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The story of the dogs and of that 15 minutes of celebrity

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on July 26, 2015

She had to be in Johnny’s destiny

I was re-reading days ago an old interview published on Vanity Fair when it was released The Rum Diary. It was 2011. The journalist an aficionado of Johnny Depp: Nick Toches.
I thought at that manuscript.

Johnny found out the manuscript somewhere in the house of Thompson.

A book Thompson didn’t like at all.

I realized that it was all written.

I presume, it’s in the destiny of each of us, in a way, create unconsciously the occasion for meeting someone crucial in our life in a remote, distant moment of our existence.

That person will mark later our life positively or negativity with intensity.

Johnny has created the conditions for meeting in his Destiny the so-called new wife when he spent weeks at the house of Thompson for preparing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Terry Gilliam based on the same book written by Thompson.

Johnny has always described the moments spent with the Kentuckian writer and gonzo journalist as wonderfully great.

Searching searching, Johnny, discovered somewhere in the house of Hunter Thompson, 19-20 years ago the manuscript of The Rum Diary.

Thompson didn’t like at all that book. He tried to publish it without success and he had completely forgotten it, hided somewhere and without intention to publish it anymore.

Johnny, once discovered the manuscript, fell in love for the story and decided to help his friend to publish it.

The book released the year it was launched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, directed by Terry Gilliam.

It was 1998.

The Rum Diary started to be written by Thompson when he was just 22 years old in 1959.

Johnny decided to create a  movie based on The Rum Diart, Once he did it. It was a flop.

We know all the rest.

Depp married after a suffering and controversial story the so-called “new wife” with the arrival of the new year.

Great joy and happiness, the ceremony celebrated in Los Angeles at the presence of
Johnny’s mom Betty Sue Palmer and later at the Bahamas, with 50 guests.

The wedding a wonderful and idyllic moment for the couple.

Johnny started to film Pirates soon.

At first the girl didn’t join Depp in Australia.

Johnny Depp in the while after few days from his arrival,some concerts he had attended at, injured himself off-set, while, it’s supposed, he was driving a kart in the private structure and circuit created at Coomora mansion during a pause from the shootings of Pirates.

He was constricted to return to Los Angeles for being operated and a pin inserted in his middle finger of the right hand. A problem still persisting.

It was shocking for the production. The main actor sick the worsest news. A nightmare. The crew lived moments of great sadness. More than 200 people unemployed for various weeks.

The Australian government tried to insist with the people of the production of Pirates for seeing Johnny Depp back as soon as possible. It happened after six weeks, and the news was saluted with great joy and happiness.

At the return, the arrival also of the new wife of Depp, Heard and other people of Johnny’s entourage.

We were all ready to repeat the old scheme of Boston where Johnny filmed Black Mass, the story of the mobster Whitey Bulger: Johnny visiting some famous book-stores, Johnny eating here and there. A sort of Australian: Asks Johnny, he knows the answer. Mmmm, I think I wrote it also in another piece, true? But it was what we were expecting for our blogs. No more, no less.

Well, at the beginning Johnny met Jade Baker, the 11 years old boy sick because of the horrible illness of Moyamoya. Touching and wonderful moment. The best moment to me of all these long and suffering months for a disgraceful production plenty of little and big incidents.

Johnny later found the time for adopting a poor little bat visiting the center where the bat is being cured. We were all thrilled.

In the while…

The new wife of Johnny, Heard felt the necessity of bringing with her the two yorkshire
terriers, Pistol and Boo.
One day they thought that it had to be a good thing a visit at the groomers.

The groomers asked if it was possible to posting the pictures taken with the dogs on their Facebook page.
Johnny’s entourage agreed at the idea.

A news like this one, for gossip, the two dogs of Johnny’s new wife at the groomer, reported immediately in the entire world and in Australia. It was cute, nice, attractive.

But someone jumped on the chair maybe when read this news: Barnaby Joyce, the minister of Agriculture.

These two little terriers passed the customs or not when the happy couple arrived at the airport of Brisbane?
No, it seemed.
So, what happened?

It became a national case.

It seems that the two dogs have been illegally imported in Australia, and Australia is extremely severe regarding the bio-security laws and the quarantine of all the possible animals not just dogs, but cats, little and big animals as well.

The embarrassment for what happened has been great and once discovered the story
someone contacted immediately Johnny’s wife. The girl reassured everyone that the dogs, reported various magazines online, were vaccinated.

