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Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies by Anna Maria Polidori on June 4, 2015

Procedures for importing dogs in Australia


There is something in this story of the two dogs of Johnny’s model wife, that I still can’t understand.
The australian government is trying to discover the number of people knew that the dogs would have been illegally imported in Australia with Johnny’s private jet. If Johnny Depp was conscious that the dogs were in his jet for being illegally imported in Australia, who materially brought the bag containing the illegal dogs out of the airplane avoiding the customs, but one thing is sure: the dogs arrived in Australia imported illegally.

They, Boo and Pistol the two little dogs the name of the dogs, not for their fault, entered in Australia avoiding the customs and that was why they were sent-home again without too many compliments after few hours from their arrival once discovered the mess by the government. Johnny spent 400.000 dollars for the trip home of the two beloved dogs of his wife.

But, I asked to myself wagons of times why two dogs imported illegally in Australia, considering also the severe, rigid Australian bio-security laws that we will analyze later in this article have later received the attention of Australian groomers with pictures posted everywhere after a grooming session?

lianne Kent with Pistol left and Elly Kent with Boo


Johnny is a very famous and loved person and this problem of the dogs is unfortunately a serious problem, because the dogs haven’t been just introduced in Australia with some missing documentation or some papers not written correctly by a vet, but illegally, so no one knew of the arrival of these two potential “dangerous” little dogs who didn’t have all the standard of vaccinations and tests and exams required by the australian government.

As we will see later the australian government requires a lot of documents, tests, exams, and vaccinations before to permit the import of dogs in Australia and also when the dog touches the australian land later there will be anyway to spend for the dog ten days of quarantine, but it can be more. The cost of quarantine is 450 dollars plus other expenses for ten days.

I guess that the irritation of minister of agriculture Joyce more big because in front of him he has Johnny Depp the main star of Pirates and a man who couldn’t ignore the severity of bio-security laws, considering also that Johnny maybe knew, that the two capuchin monkeys starring with Captain Barbossa on set of Pirates lived a big drama as well before to being introduced in Australia and the topic was largely treated by the media.

The capuchin monkeys of Captain Barbossa in fact at first seemed that they couldn’t at all performed in Pirates 5. We were all so sad because of it.

The severe bio-security laws and the potential import in the country of a race of monkeys unknown in Australia created a lot of chaos.

Someone started a petition for avoiding the entrance in the country of these two little monkeys for avoiding possible unwanted illnesses.

It seemed an exaggeration and I remember I wrote a piece on this problem.

I understood that the stunning Australia is kept so well, and in good health because of all these restrictions and that these restrictions and laws are keeping well the country, its nature and health for men and animals.

Disney at the beginning thought maybe it was better to re-create the monkeys via pc. This production is big and miracles are possible, but lately the two capuchin monkeys after a period of quarantine law entered triumphantly in Australia for filming Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales close to their captain Hector Barbossa, Geoffrey Rush in real life 🙂

In another blog dedicated to Johnny it was said that of course the two dogs of Johnny’s wife with which Johnny is co-owner, have their canine passport and no one I guess was doubting it, but it seems that that passport wasn’t sufficiently good for Australia.

It is still a mystery why the two little dogs didn’t follow at all the long procedure for being imported in Australia in tranquillity. Johnny and wife are not common people but privileged ones so they could have done all the tests, vaccinations required to the dogs, with great calm and help thanks to a lot of joyous people surrouding them and if the dogs couldn’t join the happy couple once they arrived with great joy in Queensland, Brisbane the first time, not a tragedy.

Maybe someone else would have accompanied the dogs, once finished all the procedures of vaccinations and tests, in Queensland, Australia where there are currently shootings of Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Johnny is not a common person and although costs for importing dogs are very high for a common man, this one isn’t the case of Johnny Depp.

Australian bio-security laws are severe with importations, but also exportation and with Australians as well. Once a dog or a cat for example of an australian, so australian animals, leave with the owner the country, the dog will need to follow a very long procedure before to being again re-admitted in Australia.

It’s not a joke.

They do that for preserving the stunning nature they have, for avoiding illnesses like rabies and other pretty severe illnesses. Australia is in fact an island.

But so…If you will afford in Australia for a vacation and you have sufficient money for doing it, which is the procedure to follow for bringing with you your adorable dog?

It’s a long story.

