teenagers he “Took the wrong road“.

He is not an example for anyone. absolutely, and they shouldn’t never think for a second of spending time on him and the so-called “legacy” because a criminal doesn’t have a legacy for the posterity.

Bulger is a criminal but it is impressively important the distance he wants to create between him, the mobster, and these teenagers for trying to let them understand that he hasn’t been a good person and he can’t be an example for everyone because he took the wrong road, becoming a wrong person and the teenagers shouldn’t search or wasted their time for people like him.

Other people should deserve the attention of the teenagers. Honest and respectable ones, much better than him, needs attention. Starting from his brother to all the other people in need like servicemen.

Family Donahue has been reached by the Globe. Michael, Patricia’s husband killed brutally just because he was accompanying home in the wrong time and in the wrong place one of the affiliate of Whitey.

The son of Donahue declared to the Globe he doesn’t think Whitey Bulger is changed at all. But to family Donahue Whitey Bulger is right at some point: “He is a wasted life”.

The three teenagers? They have a lot to say. They’re happy. Happy that they received a letter from Whitey Bulger and happy they told at the Boston Globe that Bulger permitted to them to let see another side of him in comparison to the one everyone else knew in the past, which is to be considered pretty comforting. One of the teenager goes proud that they had a positive impact on Bulger. “You wouldn’t expect that. It was really shocking”.

Another teenager thinks that Whitey was regretful and nostalgic but not in a positive way. Sure Bulger didn’t spend a positive life and he knows it. He is becoming old, 85, and he is feeling I guess solitude, being abandoned by everyone because of what he did.

The girls didn’t win the first prize at the competition, but received two special awards, one for best use of primary sources and the other for best project on Massachusetts history. Whitey Bulger is a complicated criminal and every possible detail for revealing who he is or who he became after the years spent on the run, more than positive.

Next July 27 an appeal will discuss the request of Bulger’s attorneys to have his conviction overturned.
Bulger is serving two life sentences plus other 5 years.




Anna Maria Polidori



Thanks always to the Boston Globe 🙂


Joachim and that two heads in the basket

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Joachim Ronning and the story of the two decapitated heads close to Jack Sparrow (still with the head on his neck!)


That Joachim 140365-fa656b10-1d7a-11e5-83e9-e14cb74e8f81 Ronning co-director of Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales is a character by himself and that he is better than a spokesman for let us know what it is happening on set of Pirates, known and discovered pretty soon by all of us.

The latest fact happened to Ronning? As all of us know, the man loves to post on Instagram. He is a great Instagrammer. His pictures of Queensland and the set of Pirates let us dreamt a beautiful movie for sure.

One day ago, reported the Bulletin, the co-director of Pirates posted a picture, pretty strong for most common people: two heads in a basket. The two heads, close to Sparrow. Still with his head on the neck! Will it be a spoiler? No idea.

I looked at the picture. Amiling I thought, years ago it would have let me faint for sure but now  it doesn’t impress a lot. If you know something of special effects you start to be tranquil and sleep good dreams.

The picture was of the two directors of Pirates, killed, decapitated and the heads put in a basket.

A strong idea, but in the wrong moment and wrong time because in France, precisely Lione a man was decapitated by some Islamists during a terrorist attack, that, apart France, involved Kuwait and Tunisia at the same time.

Mr. Singer spokesman of the production said to the Bulletin that the post was “A joke”.

The heads in fact, he said, the ones of the directors of the movies, Ronning and Espen Sandberg. A more shy man the other director Sandberg, and someone who prefers to work in the shadow if compared to Ronning more devoted at the public relations with the public and fans.

Mr. Singer: “Joachim has taken down the post and would like to express his apologies to anyone who might have been upset or offended” added.

At the same time, publicist Michael Singer added that the production of Pirates has been impressed by Australians in term of work.

“This experience has shown a light on just how great Australian crews are. Their work ethic is tremendous”, he said. Yes, Australians are very serious in term of work.

