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The monkey, the set and the gentle lady

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on July 3, 2015

 During the lunch-time Jack the Monkey bit the make-up artist!


Is there a responsibility or a responsible for the incident occurred to the make-up artist while she approached by Jack the Monkey on set during a pause, and the monkey lately, maybe joking bit her ear?

It’s the question asked by the Bulletin.

Of course no. A set is chaotic. Sometimes it’s impossible to keep everything under control.

Monkeys are not predictable animals and they can, be also pretty spiteful.

Who knows if this monkey was the female or the male one, if it was Chiquita or Pablito, (the real names of the monkeys in their life) the one attacked the 54 years old lady who maybe thought of sharing some good moments with a wonderful and tender little animal?

The Bulletin admits no one wants any kind of responsibility for the attack at the lady.
As previously reported, during a moment of relaxation and a pause from shooting, the lady, a make-up artists, was sat, enjoying some moment from the busy schedule of a day on set, when the little Jack The Monkey approached the lady, who very cheerfully for the unexpected gift presented to her from life, was all amazed to play with the little monkey, a pretty unusual animal. She didn’t still know what it would have been her destiny in a few minutes: the laceration of an ear. If at first Jack the Monkey was tender, cute and nice, lately bit the lady without any kind of hesitation.

At first, of course doctors on set for the first cures, and later, a story well-known in this edition of Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales, a little ER, 😉 considering all the incidents occurred these past months, the arrival of paramedics and an ambulance.

The lady was brought to a private hospital for trying to see if the laceration would have been ok and for blood tests for excluding some tropical illness.

This lady works in the make-up department of children’s tv series Mako Mermaids.

The producer of the company confirmed that the lady is fine and she is back to work.

In Australia producers of Pirates have brought two Capuchin monkeys  after petitions, polemics, fights with environmental association that didn’t see this story positively. After a long period of quarantine they triumphantly started to film Pirates.

These two monkeys have also filmed the latest two editions of Pirates. They reprised their roles of Jack The Monkey.

Now which was the problem? That the monkey during the pause of filming was free and walking walking all alone and undisturbed reached and approached the tender and inoffensive lady, all alone, who was part of another production and she was  surprised to seeing an element of a close production so nice and tender and unexpected. It’s unusual to see a monkey. Australia doesn’t have any monkeys at all, and I guess she was electrified by the opportunity of sharing some moment with the little animal. And I guess Jack The Monkey was so nice with her, ’til at the moment he bit the ear of the gentle make-up artist, who maybe after this experience matured the idea that Jack the Monkey sometimes is not at all a gentlemonkey 🙂

Again Australia has severe laws also when on set there are animals.

They should always stay in the unit under supervision, and for all the day.

PETA and other association defending animal rights now point the finger against the production of Pirates because according to them bringing monkeys on set would have caused them stress.

No, to me joy. They’re joyous animals. They can stay on set.

For the rest they don’t never abandon their sense of humor. One of them bit the ear of a lady.
That monkey for sure has lived a lot of fun with all the turmoil caused later 😉



Anna Maria Polidori


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