The importation of a dog for a common person is pretty prohibitive.

For what I read in many comments of readers regarding the actual problems of Johnny Depp, common people who travelled in the past or present in Australia preferred to keep their dog home because of the quarantine and all the rest. A long procedure of exams, tests, internal and external medicines for defeating all the possible parasites from the internal and external body of the animal, a lot of vaccinations…

This one the procedure for the admission of a dog in Australia.

Once your dog will have followed all this procedure, so vaccinated, scrutinized, analyzed, extra-cleaned, Australia or not he will be the happiest and healthiest dog existing in the face of the world. Remember this.

It’s first of all necessary from you to obtain a valid import permit and once arrived the dog must complete a minimum of 10 days in quarantine in a local structure.

There are various categories of countries and some of these ones need a valid import permit.

In case the animal can’t stay for irregularity the procedure is the return to the country, as it happened for the two dogs of Johnny’s model’s wife or the death of the dog.

It’s also indispensable for the pet owner in the country where he lives in to talk with a serious vet for performing all the procedures requested by the Australian government.

The pet owner, helped by the vet need also to find a laboratory approved by the government of the country where he lives in, for the various tests later necessary at the dog after the various vaccinations necessary for the importation.

It’s indispensable to speak with serious structures for avoiding waste of time, recommend the australian government.

The people must certified in fact at the end that the dog can be imported in Australia and that all the documentation, exams, vaccinations and laboratories tests are fine.

So the structures must be serious, laboratories approved by the government of the country where you are living in.

First of all, considering also the country where you live in, you need to see how much documentation is required by Australia and if you need additional export requirements and/or if your country of export had an agreed veterinary health certificate to use and that can replace the one of the Department of Agriculture’s standard veterinary health certificate.

And remember to do that plus remember to take all these information to your government approved vet, there for assisting you along this procedure, long, expensive for sure, but that at least will permit you to stay with your dog in Australia.

Remember that the Australian government recommend you to follow all the procedures with great attention.

Import conditions stated on the Import Permit must be strictly compiled well.

In opposite case your dog can stay in quarantine for many more days requiring additional testing or subject to re-export.

The pet owner of course will pay all the additional fees and costs.

Dog breeds that can’t be imported in Australia: dogo Argentino, fila Brasileiro, Japanese tosa, American pit bull terrier or pit bull terrier, Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario.

Impossible to think of importing wolf-dog crosses or other hybrids.

It’s necessary the microchip for the animal when the entire procedure of exams will start to take place or the installment of a new microchip.
The microchip in fact must be read by an Avid, Trovan, Destron or other ISO compatible reader.
The government approved vet you will choose must ensure that every time you bring the dog for the visit at his studio the microchip would scanned and that the scanned microchip number correctly recorded on all the documentation for avoiding problems.

The microchip must be read.

In opposite case the dog won’t be eligible for being imported in Australia.

Of course you can sort out this as previously said installing a new microchip.

So, you must install the microchip 42 days before the proposed date of export.

Then it will be necessary to submit your application import permit including full payment and ALL the documentation. You will discover the numbers and addresses online.

After you have received your valid import permit

It will be indispensable to see the quarantine facilities webpage for the quarantine necessary and for arranging the transport of the dog once you will be in Australia.

Don’t worry: the department doesn’t place restriction about the choice of your favorite airline company.

Sure the animal must travel as “manifested cargo” so not in the cabin and in an International Air Transport Association called IATA, approved crate for dogs.

All transports costs will be paid by the owner of the dog.

The transport will see the dog transiting, touch down but stay on the same plane.

The dog can only tranship so change aircraft in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London and other cities as well (see the complete list).

The dog for all the time must be under the supervision of the competent authority of the country transhipment. Contact with other animals must be restricted.

If for case the container is opened during transhipment it will be indispensable to release a certificate or a declaration by the authorities of the country motivating reasons and circumstances.

The container re-sealed and the certificate must include the new seal number.

If this procedure is missed the dog won’t be eligible for being imported


Dogs imported in Australia must be vaccinated against Leptospira interrogans serovar Canicola.This vaccine can be done also 14 days before you leave the country but it is always better to be prevident.
Other vaccinations indispensables: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para-influenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica.

External parasite treatments must start 21 days before blood sampling for Ehrlichia canis.