Production assured they will return in Australia for other productions and who knows? Maybe for another Pirates.



Anna Maria Polidori

A letter from Whitey

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 28, 2015

Three teen-agers thrilled because received a letter from Whitey Bulger



Some students of 17 The three teen-agers with Whitey Bulger's letter years old (picture of the Boston Globe)  Tainsh and her classmates, Michaela Arguin and Mollykate Rodenbush, wrote several months ago to Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger for a project started at school and a website set up for the National History Day competition on leadership and legacy.

They choose Whitey whitey 4 whitey___ whitey 1 whitey 3 Bulger as topic.

At the Boston Globe the girls revealed that anyway Bulger has been a leader, although a brutal one and they wanted to create something unconventional.

Writing him a letter appeared natural.

The girls choose a lot of questions for him but Bulger avoided to answer them.
When Tainsh received this letter, was happy and cheerful. Sure, she told at the Globe, what Whitey told her was completely different from what expected but they have been satisfied anyway for these advices.

Let’s see what the most famous mobster of the USA told to these three girls.

Whitey whitey immediately after the capture Bulger wants to keep some distance from the project of the girls. After all as we say reading below, he thinks that other people deserves more attention than him.

His letter, published yesterday by the Boston Globe. 🙂

Feb. 24, 2015

1:10 a.m.

“Hello, Brittany”:

There is confidence, Whitey, irish, wants to interact in a warm way with this teen-ager searching for informations. She could be her niece.

“I’m sorry but I can’t help you with your school project — There are many people more deserving of your time and interests”.

Whitey here seems to remark to the girl that she mustn’t lose her time searching for someone like him. He hasn’t been at all a good chap in this life and there are many more people more wonderful than him in this world, he wants to remark reading between the lines at this group of girls.
Whitey knows. He knows he can’t share information with her. He couldn’t never tell her who he was, because he couldn’t never go proud of sharing with her what he did and who he has been for a long long part of his existence; because his personal story hasn’t been a great life-story under many aspects, but he has been cause of a lot of sufferance for many people. He has been a mobster. He killed, he sold drug maybe killed people because of it. He hasn’t been a good man.


But let’s continue….

“I’m a myth created by the media to help them generate Revenue and to hurt a relation because they didn’t appreciate his independence and daring to support an agenda they opposed.

Whitey thinks that he is a myth created mainly by the media. By Hollywood, by someone found his history particularly interesting and of course his story creates money. Problem is that Whitey Bulger’s story is in grade to capture people.

Whitey continues suggesting to the teenagers of creating other websites, forgetting the one created about him:

“May I suggest you and Molly create a website about the heroic service men of Mass. that are patients in, for instance, Walter Reed Veteran Hospital — good men isolated from society due to war wounds — life for some in pain and loneliness — hearing from school girls that care would do wonders for their morale and recovery”.

This passage is impressive. The latest 15 years spent on the run by Bulger and his companion Catherine Greig, captured in Santa Monica june 22 2011 has been characterized by a long moment of peace where the mobster gave up all his intense criminal activity of the past. Bulger suggests to the girls of creating websites on Massachusetts “heroic service men isolated from society due to war wounds  -life for some in pain and loneliness — hearing from school girls that care would do wonders for their morale and recovery“.

Whitey maybe thinks at his old age and at what it means being isolated by everyone, because of his status, but at the same time at the comfort that a good word can have for healing the interior pain of a suffering person.
Morale and recovery and pain and loneliness four words he uses at the end of that passage. It’s not a case. Maybe he would need some help as well but he is too proud for asking for it.


Whitey touches school chapter as well in the letter.

Jimmy Bulger has been a trouble-maker at school, true. He was arrested the first time at 13 years. He wasn’t interested at school maybe for some disturb of attention, who knows? and he was constantly agitated, never calm he couldn’t properly follow any lesson. His dad tried all his best, corporal punishment, he tried to change for this kid institutes various times but without any result.

