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Johnny Depp back in Australia treated like a common mortal

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on June 1, 2015

Johnny at the customs, all luggage inspected before to let him go



Johnny is back in Australia after the sweet and sour celebration of the 16th years of Lily-Rose Melody Depp although this one has been a particular arrival.

This time Johnny 500536-79f9ff48-082d-11e5-8dc7-b0c4f7af3b6c (pic of the Bulletin) waited as every other human sat on the tarmac per more than an hour while the customs inspected the various luggage brought by him and the rest of his entourage.

The last time Johnny touched australian land arrived like the savior and hero of the whole situation. He was so waited and expected in the Gold Coast and everyone so happy to seeing him again after six weeks of movie interruption because of his injury off set.

Everyone couldn’t wait for a better news than the arrival of Johnny on set considering that his injury and the pin inserted in the middle finger of his right arm meant six weeks of treatment and rest in California but also the abrupt interruption of the movie.

For more than 200 people, someone wrote 400, unemployment for various weeks and it was not a good Easter for most of the australian crew involved in the current project of Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales the biggest production of all the times, but also since now pretty messy and plenty of incidents.

These measures, adopted this time at the entrance in Australia of Johnny Depp and wife without red carpet and with great accuracy at the customs because Johnny Depp it seems introduced the last time, in complete clandestinity with his model wife the two little wife’s terriers with which he is now, being his husband, co-owner, Pistol and Boo.

In a blog dedicated to Depp it was explained and clarified that the two dogs have passports for travelling but that this passport maybe it’s not good for Australia.

The two dogs had to be declared after a long procedure before to bring them to Australia (vaccinations etc, I will treat it in another piece) and later they had to stay in quarantine for 10 days. The cost of quarantine is of 450 dollars and something. Of course Depp could have paid for wagons of quarantines without any problem.

Australia is a beautiful land with wonderful scenarios and stunning incredible animals and plants and flowers, unique in the genre.

For this reason and for give to everyone the best sanitary system, avoiding unwanted illnesses and not just rabies one of the most severe illnesses for human and animals, the bio-security of the country, an island, is severe and sometimes can be considered unfair. These severe controls, accepted by everyone with great joy are able to give stability, efficiency, great and good health to everyone, people and animals, preserving a wonderful eco-system.

Minister Joyce didn’t treat the situation with severity because Johnny was involved in the story but because of the security of everyone. It happened also previously that another person had introduced illegally a dog, and the story was sorted out also in that case.

The apparent severity of minister Joyce meant just that a breach in the law and a favoritism to a star because of his status would have meant the creation of a dangerous, too much dangerous situation in the future, with people thinking that there are citizens of series A and others of series B. and with the risk that a case treated under a different perspective would have altered an efficient  law-system. “If Johnny Depp didn’t declare the dogs and he was safe I can do the same” people could start to think and it’s a dangerous thought and can create problems in the future.

At the moment investigations are still continuing and Johnny Depp apart 10 years of jail that  won’t never attend (the pilot risks two years of jail), will probably pay $300,000 for all this story. For a common mortal an incredible amount of money, to him just few bucks.

The day of Johnny once the work at the customs was completed proceeded.  Johnny was driven to a hangar owned by Mick Doohan the owner of the mansion where Johnny lives in.
Then Johnny flew away thanks to a helicopter and later driven away with a Range Rover.

The Bulletin remarks that this one is a good signal. Serious filming should follow these next weeks considering the arrival of two stars like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

Happy work to everyone!



Anna Maria Polidori


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