Your chosen government approved vet must treat the dog with a product against ticks and fleas 21 days before blood collection for Ehrlichia canis antibody testing.

The protection against external parasite constantly maintained until the export, and repeated by the vet if he thinks it is necessary.

Everytime the dog is brought at the vet’s studio it will be necessary to verify the microchip as said, but also examine the external parasite of the dog.

If for case a flea or a tick is found it’s necessary to remove it, and preparation of the treatment re-started including the test for Ehrlichia canis antibodies.

This blood test must be done 45 days before to start the trip for Australia.

Remember that test done using polymerase chain reaction rejected and that the test must produce a negative result of diluition of 1:40.

External parasite protection must create a barrier. If not all the procedure repeated.

It’s indispensable the test for Brucella canis the so-called Brucellosis another temible illness but not if the dog is desexed.

In the case the dog is desexed it will be indispensable to specifying it, creating an evidence at the competent authority in the exporting country.

The dog’s blood test for Brucella canis must be negative ad done using a rapid slide agglutination test, a tube agglutination test, or an indirect fluorescent antibody test.

The dog musn’t be mated or artificially inseminated before to be exported.

Test against Leishmania infantum, Leishmaniosis.
One of the most dangerous illnesses.

The government approved vet will use for the exam an indirect fluorescent antibody test or an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay.

The test must be negative.

Test against Leptospira canicola, Leptospirosis, done using a microscopic agglutination test and the final result must be a negative result, less than 50% agglutination, at a serum dilution of 1:100.

Let’s pass now at the internal parasites treatment. Two treatments at least or more per dog, and the second one within 5 days before the export of the dog. The internal parasites to defeat: nematodes and cestodes


The dog must return at the government approved vet for being examined. No ticks, no fleas, and the dog must be free of infectuus or contagious diseases? Hoooray the dog seems will afford without worry in Australia. Remember to bring all the documentation of all the iter at the vet.

Here we are!

You are dog is healthy and happy after all the attention your deserved him.

The government approved vet will give you the Veterinary Health Certificate that you will locate in your valid import permit.

It must be completed by the official government vet.

This official vet must also issue you a seal to be placed on the animal’s crate at the time of export.
The seal number must be recorded on the Health Certificate.

Don’t lose these documents, indispensable for accompanying well the animal on the arrival in Australia.

You can use copies but they must have the original signature of the official government vet and stamp of the competent authority on each page.

So let’s see the various documentation you mustn’t forget!

1- The valid import permit (hooray!)

2- The completed vet Health certificate that must be attached as attachment A at the import permit

3 – Ehrlichia canis laboratory report

4 – Leishmania infantum laboratory report

5 – Brucella canis laboratory report if not desexed. Remember the other paper if the dog is desexed.

6 – Leptospira canicola laboratory report

Australian government recommend you to keep a copy of each these documents.

Any corrections made by to the Veterinary Health Certificate must be struck through, legible, signed and stamped by the official government vet. It’s no possible to use correction fluid.

The arrival at the airport

Seal the animal into the crate using the seal supplied by the official government vet.

The dog must be put in a container that meets the standard required in the International Air Transport Live Animals Regulation Container Requirement.

The dog will be checked in once arrived in Australia at the freight terminal not the terminal where people are checked in.

The quarantine facility

Department staff will collect your dog for being transported at the quarantine facility for a minimum of ten days as minimum.
If the australian government find a tick or a flea the dog will be kept for 21-30 days more, because of blood tests etc. The costs will be paid by the owner of the dog so pay attention to external parasites as well with great cure trying to defeating all of them.

This is all the procedure. Happy staying in Australia! to all the dogs and owners for sure. You and your dog deserves it so badly.

I thank the official website of the government for all these informations.

You see: a dog doesn’t know if the family where he will live in is rich enough for paying vaccinations, cures, quarantine or not. A dog doesn’t care at all these aspects, because he doesn’t know what it means, thank Lord, if an owner is rich, beauty, ugly, slim, fat, tall, short. A dog, like all the rest of the animal measures with another meters men: the meter of unconditional love that doesn’t know any material compromise.

Sure, a responsible owner must think at all these vaccinations and procedures if he wants to travel in Australia with serenity.

A dog can’t do that for him. A dog doesn’t know which are our laws and what it is better or worse for him. Just the owner knows it. For the dog and for himself.




Anna Maria Polidori


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