After just few hours: the dogs had to return to the Usa as soon as possible. In 72-50 hours. In opposite case they would have been euthanized. It’s the procedure followed for every common mortals and it was applied at Johnny Depp and his wife as well. An exception couldn’t be possible because a breach like this one too dangerous for future episodes and privileged people must be treated like everyone else.

At the same time an investigation tried to understand the amount of people knew that the two little dogs were in the airplane and the various responsibilities.

The scenario this one: 10 years for the owner of the dogs or something to pay, 100.000 dollars in pecuniary terms, the risk of 2 years of jail for the pilot of the jet if recognized guilty of any responsibility.

Time passed by, the dogs were sent back home via private jet and Johnny Depp spent 400.000 dollars just for that.

A petition was created by some Johnny’s fans asking to save “Johnny’s dogs”. The dogs are the facto the dogs of Johnny’s wife Heard. Johnny became the co-owner of the dogs once he married her.

At the end Heard received the summons. Heard faces three charges under the Australian Quarantine Act, including two counts of illegal importation of animal, one for each dog, and one count because she produced false document. The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions thinks the model and actress falsified her passenger arrival card for keeping the two dogs like phantoms at the customs.

Not additional comments from the spokesman of the Minister of Agriculture Joyce: “As the matter is now before the courts, Mr Joyce will not be making any further comment”

The Department of Agriculture confirmed in a statement: “Ms Amber Heard was served with a summons issued by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions on July 14. The CDPP’s action follows an incident where a bio-security officer attended a Gold Coast property in April and found two dogs alleged to be illegally imported.”

In a statement the Minister of Agriculture: “All animals entering Australia must have an import permit, and have undergone relevant testing and health checks signed off by a government veterinarian from the exporting country to ensure pests and diseases from overseas are not brought here”.

Heard can appear in person or through a lawyer.

Anna Maria Polidori


Welcome back Will Turner!

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on July 26, 2015

Latest from Pirates Dead Men Tell no Tales


Will Turner officially back!

The news of the re-entrance of Orlando Bloom in the franchise of Pirates, after a lot of rumors, (I posted the news for first or so time ago) has been finally confirmed by the production.

It will be a bigger role the one of Orlando Bloom and maybe, Brenton Thwaites, the aussie (australian) actor maybe will be introduced in the movie as Will Turner’s son.

This time we won’t see also the return of Elizabeth Swann so the story probably will be developed in a paternal relationship between Will Turner and his son.

As told before, Will Turner became the captain of The Flying Ducthman. The Flying Dutchman is the cursest ship of all the Seas and the curse pretty heavy: the captain and the crew can’t touch any land for ten years.

At the end of At World’s End Will Turner once returned home after ten years spent in The Flying Dutchman.
So maybe, but these ones are just conjectures, Thwaites and his character Henry could play this role: the one of the son reconnected with his dad always distant because of that curse.

And Jack? What will happen to Jack? This time Sparrow needs to find the the mythical trident of Poseidon and will fight against Captain Salazar, a big enemy (Javier Bardem in the role) because according to Salazar, Jack Sparrow was responsible for the death of his brother. For this reason he is searching for Jack, for…Killing him!

Will be Jack in grade  to save his head and life against such an enemy? We need to wait some more time before to discover it.

Pirates Dead Men Tell no Tales will be released on july 7, 2017.

Directors of the movie, Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg. Other members of the cast: Geoffrey Rush, Javier Bardem, Kevin McNally, Stephem Graham, Kaya Scodelario.


Anna Maria Polidori

Black Mass at the Venice Film Festival out of competition sept 4th

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on July 26, 2015

Latest news


First of all I am so sorry for having written that the Venice Film Festival will start in a few days. It’s more than a month and half our rural community is isolated by phone. I still have dial-up. You can’t believe, dear reader, what it means in term of work. A complete mess.
So, please try to forgive me.

So, let’s talk about the Venice Film Festival. It’s at the 72nd edition and it is directed by Alberto Barbera. Organized by La Biennale di Venezia and chaired by Paolo Baratta.One of the most important competitions for cinema, as normal there is I guess a lot of trepidation and excitment for the arrival of Black Mass at Venice.

Black Mass will be the next movie launched in the market for Johnny Depp and there are great expectations.
Boston and Bostonians hope that their city will be a good omen for Johnny.

Black Mass will be out of competition and will be screened on Sept. 4 in the Sala Grande at the Palazzo del Cinema in the suggestive Venice Lido.

