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No one at Plan-de-la-Tour wants to comment the idea of Johnny Depp of selling his estate

Posted in Books, Johnny Depp, movies, music by Anna Maria Polidori on July 11, 2015

Still searching for that Johnny Depp of Plan-de-la-Tour


While George George Clooney Clooney asked for some help also at the mayor of Laglio, Italy, for selling his house for 100 million of dollars, and it’s from a long time he wants to sell the italian estate, the other Kentuckian Johnny 16 Depp leaves at Plan-de-la-Tour a sort of “distant passage” of his presence.

Pity not living an easiest life. I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second. I would have taken the first airplane for Provence, a bedroom in a local hotel of Plan-de-la-Tour. I would have later started my searching for the old….Johnny Depp talking with various citizens of the little town.

Excluding this dreaming opportunity, the idea to call various places of the town for some reactions regarding the latest news published days ago too much tempting.

Johnny Depp wants in fact to sell the maybe most important estate of all his life, where for sure he spent beautiful moments with all his family, at that time with his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose and Jack, their two children.

What it scared me the most was the use of french language. “Not that great. Will I be in grade just to ask them if they can speak with me in english or italian?” my main worry.

Worried two times because french go proud of their language and if they also know other languages they want to speak in their native one.

In Provence and South of France most people speak fluently english and italians and I was reassured.

I tried at first with the town hall of Plan-de-la-Tour.


I called them.

“Are you part of blogs and fan-sites dedicated to Johnny Depp?” asked me politely a lady of the town hall.

I replied enthusiastically.

“Yes I have something like more than a year ago created a blog dedicated to Johnny”.

Wrong answer.

Sad final result.

“I am sorry but we can’t tell anything of this story to someone of fan-sites, blogs etc dedicated to Johnny Depp”.

Mmm…Maybe if I would have said them I was a common freelance journalist  it would have paid much more.

Discouraged? No, no.

Plan B: I needed to find some good souls able to help me to find people at Plan-de-la-Tour who had met Johnny during his staying in Provence the past years. The first ideas? The chap where Johnny bought meat, the other one where he was shopping in, someone who worked for them in the estate, some ladies and girls remembered him and other men had met him as well. Common people. Just this.

A tourist office could be an idea..
Searching searching I found  a website dedicated to Plan-de-laTour and located at Plan-de-la-Tour.
It was a pretty comical situation because it took three-four days for talking with them with a certain calm because of the massive problems experienced with our phone line.

At last I developed a terror: they could think I was a crazy and absolutely unprofessional girl who was calling for joke. Yes, because when a phone line is crazy, line interrupted, people can think you are joking.

Anyway, it was an adventure and it needs to be told.

The first day I called them it was at 5:28  two minutes before the tourist office closed so they said me of calling the day after.

I did it, in the afternoon because in the morning the phone didn’t work, but hooray! in the afternoon it seemed that the phone line was restored. Oh, I was so thrilled. I can do that, I can do that, I thought.

I called and while I was explaining what I wanted to do,  I lost the connection with Plan-de-la-Tour.

No, I couldn’t do that…

M…! a french would say without too much elegance, but there I was.

The day after we didn’t have phone line at all.


The fourth day I spoke with a lady.

She was very nice and she told me that yes of course Johnny has been there but “It  is a long long time we don’t see him around”. She added that they couldn’t be helpful because the tourist office I called is  a private structure.

I thank anyway Mairie and her staff for their patience 🙂

Oh well as you can guess I will continue to searching for that Johnny Depp of Plan-de-la Tour. Because in this world there are a lot of Johnny Depp AND just a Johnny Depp with a lot of characters and able to change through his sensations continuously.

In the while I want to leave you with some profound thoughts of Johnny of various years ago.

Johnny in the past felt an extraordinary great connection with France independent from the love for Vanessa, but that later with Vanessa would have been amplified.
He told in fact: “I have been in love with France since reading Hemingway’s A moveable feast“. Johnny would have added that maybe it was destiny. “I now know that I always loved France because there was where my girl and my kids were, I just didn’t know it yet“.

Not only, Johnny added that:”I had always felt drawn to France, years ago I was asked to buying a house and settling down“. Johnny thinks that it was prophetic. “I don’t know why but I said that I wanted to buy a house and settle down in France“.

Johnny loved Europe and France because too much stressed from USA’s attentions of fans for celebrities. “Fame and celebrity is not a big deal in Europe“. According to Johnny we live fame as “You have a pretty weird job, that’s all“.

To him “In the States it can get weird, I mean most fans are great but there are a handful that see your movies and feel that they know you, feel that they can touch you, feel that they can ask you personal questions“.

Sorted out these stories and found the perfect relationship, he thought that Vanessa Paradis helped him a lot. “I was pretty lost cause at that point of my life. She made me feel like a human being and not something that Hollywood had manufactured. It sounds incredibly phony and corny but that is exactly what happened to me. That is exactly what she meant to me“.

About Plan de-la-Tour Johnny said: “It is absolutely wonderful to be living in the small village with nothing really around. There is a possibility of living a simple life. Even for someone like me. I can go to the market, walked around and buy fruits and vegetables just like everyone else“.

Johnny ____Johnny thought: “There is no pressure to be anything else than exactly who you are“.
Anna Maria Polidori


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