Bulger re-thinks at that times:

“Don’t waste your time on such as I — we are society’s lower, best forgotten, not looked to for advice on “Leadership”. I’m a 9th grade dropout from school and took the wrong road — my brother 5 years younger applied himself in school and worked hard and spent 40 years in Mass State House and retired and was the President of Mass Senate in State House for second term and President of U. Mass after Retirement. Had 9 children all college graduates and 4 lawyers among them. A Better Man than I”.

What meant for Bulger to be a boss and to be firstly a mobster and a killer? The impossibility of create a family.And there is all of it and more in this passage where he thinks the teenagers shouldn’t waste their time with him, someone who didn’t complete school (but that wouldn’t want to say that a man will become a criminal), and became who became.

The example for the teenagers must be his brother.

“My brother 5 years younger applied himself in school and worked hard and spent 40 years in Mass State House and retired and was the President of Mass Senate in State House for second term and President of U. Mass after Retirement. Had 9 children all college graduates and 4 lawyers among them. A Better Man than I”.

There is courage in saying it.

Like in adding previously:

“Don’t waste your time on such as I — we are society’s lower, best forgotten, not looked to for advice on “Leadership”.

What kind of leadership had had James Whitey Bulger? The one of terror. The chief of a gang, the Winter Hill gang. He knows it and he doesn’t want to teach anything to anyone because certain lessons mustn’t and shouldn’t never be learned but just forgotten where possible and peace can be just reached by that legality Whitey had always avoided to search for and that now, in some passages, maybe he is regretting.

ryan_bulger5_met-001 (pic of the Boston Globe)
Not that he could have changed his nature, it’s not this, but thinking that maybe his personal story could have been differently spent, sometimes can hurt. In particular when you receive a letter from some teenagers and you would want, because old, to be helpful, and you would want to go proud of you and to be an example for them and you know you won’t never be that…

But a lesson can be given: “Don’t be like me” it seems to whisper Whitey through his words.

Whitey continues. He starts to be old, 85, and so of course parents are in his mind:

“My life was wasted and spent foolishly, brought shame and suffering on my parents and siblings and will end soon”.

In certain part of Bulger’s life parents thought maybe Whitey could have been able to return in the right direction of life, but he hasn’t never followed any good advice. And Whitey thinks at it now. In front of him, some teenagers and these teenagers are searching for the big mobster. But who is this big mobster they’re so proud of having received a letter from? These girls have still in their face the incredulity of the teenage age, when possibilities are opened, dreams still in constructions, and they have received a letter from the man they talk about on their blog. A criminal, true, but they haven’t lived the Boston Era when Whitey Bulger was the most famous and powerful criminal. The big mobster killed, rubbed, stole life and hopes, caused the departures, direct and undirected of a lot of people.  So: he can’t go proud of it, and his family can’t go proud of him either. He is not an example for anyone. His life was simply wasted. A devastation for him or a consolation an affirmation like this, seen under different point of views, because Bulger knows better than anyone else what he did: that his life has been a complete waste of time for what he did and for what he caused. A land of sufferance for a lot of people. Bringing shame and suffering to all his dear ones and other people as well. A foolish life, writes Whitey to the teenagers.  James Bulger admits he didn’t understand anything. Or maybe he starts to understand now that there was another life he could have lived and he hasn’t lived. Life can’t be re-written.

“Advice is a cheap commodity some seek it from me about crime. I know only thing for sure: If you want to make crime pay: “Go to Law School.”

It doesn’t lose his sense of humor and sarcasm Whitey when he suggests that anyway crime pays in a way: going to law school. I guess that becoming a good penal attorney pays a lot.

It’s a good end the one with which Whitey closes his letter to these girls:

“Brittany Best of Luck in the future to you and Molly and Michaela”.

Luck, because fortune is indispensable in life. Whitey will be Whitey but sure he always remember something: that he is an irish.