The movie directed by Scott Cooper will see Johnny Depp in the role of the terrible mobster of South Boston Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger, but in the cast let’s mention also Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rory Cochrane, Jesse Plemons, Dakota Johnson, Peter Sarsgaard and Kevin Bacon.

The Venice International Film Festival will start  at the beginning of september, for ten days: Sept.2-12.



Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny Depp met Jackie Sparrow the bat another time

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on July 24, 2015

New encounter with Jackie the Bat and the ladies of the structure where the mammal is cured


Johnny is gothic.

Well, we all know that.

Recently once returned in Australia after the incident off-set and the six weeks spent in the USA for curing the injury, one of the first things Johnny did was adopting a little poor bat that some people had rescued close to the set of Pirates Dead Men Tell no Tales.

An australian member of the crew, volunteer of the center, told all the story at Johnny and Johnny simply fell in love for the poor miserable little animal.

The animal was one of the victims, thank Lord not fatal of the heavy temporal affected the Gold Coast the past months. .

Discovering the story of this bat and that not so distant from the set there was an association called  Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre convinced Johnny at adopting the little bat, brought in the structure in the while for being cured.

He donated 1000 dollars for the cause and the arrival of Johnny Depp for a visit lived with great pleasure by the ladies. They take care of these little and precious animals with great joy. Bats in fact are important for the eco-system of a country.

Jackie Sparrow in the while is grown up. She is 12 weeks at the moment.

J&J Jack&Jackie

Two pictures with J&J. Or Jack&Jackie, if you prefer. Aren’t they cute? (Bulletin pics)

The name Jackie Sparrow, the bat is a female, was added, a curiosity, when the ladies of the charity discovered that the biggest pirates of all the times, Jack 11698430_923864577655911_2122207459561817166_n Sparrow, had decided to adopting the little animal. At first they thought of naming the little and poor bat after Charlotte, honoring the new baby of Prince William but later they thought it would have been great to choose the name of their wonderful sponsor.

Ms Wimberley told to the Bulletin Johnny had met Jackie Sparrow, a couple of times. The lady added: “He came down to see her again before he flew up to the Whitsundays“. The ladies told  Johnny asked if for case he could bring home once he will return to the USA Jackie Sparrow but the ladies of the structure told him unfortunately he can just visit the little pet.




Anna Maria Polidori

Whitey Bulger and his criminal story at the Venice Film Festival

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on July 23, 2015

Black Mass at the Venice Film Festival


He fought against the italian mob of Boston created by the brothers Angiulo with all himself. He was stronger than the italian mobsters once he defeated that family, the Angiulo one, thanks it seems to the devastating connection with the local Boston agency of the FBI and his role as an 11143680_421228264717489_8379124047041460925_n 10929555_421228288050820_5264084193313585513_n informant.

Now ironically the movie Black Mass the first real reconstruction of James “Whitey” Bulger’s private and criminal life will be launched in Italy at the Venice Film Festival in less than a week.
Dakota Johnson one of the main protagonists will attend the festival.

Black Mass, filmed last year in the beautiful and very friendly and warm Boston is directed by Scott Cooper. It will be in the big screen in the USA this next september.

Johnny Depp in the role of Jimmy Whitey Bulger. With him Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon, Joel Edgerton and Peter Sarsgaard.

The story is based on the book written by Dick lehr2sm Lehr and Gerard O’Neill: Black Mass, Black Mass Book Cover Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a devil’s deal.

The movie will tell the strong relationship it seems, between the FBI and James  whitey 8 whitey 4Bulger.

This unholy alliance brought at the final destruction of the italian mafia created by the family Angiulo in particular by Jerry Angiulo.

It was a story in a way of  South against North.


The italian mafia in fact monopolized the north part of the city of Boston with the brothers Angiulo. The structures was closed and it was a “Cosa Nostra” where the affiliates through a vow/ritual were introduced in the association. The Bostonian Cosa Nostra had peculiar characteristics. No drugs, no violence.

The irish mob wanted  by Whitey Bulger, more cruel, interested South Boston.

In a recent letter written by Bulger and received in answer at a previous one sent by three teenagers for a school project, the irish mobster, 85 years whitey , two life sentences plus other 5 years, convicted in a jail in Florida described his life as “A wasted life”, whitey immediately after the capture saying at these teenagers to be The three teen-agers with Whitey Bulger's letter (Boston Globe Pic) always good people. His life, he added, couldn’t and shouldn’t be at all be an example for anyone in this world.