Whitey ends the letter:


James Bulger





Anna Maria Polidori

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“I didn’t lose time and I kissed him!” ;-)

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 27, 2015

A lesson for all Johnny’s fans: rapidity pay!


This woman, Miss Aldridge, 21 years must be someone who doesn’t lose any time in preamble and she is not a girl of too many words. When she spotted Johnny Depp, taking selfies, doing autographs just close to her, she did what she wanted to do. Simply she grabbed Johnny’s face and stamped a kiss on one of his cheeks.

Simple, no?

She became the heroine of all of us.
Well done.

The actor was filming at Hastings Points and was still wearing his Jack Sparrow’s costumes when he was surprised by this shocking and profound kiss.

So much surprised was Johnny’s character, Jack Sparrow. This woman wasn’t slapping Jack but was kissing him adorably. What did he do for deserving such a good treatment?

Mmmmm….He is still thinking, I guess.

Miss Aldridge, works at the Miami office of Kalwun Health Service.

Like other many big fans of Johnny, was waiting for his arrival.

“I just grabbed his face and kissed him”


told to the Bulletin.

Johnny, shocked for the act looked at her.

She looked at him. They looked at each other.
Then Johnny said: “Bless your heart. You are not shy!”

Women commonly do the first step in relationships, Johnny Johnny Johnny, but I guess you know it.

Johnny spent more than 90 minutes signing autographs and taking pictures with fans last monday and more than two hours on Tuesday.

Miss Aldridge told to the Bulletin her friend Jermaine captured with great success the big kiss.

“Oh, I put this picture at work and it’s everywhere as well” she told the girl.

The girl is receiving from strangers a lot of friendship requests because of her kiss with Johnny Depp. Maybe she will find in this buch of new friends someone, she will want to kiss as badly as Johnny.



Anna Maria Polidori

Plan-de-la-Tour and Johnny’s dreaming life in France

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 23, 2015

“I hope that someone else will enjoy the property as much as I did and bring to the new owner the same happiness it brought me”


Years ago, in 2010, so, anyway, in a particular moment in Johnny Depp’s life, People Magazine published a piece by the title: “How Johnny Depp Enjoys the Simple Life in France” by Peter Mikelbank.

The actor  ____Johnny reflected with the journalist on the mansion he had bought at Plan-de-la-Tour with Vanessa Paradis.

Johnny had also filmed that years Chocolat a movie based on a book written by Joanne Harris and set up in a little town in the South of France.

The idea of buying a house a consequence of his love for Vanessa and the arrival of the kids.

A corner where the couple and kids could stay relaxed and distant from the eyes of paparazzi.

What a melancholy, thinking at this absolutely shocking idea of selling this precious and particular estate considering the profound meaning had had in Johnny’s life.

And why this?

Because of a change of…partner as revealed by Alexander Kraft of Sotheby’s International Realty France.

Kraft said the actor confessed him: “Johnny has decided to sell the Plan de la Tour – property to close this chapter of his life and move on. He hopes that someone else will enjoy the property as much as he did and bring him or her the same happiness it brought him.”

Why selling happiness?

Maybe it would be better to sell a haunting estate, a horrible place, surely not a house presented joy and happiness.

The period Johnny bought the house has been stunningly lucky and happy and joyous and that changing partner doesn’t mean changing also “altitude”, but…

We all know Johnny.

If when in love for Vanessa Johnny loved South France, and beautiful wonderful Europe maybe now falls in love for beaches and sands, who knows?

No, sorry Johnny, although it’s not my business and you can do what you want of your life I strongly disagree! with this idea of selling Plan-de-la-Tour.

In the article on People Johnny said to People he wanted to create a special rosé or red wine. Firstly he added he wanted to produce it for domestic use and later, who knows, commercially.

Johnny said to People France had given everything to him: “A marvelous family and also an equilibrium which I missed enormously“!

Johnny continued saying that living in South France was like to live in a sort of Paradise and in a normality uncommon in the USA.

Johnny revealed he stayed in Plan-de-la-Tour for three months per year re-charging his batteries, doing nothing as he told to People or just doing what he loved the most.

People fell in love for him because of his profound humanity and affordability, two qualities sometimes uncommon in an actor.

People started to feel that Johnny was more European than American and they all adopted him with great enthusiasm.

Johnny loved his property so badly.

He told to People he lived there a truly normal existence.

To him it was like to be in another planet (our planet, Johnny, the planet of common people).

When I wake up I go look at my garden. I go see if my vegetables are growing, if certain flowers have started to bloom” said to People.

Johnny also loved to bring his two kids somewhere for a walk. He told to People he said to Vanessa: “Where will we go for a walk? Should we eat at the house with them or maybe go for a picnic?” These ones told Johnny the biggest “problems” to resolve in a daily base.


What a wonderful life, Johnny, that one.



Anna Maria Polidori

All crazy for Johnny Depp at Hastings Points!

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 22, 2015

More than 300 fans waiting for Jack Sparrow



Johnny always nice and affordable with everyone didn’t hesitate another time before to leaving, after a long day spent on set, to taking pictures with all his fans, waiting for him at Hastings Point.

Although it was raining Johnny didn’t care at all for the meteorological conditions and maybe thinking that, for most of that people that one was their only occasion for seeing him in their life, decided to take selfies and exchange some words with them.


10644828_915530625155973_1860194400118571046_n 11140318_915530428489326_6714662381498435472_n 11393067_915530588489310_430595311270744300_n 11535846_915530528489316_1360762444943463866_n 10351584_915530605155975_839763099267700918_n

More pictures tomorrow!



Anna Maria Polidori

Hastings Point and the great publicity from Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 22, 2015

Filming in a paradisiacal location these two days



Looking at a picture published by the Bulletin today I remained shocked by the stunningly beautiful ocean.

the paradisiac location (picture by the Gold Coast Bulletin)


It’s in this fairy-tale location that the production of Pirates have installed the whale skeleton ready for filming.

Hastings Point is at south of the Gold Coast, precisely New South Wales. In this fabulous place there will be the shooting today and tomorrow.

In the while of course tourists are massively waited and people are ready to welcoming them and Johnny Depp.

There is the hope that Johnny Depp can stop-by and can take selfies, shake hands with people, fans, tourists, curious and local residents.

Other protagonist of the scenes of these two days one of the two capuchin monkeys. He will interact with actor Martin Klebba. The actor posted a picture on Twitter with the monkey. Enjoy it.

Martin Klebba and the capuchin monkey


Anna Maria Polidori

Happy belated Father’s Day Johnny!

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 22, 2015


Devian art, new painting of Johnny Depp

Posted in Johnny Depp by Anna Maria Polidori on June 21, 2015

The artist davidem95


New beautiful drawing of Johnny Depp.
You can find more info here:



Anna Maria Polidori

Camping close to Johnny Depp…..

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on June 21, 2015

A group of people was waiting for the actor camped outside the mansion rented by Depp



Sometimes people don’t know where to camping, but when there is a sex-symbol around like Johnny ____Johnny Depp it’s more and more than understandable why some of them can choose to camping close to his mansion, waiting for a smile from him, maybe just dreaming to see him on his SUV while leaving his mansion.

Anyway, although it can appears a dreaming situation, some people in the mansion called the police men, wrote the Gold Coast Bulletin,  just today, in an exclusive piece for removing these people who were camping illegally outside the Coomera mansion.

It seems, reports the Bulletin that with the people there was also an aggressive dog, a bulldog and that a tent was constructed just outside the mansion.

Police ordered to the people of going away from there because private property.

In the while the colleagues of the Bulletin arrived promptly in the place  for verifying what was happening exactly found a security guard yelling, reports the Bulletin “Paparazzi at the front gate”.

No, in this case, just reporters who wanted to ring the doorbell.

Lucky them!!! 😉 😉 😉



Anna Maria Polidori

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