Anna Maria Polidori



Lily-Rose Depp chosen as new ambassador for Chanel

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on July 22, 2015

New entry in the prestigious and exclusive maison


There is grace, there is fashion and style and there is a beauty and a natural elegance able to speak at the large masses because it is a clean message. There is that real elegance so difficult to find anymore because elegance means also protection of the body and soul from the excesses.

There is a harmonic face. Elegant, beauty with a touch of sadness and rebellion in the eyes so typical in the teenagers. Sweet, never vulgar, always sophisticated but not unreachable by the masses.

She is a new little icon, this just 16 years old girl.

Not too much surprised that Chanel has chosen with these premises the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis as new icon for these next years starting from a campaign of eyewear collection.

m_Lily_Rose m_Lily_Rose2 m_Lily_Rose 1


Lily-Rose probably  will follow the steps of her mom Vanessa Paradis in the maison Chanel. Vanessa Paradis is from a long time of the most loved icons of Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld declared talking of the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis: “Lily-Rose is stunning, she’s a young girl from a new generation with all the qualities of a star”.

Sophisticated pictures for an elegant model.


Chanel launched the campaign adding: “Lily-Rose is a baby doll in a world imbued with sweetness and femininity”.



Anna Maria Polidori

Lily-Rose Melody Depp in a music video

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on July 19, 2015

The teenager in the first music video


Lily-Rose Depp is in the Dubliner musician and rapper Rejjie Snow’s new music video “All Around the World”.

Sixteen “sour” years, the daughter of Johnny Depp  and Vanessa Paradis confirms she can work in various and very diversified fields with success and joy.

Lily_Rose smiling

Vanessa Paradis, her mom, started also her career musically with Joe Le Taxi a big success of the ’80s.

Lily-Rose Depp will be seen as protagonist with Harley Quinn in the horror movie Yoga Hosers soon. Previously she appeared in a cameo in the first trilogy by Kevin Smith: Tusk.

Johnny Depp in the movies/trilogy created by Kevin Smith as well  in the role of the 70s private investigator Guy Lapointe.


Anna Maria Polidori

Johnny Depp and his new greek island: Stroggino

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on July 17, 2015

The actor bought two days ago a new island


Johnny Depp is launched in buying islands around the world. After the Carribean Little Halls Pond Cay carribean island bought in 2004, thanks to the success of Pirates, a new island became property of the Kentuckian actor.

Angelica Jolie, great Johnny’s friend and Brad Pitt, decided to buy a greek island, the Ionian one Gaia . The actor followed their example.

The island should be Stroggino, the Dodecanese island Stronghyle.

Johnny bought the island two days ago for €4m. No one lives there. The island is long 0.20 km.

Steven Taylor, spokesman of the London real estate firm Proto Organization Ltd, confirming the purchase of the island, added Johnny 16 is waited at the end of July in Greece for seeing his new property.



Anna Maria Polidori

New sunny picture of Jack Sparrow

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Wrap Party for Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales

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 Funny time for most members of cast and crew of Pirates


There is a lot to celebrate.
Australians are happy and joyous because they know that they have given hospitality and trust to maybe the most loved production of all the times, one of the most appreciated by viewers of all the world. Johnny Depp with his wonderful and loved pirates Jack 11046864_399861530187496_2393144938592319735_nSparrow, the return of Will Turner, Geoffrey Rush reprising his role as captain Barbossa,  Javier Bardem as Captain Salazar, the main protagonists of the fifth installment of Pirates.
It is not still clear if Johnny Depp attended the party but at Bundall’s New York-styled One 50 Public House last saturday there were more than 400 people of cast and crew for celebrating the end of this movie after five months where a lot of tales were told by everyone.
Geoffrey Rush and a smiling Jerry Bruckheimer were spotted at the party.

The part of the American production of Pirates has been impressed by the different working-style of Australians.

At the same time some Australians added during the wrap party to the Bulletin: “We have proved we can provide the resource for the whole production. That’s the biggest statement this show has made for the Gold Coast”.

Another man: “It’s a fantastic pitch as long as the crew members from overseas go away having found it easy to work here and they say those things. I reckon that will be the case. The Gold Coast turns it on.

Pirates will be on cinema July 2017.

To everyone again happy and…safe 😉 work.



Anna Maria Polidori

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